Monday, June 27, 2011


Today is Sam's graduation from grade six...elementary school. I can't believe the time has
come. Back home there is no middle school but here on the island this middle school is from
grade six to grade nine. High school starts in grade 10. I am not ready to have my boy in
middle school. Kindergarten seems like yesterday. I remember when he graduated from
kindergarten. I was a mess. I became so sick i even lost my voice...yes i am pathetic.

I cried every year until we got to grade three...then i managed to contain myself and just
take it as another year completed. Good for me.
I don't know about tonight though... I will be the bumbling idiot mom crying in the
crowd.... it's okay Sam totally expects this.

I cry when he brings home projects with A's on them...I cry over the reports...yes i need
a life...

Oh wait i do have one now as i have gone back to work after 12 years of staying home.
It has turned everything upside down. Crazy shifts , sometimes long and exhausting..
thank goodness my husband does it all for me at home.

The pets don't like me working . Have i mentioned this?
Pilot gets totally weirded out when i come downstairs in my uniform...maybe it's the
unattractive totally unsexy uniform that gets her. But i know it bugs her
because now she eats the cat's food. She never did this was the cat who ate
the dog food.

Tonight i am wearing my new outfit. So nice not to be wearing a black and brown uniform at night...

Hello pearls ! Haven't seen you in awhile...maybe i'll be wearing you tonight!!

There is going to be surprise awards at tonights function. I think i should bring some tissue

maybe just bring the box...

Well i am off to get pretty...apply some water proof make-up ...

Hopefully tomorrow i can get caught up with all of you since i have the day off!!

Thanks for visiting !

Pamela xo


  1. Yes, you better take the box since you are very emotional when it comes to your son. They do grow up fast. Have fun dressing up!

  2. My eldest daughter just graduated from HS. I am having a nervous breakdown!

  3. Oh Pamela, You'll do just fine. I'm sure your son will make you proud of him. That beaded handbag is just beautiful. Is it a native craft? I hope you enjoyed your evening out all dressed up. And congrats to your son. They grow up way to fast. Blessings, Pamela

  4. My son's going into 7th grade this fall too! All these milestones are going by so fast. Love your purse - the beading is pretty. You'll be the hottest Mom there!

  5. I cried when my baby 'graduated' from grade 5 and went into middle school. I cried and worried when he graduated from grade 8 and headed off to the high school (with 1200 children).

    Of course, I'm also a mother who spied on her son for 3 days in a row when he first started walking to the babysitter's after school by himself in grade 1 and then spied on him for about 4 days when he started walking home off the bus in grade six. It's good to live in a small city where I can take my coffee break and go spy on my baby!!

    I also cried my eyes out as he drove away the first time by himself after getting his driver's license. Yup... that one just about did me in...

    Have fun dressing up tonight and let the tears flow girl ~ that's what us mother's do best!!! :)

    xo Catherine

  6. Pamela! You are normal...a normal Mom that loves with every bit of her heart. I cried going to every graduation all the way through high school...and now I am doing it at my grandkid's graduations. And SweetCheeks was only graduating from pre-K nursery school- lol

    Your purse is that ALL beading? Holy cow...the work that went into that! What? You don't carry that when you are wearing your lovely brown un-sexy uniform? Imagine that! xo Diana

  7. Oh Pamela, don't feel bad, it doesn't take much to make me cry, I feel like a big baby sometimes... just take plenty tissue!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. Yay - happy graduation to your son, Pamela! They grow up so fast, eh? On Wednesday we'll be graduating from Kindergarten but we both have the flu!!! We missed the field trip today and we're probably going miss the next couple of days too, what a drag. Have fun and I love your handbag - too cool!

  9. My son just graduated from 8th grade and now he goes to high school. I cried of course, hard to see our babies growing up.

  10. ...smokin cute purse...and I know you have awesome jewelry!...Have fun!

  11. I also hate the fact that my children are growing up. My eldest is turning 14 on Friday. He is now taller than me. When I hug him he stands completely stiff like a plank! I can't bear it. At least I still have some cuddly little ones. I don't know what I will do when they are all bigger and taller than me and are not interested in hugs from their mom! BTW what sort of work are you doing? Have a great week. x Sharon

  12. How fast time has passed this you realize with your kids progress... My daughter is in University and my son has completed his 10th grade... Still I cant believe it....
    But congrats to you on his graduation...
    Visit me if you can

  13. Good luck to you and your son at school. Congrats on the job! I hope you enjoy going back to work as much as I did. BUT I do not enjoy the rush of trying to get everything ready for the kids before I start my day. Have fun at your function.

  14. Another milestone. Life rushes by so quickly. Congrats to Sam and to you as well. He's a fine boy!

    Susan and Bentley

  15. You are not alone, Pamela - many mothers cry at events like this (and at lots of other times, too). I'm one of them.

    Love your bag.

  16. Hi Pamela! I hope the graduation was wonderful and you only had to use a half a box of tissue! LOL.
    I love, love, love that beaded bag, and I'm sure you looked lovely, but then again, you probably make your uniform look good too! LOL

  17. Just so you know.......children are fun as adults don't cry because I said adult. Congratulations to your son. Beautiful purse. I am alot like you. I cry at airports when people say good-bye. I don't even know them.

  18. Hope all went well a the graduation, Pamela! Thank God for waterproof mascara! I am loving your beaded purse, it's gorgeous! Maybe you could pair it with your uniform, haha!:) Have a great week!

  19. Congratulations to Sam, and hell--just go ahead and cry. I can't imagine you looking as hideous after crying as I do, so go for it :)

  20. Hope it was fun!! That purse is incredible, wow!!

  21. You are a loving and caring mom! I cried at some of my children's milestones too. Congratulations to Sam! Enjoy your evening and your day off tomorrow! Love the colorful beaded purse!

    ~ Tracy

  22. I dropped my youngest son off to start college (summer session) across the country a couple days ago. TALK about tears! He is happy though--so I am, too. This may be even harder on my husband...they are sports watching pals. Congrats to Sam!

  23. Oh dearest Pamela, I'm not surprised, you are such a kind and thoughtful person who obviously cares deeply. I am off to make a pot of tea and sit to catch up with your lovely posts! I'm dyeing to know what your new job is! Hugs from a sunny England - Glenda xxx

  24. I'm a cryer too. I can totally understand how you feel. I'm a little late commenting so this is behind you now and I hope things were wonderful...and you didn't use too many tissues! Have a great weekend...

  25. Congratulations to your sweet Sam - unfortunately they grow up far too soon. Hope he is happy at his school, and that you will not cry too much because there are quite a few years remaining for him!!

    Bet you looked beautiful though.......and he was proud as Punch to have his mommy there supporting him.

    Hugs - Mary

  26. I hope the graduation went well and you didnèt embarass yourself too much.
    Ièm sure you looked lovely!
    Sounds like your dog is as much a mess as you are. Fyi: Not working a job outside of the home is still having a life, a job does not
    a LIFE make, I know you agree with this one. I have missed you, my friend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  27. Pamela, congrats!
    Always remember: You aren't alone, we all are always here to support you.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo