Sunday, March 20, 2011


My last post was about the two dogs in Japan. One was injured and the other one
stayed by his side. After i posted it i found out they were both rescued.
Thank God!
But that story made me think of my own dog Pilot.

Her best friend is our neighbour's dog Shep. She truly loves him.
We hike together a few times every week.
Some days Shep is busy so Pilot and i walk alone. But every time we walk by Sheps long
driveway Pilot starts dancing in the air!! She bucks like a deer and starts screaming...
really German Shepherds are very vocal dogs. She just goes crazy looking for her Shep.
It is a wonder he likes her though. She is half is size but bosses him around...and poor Shep just takes it every time...

Pilot and Shep...
It just amazes me all the time how animals just like us are capable of
loving each other...

Happy first day of Spring Everyone!!
Pamela xo


  1. oh how sweet! I agree about animals loving each other and us too!!!

  2. Such beautiful dogs!! I am a big time animal lover and on Friday I went on a class trip with my oldest daughter. It was part of the D.A.R.E program in school and we visited the local police station and they had their canine unit there, of course German Shepherds, they were beautiful! That was my favorite part of the visit. Enjoy your week, Martina

  3. I told my husband that if there was an emergency situation and we had to evacuate without our pets I would miss him! I would NEVER leave them. They have been through too much. All of my six kitties were strays and my puggle ws in a shelter for over a year. NO WAY would I abandon them!

  4. Oh that is so sweet! I LOVE that photo! I didn't know you hadn't heard that both of those dogs were rescued. I saw that story on the news, and it looked like the one dog put his paw on the hurt dog...I was in tears, & then at the end they said that both dogs were rescued. I felt better, but still so hurt for the whole situation there. I can just picture Pilot jumping up and down when you go by Shep's place. So cute. :-)

  5. You have a wonderful dog! Both are beautiful... I have two dogs as well, one is the size of a german shepherd and the other is the size of her head ^.^ But the love is so big that its impossible to describe! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Your German's are beautiful...I just love Ger. shepherds, such beauty and intelligence...look at her!!! smaller, but strong willed! I had a couple many years ago when I lived in a big house; she was Cindy and he was Rommel. She lasted 11 rears and he 9, bigger dogs die younger than the small breeds. Yes, they loved each other, how could they not? Dogs are the most loving animals to me. I'm so glad the dogs in Japan were rescued...thank you for sharing.

  7. Beautiful post Pamela, so very touching! Also on a personal note, thank you for asking about my pictures and yes of course you may and I really appreciate you asking first, so kind! Warmest wishes - Glenda

  8. so sweet! beautiful photographs of the two friends :)

  9. I think we truly can learn something from animals can't we? I love seeing photos of animals that are typically enemies getting along. German Shepherds are near and dear to my heart. We always had one or two on the farm growing up. Very loyal to be sure!

    Wonderful post Pamela!
    xo Catherine

  10. Growing up, I had a German Shepherd named Battle. I love that dog so, so much! He would cry when my mom would drop us off at swim practice. Thanks for sharing this story. It has made my day!!!

  11. Lovely dogs. I am always inspired by the relationships between animals. They really are capable of loving as much as hurting. They are so special.

  12. Pamela, your dogs are so beautiful, Bet you don't worry about someone coming in your home....


  13. Hi Pamela, what beautiful dogs! I know what you mean by being vocal as our husky cross talks - a lot. It's quite funny when he gets started. I think dogs are very smart :-) Have a great day! Pamela

  14. I'm so glad the puppies were rescued. Dogs are so sweet like that. What gorgeous German Shepherds. I think my little Suzi had a crush on the neighbor's dog when he lived there.

  15. I love watching animals interact with each other. We had two cats and Misty was about 1/2 (maybe) the size of Mozart....and she could corner him in 2 seconds flat. He was flat out afraid of her! It is so comical to see their reactions to each other, isn't it? Your Pilot is a beautiful dog- as is Shep! xxoo Diana

  16. Pilot and Shep are beautiful. My cousin had a German Shepherd who recently passed away but Trooper was an awesome dog. She was definitely a talker and very bossy! Throughout my years of rescuing and just being an avid animal lover, I have seen the dedication and love between animals and it is beautiful. I have said many times that humans need to take their cue from the unconditional love and devotion that animals exhibit.

    ~ Tracy


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo