Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cottage bath...

Our cottage bath is surprisingly large.
Anyone who see's it for the first time is completely shocked
at the size of the space.
It also houses our stack able washer and dryer!

Beautiful old wood floors... and enough
room for this gorgeous painted green chest ...
which is perfect for all the bath towels.

I love to display all my pretty things..

Do any of you know what this Q-tip holder really is?
It has great history.
It's a cream and sugar set from the
Canadian National Steamships!!
I love that!

I just wish this bathroom had a claw foot tub.
I believe it must have at one time.
Considering the age of this cottage.
Most of the cottage's in this town were
built in the 1930's. 
There is so much history here.

I have oodles and oodles of old linen...
I've displayed alot here.

And i have another lovely pink rug just
like the one in the kitchen.
Pilot loves to sleep on this one too mostly
because the bathroom is the warmest place in
the cottage. We have been having record
breaking colds here in Southern Ontario.

To all my new followers a big welcome and thank you...
and to my old followers thanks again for visiting me.

Pamela xo

Saturday, January 18, 2014

More of my cottage kitchen

Do any of you remember this wallpaper?
If you have been reader's of Victoria Magazine you might 
recognize it.  This exact paper...colour and everything was
in one of their old issues. I have the magazine. Couldn't
believe it when we moved in here. 
I love it. I love wallpaper and thank goodness
it's coming back!

Tea cup theme is perfect for a cottage and for
someone like me who loves tea and pretty tea cups...

Have I told you the story of how we found this place?
It's an incredible one. It just came to us.
Decorated exactly to my tastes...pretty mind blowing.
Things like this deepen my faith even more
and make me believe that someone is
always watching over me...

I love this yellow cheery kitchen...
It's not fancy dancy with marble and high tech appliances
(that I have had in the past)
it's simple , fun and happy.

I don't think I have ever been this happy.
We still have a ways to go mind you
but even so I'm happy...
I feel peaceful, expectant of good things
eager for more and excited
for what's coming...

But until things get better for us
I am content...
and very appreciative of this place.
A wonderful cottage to share laughter and love
with my husband, son and pet...

The neighbors around us our simply wonderful
they all chat to us like we are old friends.
It feels so good to be here...

Thanks for letting me share again
my happiness...
Until next time sending you all happy smiles and many blessings
Pamela xo

Monday, January 13, 2014

Cottage kitchen

Welcome to my cottage kitchen...
It's bright , sunny and yellow!
With a tea cup theme...

Hard wood floors, glass front cabinets, cathedral ceilings
I love it...

My girlfriend made me the toile curtain for Christmas
It was a total lovely surprise!
I had no idea she was doing this for me.
I still don't know how she got the measurements so perfect!

I have these lovely crochet window treatments
on all the windows and the sliding door.

The stove is an old classic "Danby" white enamel
I have to say this oven ROCKS!
Oh my everything I cook and bake 
turns out wonderful!
Who knew that such a retro stove could
be so great?!!

Our Christmas turkey was perfect
and the Yorkshire puddings I've made
turn out high and amazing!

I have been finding these beautiful 
pieces of crochet at the thrift store.
Isn't this one pretty?
I placed it under my old cream and sugar..

Another piece of crochet under my Mason china..

I found this beauty at a local antique place
for the best price
the bad thing about this lovely pink rug
my Pilot loves to lay on it!!

And lastly
I love to add a touch of whimsy in
my home.
My clock that the boys bought me 
for my birthday in the summer.
This clock makes me smile every 

We all need to start off our day with a smile
don't you think?

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year
and thanks for visiting!
Pamela xo