Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Living room part two...

Continuing from my last post this is the other side 
of the living room...

Moving across Canada we downside considerably in our furnishings.
It's cheaper, less stress and eventually you can
obtain new stuff! Yeah go antiquing!
Until then my girlfriend gave us
this lovely love seat.
It's perfect for this cottage.

Books, books and more books..
did i mention we love to read?
I love the look of books in a room
and because space is limited
some have found a nice home right on the floor
against my pretty mirror...

        You really have to be inventive when living in a small space...
And  i have to say i quite like it !!

Until next time...
Thanks for visiting

Pamela xo

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Cottage living room

A peek at what's been happening in the living room...
Still moving things around and revamping this and 
you know how it goes for a compulsive re-arranger!

My camera is not the greatest for wide shots..
I have to stand way back to get everything in the photo.
Frustrating to say the least!

My girlfriend gave me this precious picture for my birthday.
Isn't the girl in it sweet? She said it looked like me.
It was handmade by a friend of hers.
I love it.
Funny how it totally worked in this room and
there was a nail in place for it!

My yard is full of hydrangea's
how could i have gotten 
so lucky?
Considering they are one of my
all time favorite flower!
I'm drying them in this pail right now...

More photos to come of the living room!

Until next time thanks for visiting me!

Pamela xo

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Master Bedroom... Cottage size

Our sweet Master Bedroom...
It's very tiny as you can see but i absolutely love it!
Cosy, warm and so inviting that it 
makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Don't you just love the French bed? Very girly ..
My poor husband having to sleep in such a feminine
room but he's being a good sport about it...

Of course we have only been here two weeks so it this was 
all put together quite quickly things will change

New bedding is what i would like 
and I am looking for a really pretty clock.
An enamel kind with roses...you know 
the type?
I'm sure it will show up when i stop 

Until next time thanks for visiting me!

Pamela xo

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Friendship Trail...

We live in the most beautiful area. Besides the gorgeous beach we have
a lovely trail "Friendship Trail" that stretches through three towns!
You can walk, jog, bike, roller blade or ride your horse! Yes , there is even
a trail below for the horse riders.

Every morning Pilot and I head out for our walk.
We take a different part of the trail each day. Since it goes through town
there are many different spots to get on it.

Fall is a beautiful time to walk it. As you can see the colors are magnificent!

We pass beautiful farms...

I just had to take a photo of the blue sky! I have been home for over three
months now and the skies are always blue. I really missed that. Vancouver Island
has many many grey days. I found it very depressing. Moving there really made
me appreciate Ontario. The climate here is really the best. Defined seasons...hot
summers, colorful falls, cold, crisp sunny winters and pretty springs. I am
never leaving again!

Pilot always thanks me with a kiss for taking her...

Until next time..
thanks for visiting me!

Pamela xo

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Cottage...

The Cottage...
I really think our cottage should have a name.
Right now I've been referring to it as my
" Story Book Cottage"

Maybe this is due to all the books
everywhere inside. We are avid readers ...our son included.

From the outside the cottage is very tiny...
But the minute you walk in you are pleasantly surprised!
I love the look on every one's faces when they enter..
The attic was taken out which enabled the ceiling to go right up...

I have been putting little touches everywhere...
like my ironstone jug on my Florentine tables

I 'm still fussing with my vignettes and finding the perfect spot for this and that.
I know all of you can relate. I feel like a kid playing house in this enchanting little abode.

But until next time...
Thanks for stopping by!

Pamela xo

Monday, October 14, 2013

Back in Southern Ontario!

July 3rd we moved back from Vancouver Island after living away for 3 1/2 years!
I couldn't be happier to back in beautiful Southern Ontario. I keep pinching myself
every morning to make sure I'm still not dreaming!!

The sandy shores of Lake Erie have been calling to me all along...
I love this place. It was good to get back...
Hot beachy weather, white sand and warm water waiting for me...

I have not looked back at all... so grateful just to be here!  No more rain or grey skies
for me!

We are living in the most romantic shabby style cottage
My next post will feature lots of photos of this adorable place
we are calling home..

Pamela xo