Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Niagara Falls, Ontario

The roar of the Falls is calling me home...
as many of you know this is 
where i am from.
I have not been home in over three years...

I'm homesick
and have decided it is time to go home...
Our son is there right now
spending the summer with my family.
He's loving it!
Yes, i know it's been a hot as hell summer there
but he is not complaining...at all!
He said he is tired of rain and cooler summers here...
me too.
No offence to my friend's of Vancouver Island.

I miss my family...girlfriends
the small town's of Ontario
the Italian bakery's...and delicious pizza that can only 
be found on the border cities of
Buffalo/Fort Erie and Niagara Falls, NY/Niagara Falls, ON
miss the energy of the people
and the white
sandy beaches on the shores of Fort Erie...

These photos where taken by my girlfriend Cyndie
who is a Parks police officer...she took these photos
of them setting up the rope for the tight rope walker..
I would love to have been there for that!

So this is my little break until i 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer...

Pamela xo

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dream cottage

"Better joy in a cottage than sorrow in a palace..."

This would be my perfect home..
an enchanting romantic cottage by the beach!
(all photos courtesy of Pinterest)

Welcome to my dream cottage
and let me share with you
what i envision it to look like...

Pretty pinks and whites 
with lots of roses in the interior...
i love the softness of this room.

The kitchen would have all white glass front cabinets..
and lots of subway tile..

On my wish list
is this gorgeous chandelier
for over the dining table..

In the powder room this beautiful
pink wallpaper for the walls...

The main bath must
have this vintage claw foot tub
for those evening soaks and pleasures!

and to end the dream
this soft and calm bedroom.
Blues are something my hubby would not object too.
Sweet dreams!

Thanks for visiting my dream cottage...
Hope to visit all of you soon!
Pamela xo