Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lovely home listing

One of my favorite past times is looking at
local listings on MLS.
I'm house crazy just ask my family. 
I love going to open houses too it's just hard 
finding someone interested in joining me. So i usually bribe
my 14 year old son into going with me. The first thing
he'll say to the Realtor is "my mom is house crazy" while 
rolling his eyes.

Surfing the listings on the Internet is alot easier...

I want to share this beautiful home that is for sale
here in Port Colborne right off the beach of Lake Erie.
Let me know what you think..

It's listed at $379,900 great price 
Two bedrooms and two baths. 
This is a wonderful area lots of 1930's character cottages
mostly owned by our American friends. Some have been in their
family for 100 years!

The decor is stunning!
I know she most of purchased these lovely finds
at our local antique places...

The woman's taste is impeccable!
Oh i could move right in if she sold all the furnishings with
the home...

Love this ceiling...

Classic cast iron sink and tub. All original to the home...

There is another bath but it was not in the
photos but it sounded beautiful with a
great shower..

Love love this master bedroom!
Look at the shapes of the plates
over the bed!
Their oval!!

Isn't this cool?

Oh i visit this one daily. It's in a beautiful area. Steps to the white sandy beach and a great

We are getting another storm here today in Southern Ontario...thank you Texas ! And we've
been informed that the cities have run out of salt for the roads!! Our salt comes from
Cleveland, Ohio on ships...and since the Lakes are completely frozen we are out of luck.
Guess the government didn't predict this much snow for us!
Stay warm and safe!

Pamela xo

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rose tea pot

Isn't it funny how things come to us?
Sometimes things we have wanted for a long time
we find in the strangest places.
You never know what's around the 
corner or what the new day may bring.

I have had this old cream and sugar bowl 
for many years.
It was given to my Aunt at one of her
bridal showers back in the 1950's.
She never liked it and it ended up with my mom
who passed it on to me knowing i would love it.
Which i do!

About five years ago my parents moved their store
to a building they purchased downtown. 
They have a really great back room with a full kitchen.
I was there visiting and opened the cupboard to get 
myself a mug for tea when i spotted this tea pot!
It was left behind by the previous owner.
Hidden in the corner and my mom never made
the connection to my cream and sugar bowl.
It's the exact pattern.
She forgot how the sugar bowl was given to her sister
until i refreshed her memory.

But isn't it strange how this  beautiful tea pot
was left behind??
And left for me to find who owns
the matching cream and sugar bowl?
I don't know about you but i love
stuff like this...strange happenings...
more mysteries of life that
make me even more appreciative.

We have all been told that it is  good to have a gratitude journal...but for me i find it better  to be in a daily state of appreciation. If we look for it there is always something to appreciate in any given day.

I'm reading a great novel and the character is paralyzed from the neck down from polio.
The part that hit home to me the most was when she said how when her caretaker dusts the lamp
shade  it can sometimes become crooked and she cannot reach out to fix it.
Think about that for a moment.... not being able to reach over and fix that shade into place.
That was deep for me...and really made me realize so much.
Simple things can sometimes be the biggest things to appreciate.

Until next time have a happy week!
Pamela xo