Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ironing in France?

Whenever i enter through this door i feel like i am in an old country farmhouse in France.
Follow me and show you how much fun this room is...The staircase to the upstairs bedrooms are also in this room.
The one wall is filled with built in book cases which my family loves. We are a real reading family. We read everyday ...our son included! You can also see my hoards of magazines on the floor...i just cannot part with the old Victoria and Country home magazines!

I also get to display my favourite pieces like my old brown iron transferware platter. This is also a great place for family photos.

On the other wall there are cupboards lots of space for everything.

This is the view from the stairs. I really love this room it so old world to me.

The one problem with the high cupboards is our very old cat who is our bad boy thinks this is the perfect place to sleep! The big worry is how he gets up here. You would not believe it.
He starts at the stairs and jumps to the one end and then this part i hate he basically tight rope
walks over to the adjoining cupboard. We have to put something up there to stop him. If you can see him now to the right of the picture is a very narrow footing and he is one big with my heart in my stomach he walks the narrow ledge over!

Back to the room ...the best part of this room i think is the built in ironing board!
And what a treat to iron in this room! Kachina likes it too!

Coming soon .... I am slowing getting rid of that horrid peach in the living room!
With my husband not around today i started to paint a bit of it out! Here are some before and after shots.

One coat so far but doesn't it look so much better than the peach?
So far he hasn't noticed that i started it...let's just hope Sam doesn't rat
me out!!

Thanks for coming over....
Pamela xo

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dark and gloomy is refreshed in white

Painting old pieces of furniture is not for the faint of heart. I have had this piece for quite a few years and to me it is beautiful but dark and on the gloomy side. It yelled Victorian to me. I am not a big fan of dark heavy Victorian furniture. This hat stand also has alot of nooks and carvings that dust loves to stick to. You have no idea how hard it was dusting this piece most days i just did not bother. Since i have been introduced to the blogging world i have seen so many pieces painted creamy white and i absolutely love it. I think it is fresh and young looking. My husband is not thank goodness the typical man who faints at the sight of painted wood. He doesn't care for alot of dark wood but like me prefers the Canadiana pine to stay natural. Phew!!!
So are you ready for the reveal?
Here goes ...........

Ta Da!

I believe these are carvings of moths. They really stand out now and the dust doesn't stick or better yet show!

All the intricate detail stands out. I cannot tell you how much fun this was to paint. I am truly lying here...i would not want to do a project like this again.

My ironstone jug looks lovely on the stand.

To me this is pretty and fresh!
I'm on my way to find more things to paint...
Pamela xo

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Family Time

Hello everyone! Here in Canada it is Victoria Day weekend or as we called it back home in Ontario May 2-4! My son has a four day holiday so we decided to rebuild the tree fort in the yard. I haven't had time to post anything but i have had time to read all the beautiful blogs out there. I have quickly posted a couple photos of our son Sam enjoying his new hideaway!
To see more of this fun fort and to amuse your inner child check out my other blog
Until then have a wonderful weekend and to all my Canadian friends Happy Victoria Day!
Pamela xo

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chickens in the dining room

Today I'm showing you my dining room. It still has that nasty orange feathery paint thing going on so just ignore it. The ceilings in this room are at least 10 feet and the room is very large so the thought of painting it is quite daunting. Plus there is a huge skylight to consider painting around. So for the time being i will live with this colour!

You enter into the dining room through these tall, thin french doors. Very nice.

Did i mention i have chickens? Yes these are straight from France. A gift from my mom.
They make me smile everytime i walk into this room.

My french country island had no place in the kitchen. The layout would not allow for it. So i have placed it in the dining room and its now my sideboard. It matches our harvest table. Keeps the formality down in the room.

The windows still need some sort of treatment but i have yet to decide. These are old windows lots of character that have the latches to open them. Any ideas on types of window dressings? Also i cannot have anything hanging down because of the electric heating panels.

