Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My neighbourhood

Welcome to my neighbourhood!

Most of Vancouver Island remains pretty undeveloped. Lots of untouched land, forests and
just natural areas exist everywhere. It is very beautiful but it took me awhile to get used
to the untidiness of it. Mounds and mounds of wild blackberry bushes grow everywhere.
I am used to seeing everything tame, cut and manicured. Here you will see lots of wild
grasses , overgrown brush and thick forests.

This first photo is my neighbours driveway in the cul-de-sac! It looks like you are in
a rural town doesn't it? But you are not. I wish you could see the house hidden back here.
It is a historic Arts and Craft home but they have a no trespassing sign. Actually it is owned
by a camp that is located around the corner. They bought the home to use for camp members
to stay in when visiting. That's all i know about it.

This is my neighbour and good friend Carol's house. This is her backyard!! I am taking
this photo from her deck. A million dollar view. We sit here and watch the Ferry go to
Salt Spring Island.

This is the street i live on. Sam loves to ride his bike here.

This land is directly across from my house! It is undeveloped. It usually has a herd of

deer , Bald Eagles and lots of rabbits in it. All winter i watched a Bald Eagle nest in the one

tree. This is the view from the end of my driveway. My neighbour has ocean front property.

There are alot of homes on my street but you can hardly see any of them. This home is

across from me beside the empty field. .It's an older home and this style is not common


My next door neighbour has over 5 acres . You cannot see their home it is on the ocean

as well. This is their RV. I think everyone here owns an RV!

Our yard. Hopefully we can start having bonfires before the fire ban starts! Sam loves

fires...roasting marshmellows is his favourite!

Here is my new neighbour by the way...

Isn't he cute? I keep seeing black wild bunnies here too!

Thanks for visiting!

Pamela xo


  1. Pamela, thanks for showing us around. Such a pretty place to live and it is so green. We are getting browner and browner with no rain. Never seen a wild black bunny. Our are brown here and we have a nest of babies again out front in our pine bed in a hole. Rabbits sure do multiply fast. This is the second litter in a month.

  2. I loved taking the tour of your neighborhood with you Pamela! What a beautiful view of the ocean! Is that your shepherd he is gorgeous and those bunnies are adorable! Martina

  3. Pamela, thank you so much for sharing, This looks like a place I could live and be very happy. It seem like such a peaceful Place....


  4. Beautiful place to live. Everything is so green. You are so close to the ocean. I have never seen a wild black bunny. Thanks for sharing.

  5. HI Pam....Hey great you live down from
    Qwanoes Bible Camp?...
    What a beautiful street you live on!
    Oh your dog gorgeous!
    Just trying to get my act together as I have been given a booth now @ the antique mall in Fort Langley!

  6. Your neighbourhood is beautiful Pamela! Anywhere next to the ocean is perfect for me! Do you pick any of those blackberries you mentioned & make jam? Angie xo

  7. I think you live in a magical neighborhood. I am glad you realize it and have captured its essence for us. And BTW, may I reach down there and get one of those fabulous cookies??? :)

  8. the whole area is just gorgeous. I have never seen a black bunny in the wild. Love the idea of wild berries everywhere. You are lucky to live so close to the water!!! Hugs Janet

  9. Hi Pamsie! I love your neighborhood. I guess I knew you were out but not how far the houses were from each other. How nice to have all that privacy as long as you don't get lonesome. What a wonderful place for Sam to roam around with Pilot and just be a kid! Everything is so lush and beautiful there. I love it..and love you too! xo Diana

  10. Hi Pamela,
    What beautiful photos, sounds like we have similar views! You can't see the houses on our road, either, which is nice! We are tucked way back in the woods. I've never seen a black wild rabbit before! And I am loving the eagles here, too! Have a great day:)

  11. Hi Pamela.... thank you for leaving your comment on my blog and clicking that follow button! Did you know, I live in the Cowichan Valley too! Small world!


  12. Looks like a slice of heaven there Pamela. So green and lush.

  13. That was delightful! What a beautiful, beautiful place. Makes me want to move there, to be so close to the water. And I've never seen wild black rabbits, how cool!!

  14. Mmmmmm...all that green makes me miss my old home in Alaska. Thanks for sharing. What a wonderful place for Sam to grow up!

  15. I have to say this again, what a beautiful place you live! I would love to live somewhere like that. All that green makes me green with envy! LOL! I think I would be sitting in that chair out on your lawn all the the way, I'll be right over! :-) Gotta run off to work, chat with you later. :-)

  16. Hi Pamela, What a wonderful neighborhood! Love being in the country. That black bunny is adorable.
    We have a very big wild white bunny here that likes our garden.
    Have a great day!
    ~ Julie

  17. Thanks for the tour of your neighborhood. It is gorgeous! It is like you live at a resort or something. How often do you leave the island? I think the black bunny is cute. Does Pilot chase them?

