Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer's first roses for Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day Everyone!!

Today is our country's birthday! A long weekend hopefully for most of you.
I am working today but have the rest of the weekend off. We plan on having a barbecue
with friends to celebrate this special holiday!

My pink climbing roses are in bloom now...

I love these roses as they keep blooming all summer long. They smell heavenly too!

Just in time for summer a sweet new dress...

Oh i can never resist a pretty dress. Especially with ruffles in a lovely champagne colour!

Too bad i can't wear it to work! But i don't think it would look right with a black

apron over it...

It will be perfect though for my summer birthday.

Wishing all my fellow Canadians a wonderful and fun Canada Day!!

Canada eh?

Pamela xo


  1. Such pretty roses and what a pretty dress. You have Canada Day and we have the long weekend for the fourth of July. Happy Canada Day to you!

  2. Pamela, your roses are so pretty and such a soft colour. I love your new dress! Wow. I have never worn something so lovely. I'm such a jeans and t shirt gal and never feel comfortable in something so pretty and ruffly. Is your birthday soon? Mine is on the 22nd. I hope you have a happy Canada Day weekend. Blessings, Pamela

  3. Hi Pamela, Happy Canada Day..... love your pink roses, they are absolutely gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  4. Happy Canada day Pamela. Your roses and dress are gorgeous!

  5. Happy Canada Day, Pamela! Love the roses and the dress; Hope your working day is short and your bbq weekend long!


  6. Happy Canada day Pamela! Hope you enjoy the celebration and your weekend. Those are gorgeous roses you've got and I love that pretty ruffly dress. Celebrate your summer birthday in style!
    Take care,

  7. Happy Canada Day from the west (wet!) coast of BC...!

  8. Happy Canada Day! Pretty roses, they look amazing!

  9. Happy Canada Day Pamela1 those roses and that dress are so beautiful.

  10. Oh my gosh Pamela, your roses are stunning! I've NEVER had a rose bush that large before. I guess I should just be thankful my small container roses are still making it through this heat!
    When is your birthday? That dress is beautiful and will look lovely for a birthday celebration!
    Happy Canada Day to you and yours!

  11. LOVE the roses and the dress Pamela! Happy Canada Day to you, my cousins live in Ottawa and we make a trip at least once a year to see them. Enjoy your weekend, Martina

  12. I am so swooning over those pink roses!! Happy Birthday Canada!

  13. Pamela Happy those roses are just beautiful, Happy Canada Day hope you all enjoyed the day


  14. I wish you a Happy Canada Day, dear neighbor! Congratulations to Sam! There is so much to celebrate this week!
    Pamela,your champagne dress is very chic and soft. It's perfect for a lovely summer birthday. Will you be going to Victoria?
    [with love]

  15. You have the best taste in clothing. I need to learn a thing or two from you - I spend most of my time in jeans and a t-shirt. Your roses are beautiful. Hope you had a good holiday!

  16. Well, I think that dress would be quite fetching with a black apron over it...especially with a pair of knee socks embroidered (of course) with the Canandian Maple Leaf! Maybe you would get fired and stay home and collect unemployment...or..what do they call it there...hmmm..The could stay home and be on the dole! Just a Happy Cananda Day thought- love ya PammieCakes! (let's see if anyone else dares call you that) xo Diana

  17. Gorgeous roses and gorgeous dress! Happy Canada Day and enjoy the rest of your weekend. x Sharon

  18. Happy belated Canada day! ^.^ I absolutely love the roses and adore the dress!!!! Have yourself a wonderful weekend!


  19. Oooh love your roses Pamela!
    And that dress is sooooo cute!
    Happy Canada Day..we're celebrating too!
    Have a great bbq with family & friends!!

    Deborah xoxo

  20. Hope you enjoyed Canada's birthday yesterday - beautiful country, lovely people, Canada is one of my favorites to visit, always have a fabulous time whether East or West!

    Your roses are so pretty Pamela and I know you are anxious to wear such a lovely dress.............enjoy your time off, sounds like you've chosen a busy job, just don't overdo things!

    Hugs - Mary
    (who's thankful those long, hard work days are history - but the downside to that is I now realize I'm getting old!)

  21. Good morning sweet Pamela.....Pretty, pretty, pretty is all I can say.

    Happy Canada day to you and yours,



  22. Canada, eh, for sure!
    Sorry I missed one of your posts, I have been getting ready to go to our Family camp, so I won't be on here for a while now.
    Have a great Canada Day long weekend and have fun!
    Your roses are gorgeous, they look so pretty cut and on your bedside table.
    Your dress is beautiful!!!
    I would so love to have some roses in my garden one day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  23. ooh, gorgeous scrumptious dress!! the roses are beautiful too. Are you going to see Kate and William? :-)

  24. Our day was wonderful..your roses are so beautiful. Hugs. xoxo

  25. How romantic that looks with the dress draped out next to the vase of roses! Beautiful - and a Happy Early Birthday to you! Your roses are spectacular. They look as though they are growing down rather than climbing up! I just LOVE them! Enjoy your cookout, Pamela!... Donna

  26. Oh my gosh, Pamela, your roses and your dress are amazing!!! WOW!! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and wishing you a beautiful week ahead.

  27. P.S. The colors of that dress and the ruffles are so dreamy--I'll be thinking about it all day! lol

  28. Your roses are so beautiful Pamela! I'm glad you had the rest of the weekend off. Darn that working cuts into a person's life doesn't it? :(

    xo Catherine

  29. What a beautiful Garden, the Roses are magnificent!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  30. Beautiful Canada!! and her beautiful day!!
    Thank you (Twin) Friend for your beautiful visit, but you forgot to leave me your dress I was going to borrow on you way out!! :)
    Its so beautiful, it looks so romantice laying out on the bed, the roses add that perfect perfect-ness.

  31. Just catching up and I must say your roses are absolutely beautiful ~ have a great day ;-)

  32. Oh Pamela what a divine rose! Do you know what variety it is? It really is the prettiest shade!!!!! And ohhh that dress!!!!!!! Too sublime for words!!!! Hugs - Glenda xxxx P.S I've just posted a few photo's of our home, crumbly beams and all!

  33. Opps in my excitement over your divine roses and gown I for to wish you a belated Happy Canada Day!

  34. The roses are beautiful! I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day. We did a little celebrating, but had to do some unpacking also. Thank you so much for the comments on our home. We love it here so far, and am so excited to get settled in. I miss Van Isl, but we're happy here and it's beautiful too, just in a different way =)

  35. OH what a perfect tribute to this day. I can't remember pink roses that i love more.

  36. Happy, happy Canada day. My mom is Canadian...I should have called her about this! Wish I could smell the flowers!

  37. I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day Pamela! Your roses are beautiful and I love your new dress!

    ~ Tracy

  38. Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, I truly enjoyed the visit.

  39. Can all most smell those roses...
    "New Dawn" I think.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo