Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ironing in France?

Whenever i enter through this door i feel like i am in an old country farmhouse in France.
Follow me and show you how much fun this room is...The staircase to the upstairs bedrooms are also in this room.
The one wall is filled with built in book cases which my family loves. We are a real reading family. We read everyday ...our son included! You can also see my hoards of magazines on the floor...i just cannot part with the old Victoria and Country home magazines!

I also get to display my favourite pieces like my old brown iron transferware platter. This is also a great place for family photos.

On the other wall there are cupboards lots of space for everything.

This is the view from the stairs. I really love this room it so old world to me.

The one problem with the high cupboards is our very old cat who is our bad boy thinks this is the perfect place to sleep! The big worry is how he gets up here. You would not believe it.
He starts at the stairs and jumps to the one end and then this part i hate he basically tight rope
walks over to the adjoining cupboard. We have to put something up there to stop him. If you can see him now to the right of the picture is a very narrow footing and he is one big with my heart in my stomach he walks the narrow ledge over!

Back to the room ...the best part of this room i think is the built in ironing board!
And what a treat to iron in this room! Kachina likes it too!

Coming soon .... I am slowing getting rid of that horrid peach in the living room!
With my husband not around today i started to paint a bit of it out! Here are some before and after shots.

One coat so far but doesn't it look so much better than the peach?
So far he hasn't noticed that i started it...let's just hope Sam doesn't rat
me out!!

Thanks for coming over....
Pamela xo


  1. Oh Pamela,
    I love that room!! It does have a very old world French or even Tuscan feel to it. I would die for book shelves like those, my son and I love to read as well. And like you, I have tons of back issues of Country Home and Country Living and Victoria magazines. I can't bear to part with them either!
    I can't wait to see the finished product in your living room.
    Have a great Memorial Day!

  2. Pamela, I get so excited when I see there is an update from you. Pictures of your new home. What an amazing room, all those cupboards and shelving and the color.

    The living room IS starting to look better and you will do a great job transforming it I am sure. Have a great week, painting?

  3. Love this ironing area - it has a old world feel for sure. it's lovely!
    glad you are enjoying this home... (keep up the painting...bit by bit)

  4. That room has a definite old world feel. And the built in ironing board is just perfect. The first house we lived in when I was a child had one of those. I've always thought they were the most efficient things. Wonder why they don't put them in anymore?
    You are making great progress on the painting!

  5. Your home is just gorgeous! I so envy you. :-)

    I have a daredevil kitty, too!


  6. Glad you and your kitties are enjoying your new home. What an interesting room with the stairs, and the white paint is going to look nice!
    Take care

  7. I love the ironing board out of the cupboard!!!! I saw it in a movie first and was totally in love with it!! xx

  8. i love the arch shapes everywhere!!! kindest thoughts

  9. hi pamela, thanks for dropping by. I just love that room. I have just made a cuppa and im going to enjoy it while i go through your gorgeous blog.

  10. Hi Pamela, I am so glad you stopped by and left a comment. Otherwise I would not have found your lovely blog! Those built-ins are truly stunning. You are one lucky woman to have such architectural beauty in your home. I am now following you and look forward to reading more. xoxo,

  11. Sorry to hear the weather is not warm, I hope you get some soon. The only thing about the weather not being good, it doesn't make you feel so guilty for staying inside and painting. Have a great week.

  12. Pamela, doesn't this weather bite the big one???

    that room is great and you know I love it!!!! when I get some bearings around here we should get together.

  13. I am totally in love with your room!! Absolutely charming!! I actually like to iron, but ironing in that room must be heaven. I can't believe that your cat is so determined to get up on top of the bookcase. What an acrobat!! Give that darling Sam a big hug for me!!

    Susan and Bentley

  14. Hi Pamela

    Just came to say "Hi"

  15. Hi Pamela,
    The room does have an old world look to it-so charming. I love that brown and white transferware platter on the shelf too!
    that is one brave kitty to get up there-guess she knows she has nine lives!

  16. Hello Pamela......I am so lovin' that house of yours. Peach walls and all (O:(O:

    By the way...I don't iron anymore.....that is a deal I made with my husband and he doesn't seem to mind ....and if I ever do iron a pair of his shorts....I only iron the fronts....not the backs, because they just get wrinkled anyway!! LOL LOL

    By, the way, we love Salt Spring Island....have been there many times.

    I'm not sure we have ever caught the Ferry tho....we have always been boating on our own boat. Thanks for letting me know.


  17. Sorry to hear that the weather is so bad, I hope it gets better for you soon. As soon as that dang shed is done I will be able to move on to other projects. Have a great week.

  18. I love the rounded shelves! How pretty they are. Oh, I keep magazines too. I'll weed them out every now and then. But I just adore magazines. Your place is looking great.

  19. What a gorgeous room Pamela! I love the shape of your bookshelves and how fabulous to have a built in ironing board! (I want one!). Love your kitty:) ~ Tina xx


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo