Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pets of Japan

This morning my son was watching videos on his Ipod...there is never anything on television
so he usually researches things or watches funny videos. He likes to learn..actually he
thrives on it.

Sam studied Japan this year at school. He loved it and learned so much.

This morning he was very sad on the brink of tears. He was watching a video of a dog
who refused to leave another dog that had broken his leg. These two dogs were just

This got to me being a huge animal lover. It is so horrendous what these people
are going through.. it has even affected their beloved pets. When disasters happen
we don't always realise it is not only the people who suffer but their beloved pets.

We can all relate to the pain
and horror we would feel seeing our pets hurt...
Please not only keep the people of Japan in your prayers but pray for their
beloved pets as well. And if you can make a donation please do..

I am sure the people of Japan will thank you for it.

Pamela xo


  1. I saw that same clip on our news last night... something about helpless animals is so hard to watch. Thanks for the info about "paws for japan"... I'm headed there right now.


  2. Please also see my most recent post with a link to Paypal for an organization called ARK, which helps animals in Japan.
    My prayers are with the people and animals of Japan.
    Thanks for posting this. They NEED our help.

  3. Ah yes we easily can forget the pets. This is so devastating, it is getting hard to watch, as the days go on.

    I called you the other day, but you were off to the pool with Sam. Give me a call.

  4. I read (on Facebook, how reliable is that!!) that those 2 dogs were went to a shelter (that is probably bulging at the seams) and the other dog was taken to a the camera crew that filmed it. Hope it's true...they really need our help now.

  5. I feel so bad for all of those feeling the devistation in Japan...even the pets...So Sad!

  6. That brings me to tears to even think about terribly sad. Hugs- Diana

  7. Thanks for posting this. It all helps. There is just too much sadness to take it all in but we do what we can. Have a great day. Deb=^..^=x5

  8. This is the first I have heard about Paws for Japan. I am a dog lover, so I would like to participate. Thanks for such an important, informative post!


  10. What a wonderful post Pamela, what a beautiful soul you have.
    Thank you for your visit and comment! love all that you to inspire over here.


  11. I had to stop watching the Japan Clips because I felt guilty about being home in my bed relaxing while the people of Japan were suffering. Those people as well as animals are in my prayers.

  12. this is so very true Pamela ~ and our sadness of the confusion for the animal in not knowing what's unsettled their lives or their missing owners.. so plsd your son is aware at his young age and so caring - lessons learned..
    thx for posting!

  13. I saw that on the news last night as well, I couldn't even watch it really, as I get so choked up about animal stories. I was so glad to hear that the two dogs were rescued. I am a huge animal lover, too, and will be sure to keep all of those sweet animals in my prayers.

  14. So sad, so much in our lives affect our pets lives, too. There must be so many suffering in Japan right now.

    Hugs, Cindy

  15. I find it so incredibly sad to think of all those sweet pets suffering and not able to get the help they need. We treated a few pets after hurricane Katrina, and they were not only physically suffering, but also emotionally affected by the trauma. We can't forget them and how important they are to us all!

  16. Oh Pamela! This is such a great cause! I saw that about the dog on TV that was sitting beside and watching over another hurt/injured dog. I was in tears! Of course my heart goes out to the people of Japan, and I wish I had all the money in the world to help them. The injured and hurting pets just tears at my heartstrings and I want to help! Thank you for sharing this!

  17. It's hearbreaking, Pamela. Thanks for opening up your heart today. *Lynne* {with love}

  18. This is so sad as is the entire situation in Japan. Thanks for sharing this link.

  19. Its all very depressing, they need our support and prayers for starting a complete new life...May God gives them courage and stregth for this challange.... this is life... full of un known incidents

  20. Oh sweet kitty! It makes me so sad ~ so much devastation in Japan. It breaks the heart.

    Sending thoughts of peace.
    xo Catherine

  21. I saw that very same video and it touched my heart too. Those folks are so amazing - they are truly going through so much and it will take a while to recover. It is a good thing to raise a child to have a tender heart for others! You never know how an event or circumstance will influence our children's hearts to become something or do something important.
    I hope you have a blessed weekend,

  22. you're right Pam. These horrific events touch everyone and every thing.

  23. I'm a huge animal lover and find things like this so hard to see! It is all devastating. Thank you for sharing!

  24. Bless youn for this touching post. Our hearts break for the people of Japan as well as their dear furry "children".

  25. Oh Pamela, I'm such a huge animal lover.... I saw that clip on the internent and couldn't even open it up it would just make me to sad... so glad that you posted about the animals there in Japan too!
    Big hugs~~~ Daphne

  26. What a great post. I always think of the animals in this situation. What has happened in Japan is so awful. I can't imagine having to search for my family through the rubble. Hopefully they can rebuild and won't suffer anything else like this. Rachaelxx

  27. Oh yeah, I'm definitely in. I heard about the two dogs, what a story.

    I will definitely make a donation.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo