Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Mia Bella Vintage

My good friend Melissa at Mia Bella Vintage has a beautiful
older home that her and her husband have been restoring.
They are now in the process of selling their lovely home.

The other week i went up to visit Melissa
and see what else they have done to their home.
Unfortunately i forgot my camera! So i stole these
photos from Melissa's blog.

When i was at Melissa's i only put in one bit of decor suggestion.
I told her the dining room would look fantastic painted a
dark grey.  
Thankfully she was not insulted by my suggestion but
thought it was wonderful!
Here is the before of her dining room colour.
It was a pretty blue.. 
but i thought the room needed a hit of 

She just emailed me about loving the colour she chose!
This is the photo that she just posted on 
her blog.
I love the way it turned out!!

I also stole some photos from her past posts...
she is so talented! She built all these cupboards
by herself!!! This is a peek at her laundry room!
She really is unbelievable and way
too modest.

A sneak peek into the Master bedroom
I love this new light fixture she installed!

This is her kitchen.
Yes she really truly made
these cupboards herself!!
Sick isn't it???
She is also an amazing sewer! That was the real reason for my visit to her home.
She is to give me sewing lessons!
Way to go Melissa you are doing a great job!

Thanks for visiting and stop by Mia Bella Vintage for some inspiration !

Pamela xo

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spring flowers...

Hello Everyone!

Over the last week i have had more followers join
my little blog...
i want to welcome all of you by sharing past photos
that i love...

and since spring is in the air 
these seem to be the  perfect choice...

Cherry blossoms always remind me
of my childhood. 
We had three cherry trees in our yard
and the name of the street i grew up on
is called
"Cherryhill Drive"

Our guest bath was lovely.  The claw foot tub was a dream!

Remember my enchanting
sleeping porch
off my bedroom?

It was so much fun to decorate!

Lilacs ...who doesn't love lilacs...
even the name 

A new chapter has begun here at French Buttons...
hope you will still find inspiration when you visit!

Pamela xo

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Cat love...

Lazy Sundays..

go together perfectly...

and if you have a cat
you will 
know exactly
what i mean...

I heart cats...

and i heart Sunday's especially when spent with a cat...
I hope to get another one soon...
maybe then Pilot girl will start drinking water "inside" the house again...

Until then..
Hope your week is wonderfully purrfect!
Pamela xo

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cobble Hill

Hello Everyone!!

It is a beautiful sunny day here on Vancouver Island! It feels like
spring already.
This is the scenery that i look at everyday when i walk Pilot.
Lovely farms and mountains in Cobble Hill...

This is a beautiful lavender farm.  Some days i can actually smell
the lavender.
In the summer months i hope to visit this place
and take photos.

Here is a quick peek at our adorable 
carriage house...

No, this is not my bedroom
but is this not 
a dreamy bedroom??
00/IMG_8577.jpg" /> /IMG_8571.jpg" />(pinterest)
I love the colours in this room. Exactly what i am going for in my own.

Have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting!
Pamela xo