Friday, July 30, 2010

My red french kitchen

Welcome to my red french kitchen everyone!
Even though white kitchens are my ultimate favourite for now
i live with a red kitchen!
The previous owner painted the cabinets red. I really don't mind
the colour since i do like red and they match my china.

My red toile curtain fits in perfectly over the kitchen sink.

This platter was a recent purchase (don't tell my husband ...he's already
annoyed about the 28 boxes of china that i have) at the local
thrift store. Six bucks! It is so lovely and it is
very old bone china!

The white canister was another thrift store find... three bucks!

We really enjoy our red wine here at home. I just can't bare
to part with the corks. To me they are a work of
art and so many wines today
have awful plastic corks or they are twist tops!

I have had this galvanized jug forever and it just
kills me how it is so in now!

My favourite romantic french scene picture.

The chickens escaped the dining room and
are now in the kitchen.

It was alot of fun today rearranging and my
husband did not even complain!
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
Pamela xo

Monday, July 26, 2010

My dream home

Happy Monday Everyone!
When i am not blogging you will find me on MLS looking at all the homes for sale or
you will find me looking at house plans. Every week i will come across a house plan
and proclaim to my husband..."This is it!" and he usually says every time..."That's what you
said about the last house plan!"

True...but i am house crazy. Since i was a little girl
i have been obsessed with houses.

I just love that now with the Internet we have access to all
these beautiful house plans and MLS listings at our finger tips. Remember the old
days when you had to have a realtor to give you a copy of their MLS real estate book?
Or you had to dish out money at the book store to buy the latest house plans book?
Not anymore...thank goodness!

Well enough chatting ...check out this beauty!

Don't you just love the big front porch and balcony? I love the classic design.

Even though i like the layout of the kitchen i would still have white cabinets. No swag
window treatments either. The wood floors in the kitchen is very nice. Easy on the legs

The great room is so calming to me. Through the french doors is the sun room. Sun rooms
are such a wonderful feature.

Life is all about dreams ... and the bigger they are
all the better!
Pamela xo

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Butterflies and Zebras...

In my yard is the most beautiful butterfly bush. Every time i look out my window
i see this huge bush covered in purple blooms.
And that old Jimi Hendrix song flows through my head...butterflies and zebras...

I decided to cut some pretty blooms and bring them indoors to enjoy....
The perfect place seemed to be the guest bath...

Hope you're all enjoying your summer... I'm off to the
Thanks for visiting me
Pamela xo

Friday, July 23, 2010

Pamela Anderson's Romantic cottage!

Hello everyone!
Boy do i have a treat for all of you !
I am sure you are all familiar with Pamela Anderson right? Or at least
the men out there are....
Canadian born Pamela Anderson is famous for her many
spreads on PlayBoy magazine. But did you know
she has the most beautiful beach cottage in California?
It is so romantic and shabby.
I had totally expected Pamela to have a tacky leopard inspired home!
Seriously she is very out there with her sexy outfits and bad boys to match.
When a friend of mine sent me this link i just had to share it!
Please take a look i know you'll love it!
Did you know Pamela is from right here on Vancouver Island? The town of Ladysmith
which is only 10 minutes from my own home!
Many residents here see her around town at Christmas and in the summer
months camping with her boys. I really think there is two sides to
this girl!

Let me know what you think!
Have a great weekend
Pamela xo

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Guest Room

Hello everyone! I have been away from my blog for what seems like an eternity but it has been well worth it! My cousin came from across the country to visit for the last week and it was truly wonderful having her. I wanted to share some photos of her guest room. The previous owner had painted the walls in pink and white stripes so i thought i would work with it. The light fixture needed some fun and whimsy so i hung my china cups from it. She loved the effect!

A dressing table just for her.

A pretty pink quilt at the end of the bed in case she gets cold. It does cool down
here at night on the Island. By the way she loved the climate and was even happier that there are no bugs here!!! My cousin is from Northern Ontario and let me say you can't go anywhere without getting attacked by biting bugs....mosquitoes, horse flies, deer flies...need i say more?

I think she really appreciated the bedding. All the pillow shams were our grandmother's from Italy. The bedspread was also hand made in Italy many, many years ago.

These pillow shams were part of our grandmother's dowry when she married
our grandfather.

For more interest i hung one of my antique baptism gowns. This is such a girlie room. I had so much fun decorating it.

For some reason the closet has no doors so i hung curtains in place of doors.

My family and i enjoyed having her here. Today i was very, very sad to see her go.
She enjoyed her stay and all the sight seeing we did. I think i wore her out though.
Hopefully she will be back... I already miss her!

Friday, July 9, 2010

A break from blogging to enjoy the sunshine!

Hello everyone!
It has finally warmed up here on Vancouver Island....but not as hot as Ontario or Quebec thank goodness! (my home as no A/C so i would be dying right now!)
My family and i are going to enjoy the next few days
and hit another beach.
Yesterday we headed up to beautiful Lake Cowichan and Sam got
to go tubing! Crazy kid loved it!

NO fear in this child of mine unlike myself!

My cousin is due to arrive in just 4 days so lots still has to be done...
but before i start working on that project i thought i would
post some fun summer photos !
Have a wonderful sunny weekend!
Pamela xo

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Sleeping Porch

The Sleeping Porch off my master bedroom is all ready for when my cousin arrives. It is the perfect spot to enjoy an afternoon cup of tea. I have taken lots of photos to share with all of you. I had so much fun putting it all together. I am sure i will be adding to it before she gets here.

Now i must really start to tackle that guest room. She will be arriving in just 8 days!!!

We are all so excited here at son is so looking forward to seeing her again.

She will be here just in time for his birthday too! Lots to celebrate.

Until then thanks for visiting...Pamela xo

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Companies coming!

Yesterday i received one of the greatest email's in a long time. One of my all time favourite person is coming to visit me!!! I couldn't be happier... I am filled with joy at seeing her.
My cousin is coming from Northern Ontario to spend a week with me. It is the first family member or even friend that is coming out. There is lots to do now. Guest room to get all pretty and comfy for her stay. I've been playing around with my own room and my balcony. It's not finished yet so you are only getting a sneak peek. Everything has to be perfect for when my cousin arrives!

She'll enjoy having a tea on my private balcony in the afternoon. Here's the one end of the
sleeping porch.

Now I'm working on the table so this is all you get see...

As a treat for my very special cousin i have antique damask napkins with her initial on them.
I think this will make her feel special. I just know she will enjoy sipping tea from my china Limoges cup and saucer.

In less than two weeks she will be here so I've got to get busy!!!
Happy Canada Day to all my wonderful Canadian friends ...Love Pamela xo