Sunday, January 22, 2012

Janaki Larsen Ceramics

Hello Everyone!
As most of you know a couple weeks before Christmas our beloved cat passed away.
Slowly we have been able to remember Acoya with fondness instead of sadness.
But the other day my husband brought something to my attention.
He has always been the one to change the pets water bowl throughout the day
(yes he can be OCD when it comes to things around the home) so i never noticed any of this.
But i did notice Pilot's incessant need  wanting to go outside. When we do let her out she
drinks continuously from her outdoor water pail.
Okay so where am i going with this story?
My husband  can tell that Pilot has not been drinking the water in this bowl. The water level
stays the same.  He even watches her as she eats and sure enough she does not 
drink from it.
Because  this is the water bowl that she shared with Acoya.

I contacted Pilot's trainer and told her this story.
Was it just another one of her quirks? 
No she said Pilot is grieving and waiting for Acoya to come
back and she will probably never drink from this bowl again.

So i replaced the bowl with a temporary glass bowl.
Sure enough after watching her eat her dinner she sniffed the bowl and walked 
She stills goes in Sam's room and looks under his bed and in his closet for the cat.
She even went into our room looking under the clothes wagging her tail in the closet.
It's been the saddest thing.
I'm thinking maybe a beautiful ceramic bowl might do the trick.
Have any of you heard of Janaki Larsen Ceramics?
I found her on Pinterest. She is from Vancouver, BC

Her work is spectacular and i love love her bowls!
I can just feel them in my hands.
The colour tones are gorgeous and soothing... to look at !

Maybe now that i am living here in BC i might come across some of her 
beautiful pieces...

Might be a little too nice for a water bowl...
On second thought ...way too nice for a water bowl..
kind of insulting for Janaki to have this on the
hmm...would be much better on my harvest
In the meantime i am hoping to find a solution to Pilot's not drinking from the water bowl!

Thanks for visiting!
Pamela xo

Thursday, January 19, 2012

The outfit

Hello Everyone!
I have switched to google chrome and my problems have gone away.
The only thing now is i have to get learn this new post system.  So my photos
are not in order as to how i upload them!

As much as i love home decor i love love fashion!
I wanted to share some new pieces of mine.

We have beautiful shops here in Duncan...

Fabrications sells gorgeous clothing from Europe...
This top is from there...made in Italy. A gift from my husband for Christmas.
The shoes are from Cardino's an exquisite shoe store in town.  Shoes are
made in Spain...nothing from China in this store!
Oh we finally got some snow here in the Valley!
I had to share this photo but was hoping to put it in the end of the blog...
Isn't the view beautiful from our carriage house?? 
This photo reminds me of home..."Ontario" i love the snow and really
miss it!
And lastly my new funky boots from Wall Street in Duncan!
Aren't they fun?!

Thanks for visiting me!
I am off to play in the snow with Pilot!!

Pamela xo

Friday, January 13, 2012

Blogger Problems again and again and again!!!!

Hello Everyone!

I am experiencing blogger problems once again!
Thank goodness all of your comments are going to my email because
everytime i click on my comments it takes me to a blank page.

I also CANNOT comment on any of your blogs! When i click on your comment
it also takes me to a blank page.
Is anyone else out there having these problems? My link , spell check and preview
buttons also do not work when working on a new post. Very frustrating.
Anyways i wanted to let all of you know i am visiting but cannot comment!

Hopefully blogger will have this straightened out soon.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Pamela xo

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Master bedroom

Hello everyone!
Our master bedroom is in great need of a new paint colour. The previous
person who lived here painted the room a deadly shade of "blue"... it drives me
crazy and makes me feel like i am at a hockey arena. She must have been
a sports fan of some kind. That's all i can think.

Here i have posted some gorgeous bedrooms courtesy of Pinterest. I can't decide
whether to go dark grey or light...
I love this first room...but then i would have to find this headboard!

The serenity in this second bedroom is wonderful. Minus the writing on
the wall...not into that. I know my husband would totally hate it and not
"get it!" But the angles are like the ones in my room and the large windows.

Love this black headboard against the stark white walls...
Here's a peak at my room... the blue is very strong. It will take alot coats and

primer i sure to cover.

She left the ceiling and low part of the wall white. Not sure if I should paint

the walls all the same colour. The room is not that big but gets lots of sun.

Which rooms are your favourite? What would you decide?

Until it warms up here i will still be deciding........

Pamela xo

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A beautiful home to share!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

First of all i want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for
all the wonderful uplifting comments in regards to the passing of my beloved
Acoya. Words will never express how you all touched my sad heart and gave
me comfort. We miss the old boy and the house is soooo quiet without him.
He is sadly missed. There will never be another one like him.

Christmas was wonderful and i hope all of you had a wonderful time spending
it with good friends and family.
I still have yet to get photos of our new home but hopefully in time i will have some
to post.
Until then i wanted to share this beautiful inspiring home...
Whoever owns it is one lucky person!


Blessings to all of you for a healthy, happy
and prosperous New Year!

Thanks for visiting!
Pamela xo