  18. Wow! You live in an amazing neighborhood. So charming. Your neighbor's view is stunning.

  19. Beautiful lush and green. Thanks for the tour.
    We had awful storms go thru here yesterday.But we needed the rain.

  20. You live in such a pretty area. Sort of like being on vacation all the time. I totally get your comment on the untidiness of nature though. When I'm walking in a woodsy area and come across trees that have fallen over and are sitting there decomposing (pretty much a natural part of nature) I want to pick them up and tidy the place up a little. I wish I was that obsessive about dishes in the sink.

  21. It's beautiful, Pamela! Reminds me of where I grew up - in town, but with a rural feeling. I hope Sam gets to roast some marshmallows!!! Yum!
    Happy day to you & yours,
    ~ Zuzu

  22. How fun to really see where you live. It's all just so lush and beautiful! THAT would take some getting used to for me! I'd be pinching myself every day! Ha!

  23. I enjoyed the tour of your neighbourhood. My but it's beautiful. What a wonderful place to live right on the water! I guess most of your neighbours enjoy their privacy. :-) Thanks for the tour. Pamela

  24. Pamela...You know how I love Vancouver Island.
    I can't think of a more perfect place to raise a young boy and a Shepard dog! To me it's storybook country...and we're all so lucky that your blog is a means to share the story!

  25. How lovely...I'd love to visit your neck of the woods someday!

  26. Fun pics Pam. I definitely didn't picture your neighbourhood as so "cottage country," but that's nicer really. Green is good.

  27. I think your neighbourhood is beautiful. It has such a lovely, rural feel to it. It looks as though bears could be lurking! I hope not! x Sharon

  28. Yes, that looks like Vancouver Island, you live in a particularly gorgeous spot. It is a lovely place, I must say, if you can afford to live there. I lived in Qualicum Beach and Coombs many long years ago, did I ever tell you that? My mom and dad lived in Qualicum Beach for many years. My youngest brother lives in Sidney and my oldest brother lives in Nanaimo, but because of the cost of the ferry ride, we almost never got over to see them when we lived in the lower mainland. In fact when we wanted a vacation on the ocean we would go to the state of Washington, everything was SO much cheaper there. Too bad that area has outpriced themselves so badly.
    Have a great day.
    Hugs, Cindy

  29. I think I would love living in your neck of the woods! What a cute rabbit.

  30. Oh sweet DO LIVE in a little slice of heaven.



  31. What a great neighborhood where you live Pamela! So lush and green, and that ocean view - WOW!
    - Susan

  32. I am blown away by the views of the someplace like that would be a dream come true for me. How lucky you are...what a lovely place to call home. Have a wonderful weekend!

  33. It's beautiful, isn't it? My daughter went to Camp Qwanos until she was 18 - what a wonderful place! I remember when the camp bought the house - it was a wonderful opportunity and came at a time when the house might not have been kept intact.

  34. To my (citified) eyes it does look rural. Beautifully so, untamed, vividly green, gorgeous.
    Too bad you can't see the craftsman house - those are SO gorgeous.

  35. Vancouver Island surely is a beautiful place to live, isn't it?

  36. What a beautiful place! Gorgeous views. Your neighbor is quite handsome!

    Thank you for the wonderful tour!

    ~ Tracy

  37. Looking to Rent: Small bungalow on Vancouver Island for a very quiet family of 3 plus one cat. If you own such a home, please contact me.

    Cold and tired of the flat Prairies of Saskatchewan

    Breathtaking Pamela! You are one lucky woman!
    xo Catherine

  38. Wow Pamela, it is so beautiful! I am thrilled you shared this gorgeous tour.

  39. Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to view your scenic neighborhood Pamela - it's just so lovely. I'd move there tomorrow given the chance!

    Have a fun weekend dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  40. Pamela, What a breathtaking area to live in! Your vistas and views are extraordinary. I would love to vacation where you live.
    Perfect images!
    Thank you for taking me on a visit around your neighborhood!

  41. whoa, what a pretty and amazing place to live. rural untamed areas can be so wonderful with the wildlife, and the freedom to have a bonfire, and the privacy, and... sometimes one can feel isolated... it's a mixed bag. although, i do believe living near the water has to be one of the most wonderful things ever...
    i miss my old house surrounded by the woods, now i live in the historic district in a small town with sidewalks... both are wonderful in their own way



  42. Oh Pamela... thats a place worth to live...Love the surroundings very much... quite but with neighbours... the ocean the greenery the quite wet road oh all are sooooooooo dreamy... I am feeling happy after seeing your post... thanks for sharing
    please visit me if you can

  43. Never have I seen a black rabbit, what a beauty he is (or she).
    Love your beautiful pictures. What a fine place to live.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo