Sunday, July 31, 2011

Newest obsession...

Yes i have a new hubby thinks it's Jason Statham...(well yes )
but i am loving the Italian gilded pieces. I seem to be coming across lots of it too!
This is my latest piece...a gold tray.

I also seem to be finding lots of decanters at the thrift shop lately too. Aren't they
This lovely store had one for sale just like the one on the right and the price
was $225!!! I paid 75cents... seriously!
The middle decanter has gold etched on it and the letter "G" this one!

This tray is going from room to room until i decide

where i like it best...

She looks pretty beside my tub...

Wait until you see my next piece... I can't wait to show you all!

But first i have to come clean about the purchase to my hubby...

you know what i mean? Maybe I'll just tell him how much he looks likes


Thanks for visiting...and a big welcome to all my new followers!!!!

Pamela xo

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Fabulous interiors!

Isn't it always thrilling to come across a designer you have never heard about before?
I was so excited when i came across this fantastic designer...Sally Wheat! Her taste is
fabulous and just what i love!
I had to share them ...
I love love this living room!!
Calming , elegant interiors... my favourite choice in design...

Beautiful grey and white kitchen...

Is this not a fun young girl's room?

I think the cat on the table is icing on the i really like this Sally!

Hope you are all having a wonderful summer! It is finally a warm day here and i

am enjoying a well deserved day off with my family!!

Pamela xo

Monday, July 18, 2011


Yes i am still here and patiently waiting for some warm weather to arrive.
This has been a terrible summer for beach lovers here on Vancouver Island. Cold, damp
and grey skies have dominated this season so far. All across Canada people are enjoying
hot, sunny temps!

Everyday on facebook another friend or family member posts about another day at the beach
or simply states that they are cooling off by the pool...yeah rub it in!!

One thing about this awful weather is it makes going to work much easier when it's overcast and cold...

I guess there is some good to having a cool summer but at the moment i can't think of even
one ...
Well maybe i can like no pets being left outside to endure the heat or children left in cars...
why does this happen every year?

So until mother nature decides to turn this summer around for us here on the West Coast

I will be in my guest bath enjoying my shells and pretending I'm on the beach

in Palm Springs...

Until next time... send some heat to us islanders please...or

maybe I'll go on a vacation back to Ontario!

Pamela xo

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beautiful images to share!

Hello everyone!! I have not blogged in such a long while and since today is my day off
since last Thursday i thought i would share some lovely images.
It's difficult to find a balance with work , blogging and of course my family. Blogging
has taken a huge back seat. I am following all of you but don't have time to comment.
Rush , rush , rush!

I love this first image of this gorgeous kitchen. Love the grey cabinets. I am thinking
this is my dream kitchen now!
( Photo courtesy of Griege ..)

Love this settee . Perfect for my harvest table
(photo Room Seventeen )

This living room is gorgeous and love the chalky whites

(photo The Vintage Rose )

(Photo courtesy of The PaperMulberry )
I hope you enjoyed these beautiful images!

Pamela xo

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer's first roses for Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

Today is our country's birthday! A long weekend hopefully for most of you.
I am working today but have the rest of the weekend off. We plan on having a barbecue
with friends to celebrate this special holiday!

My pink climbing roses are in bloom now...

I love these roses as they keep blooming all summer long. They smell heavenly too!

Just in time for summer a sweet new dress...

Oh i can never resist a pretty dress. Especially with ruffles in a lovely champagne colour!

Too bad i can't wear it to work! But i don't think it would look right with a black

apron over it...

It will be perfect though for my summer birthday.

Wishing all my fellow Canadians a wonderful and fun Canada Day!!

Canada eh?

Pamela xo