We own a very large extremely solid bedroom set. It's a bone of contention between my husband and i. He hates it. The dressers are soooo heavy that everytime we move all the men panic and say "What about that bedroom it coming?" The drawers for some strange reason do not come out. This set is solid walnut and cherry American made from Broyhill. We have the matching four poster that he hates as well. The woman's dresser will not make it upstairs surprisingly...old house narrow stair case so i have put it in the dining room. It is now
my credenza!

My dresser -cum- credenza!

Everyone who comes here does not realize it is a dresser! It stores all my linens and flatware perfectly.

A very large and extremely heavy (naturally) mirror came with the dresser. I was worried about it getting smashed (you don't know my husband...the bull in the china store guy) so i didn't want it stored in another room. The solution was i put it on top of the island to tie in the dresser with it... It works for me.

Here is my little display on the island...

Who says design has to be serious anyways!
Have a happy day
Pamela xo

Monday, May 17, 2010

What a girl wants...Jewellery!

Summer is just around the corner ( i hope!) and nothing feels more like summer than wearing silver jewellery with lots of beautiful stones and beads. I've been looking in my jewellery box and i was thinking....hmm it's time to find something new to wear! When i was looking at Overstock's website for chandeliers i came across their jewellery section. Wow is all i can say and so reasonable!
Red Sea Coral Pendant
Handmade Captivating Cuff Bracelet

Pearl and Carnelian 'Sun Dancer' Cluster Earrings

Pearl and Amethyst Cluster 'Orchid Garland' Bracelet

Pearl and Rose Quartz Frosted Earrings

Pearl and Rose Quartz Bracelet ' Sea Treasure'

My favourite stone...
Triple-Stand Turquoise Necklace

Doesn't this get you in the mood for summer? They have many more styles and beads to choose from . Here is the link if you want to have a peek
Have a great day!!
Pamela xo

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nature by Design

I have another blog ...Wading in the Sea...that is entirely about my new life on Vancouver Island. It has nothing to do with design , colour or decorating. It is strictly about life's changes and adjusting to a new way of life. But every now and then i will photograph something and think ...this does relate to design and it is just too beautiful not share on my decorating blog.

I call this Nature by Design!!

Osbourne Bay Beach

Purple Star FishPink Rhododendron Flowers

Lovely gifts from nature that we can all enjoy for free.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Pamela xo

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Our living room has a big empty hole right in the middle of the ceiling. Luckily there are wires hanging down just waiting for the perfect fixture. I just know what my husband is thinking....a ceiling fan! Yuck that is the last thing i want there. You all know what it is i want...and i know you will all agree with me... a gorgerous chandelier!! Then perfect jewel for the center of the room...something that makes a statement. I want this room to have a romantic feel. I have been looking around and then i decided to look at Overstocks website. Here are some photos of a few chandeliers i really like.

This chandelier i think suits a foyer more. I really like it.

Every where i go i am seeing alot of this type of chandelier with the shade. I would like this one more in my dining room. I will have to change those orange walls first though!

Overstock has so many beautiful chandeliers to choose from. Here is their link so you can browse around to see what they I leaning more towards the first one. What do you think? Which one calls to you? I will have to ponder these for awhile... until then wishing you all a wonderful weekend

and as always i am so glad you came for a visit!

Pamela xo

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a difference paint can make!

Awhile ago i did a post asking my followers their opinion on whether or not i should paint some pieces of furniture i have. The majority of you all said to paint the maple corner cabinet. After much contemplating over this i went ahead and painted it white. All i can say is i am so happy i painted this dark cabinet! Wow was i impressed with the results. Everything that i put in it finally stands out. My husband and son loved the results. This is a before of the cabinet.After painted a creamy white with a satin finish.
What a transformation! I cannot stop looking at it. It just amazes me every time i walk into the kitchen.

My French pottery finally stands out.

Now i'm looking around the house to see what else i can paint!

Unfortunately i did not take a before picture of this candle holder. I just received this from my mother-in-law the queen of thirfting. It was that typical ugly cheap brass and with a coat of white paint it looks so much better.

Now i just have to find 5 taper candles for it.

I hope you all come back tomorrow for a visit.
Pamela xo