Thursday, September 29, 2011

Botanical Beach Port Renfrew BC

There is nothing like getting in the car and driving down the
coast.... drive and drive to take your troubles away...if only temporary...

Something must be said about the calming, healing effects of watching the
ocean.... strong , beautiful and at times frightening... like life

The mountains too are spectacular... rugged and wild..

beckoning you to them...

The still waters of a creek... making you linger in quiet meditation

to ponder your life and where you are going. To stop looking back

over your shoulder at what could have been. Finally realising the power

in your now...

The waves crashing on the rocks as an example you can weather

this storm if you have faith ...

For me being at the ocean is the time to imagine the impossible

to break free of all my limitations. To regain my hope and know that

everything will be okay...

The road before us is not already written out. It is for us to decide.

I like knowing i have a strong guide who is with me all the way...even

if i sometimes have fear...

The enchanting path through the rain forest take me back to being a child

again ...when things were so simple and my father's love was always waiting..

Even our pets fall captive to the ocean...

their excitement overflows...

What child doesn't love to be in nature..

I love sharing this magical place with mine...

The tide comes in and like life itself you must always be aware

or it will sweep you away...

At one with peace if only for a day with myself...

May your journey in this life be filled with happieness and endless joy...

Pamela xo

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Walking the Seawalk

For the last couple of weeks Pilot and i have not been hiking up the mountain. There have
been numerous cougar sightings in my town. Unfortunately a toddler was attacked (luckily
he is okay) by a cougar as his family were leaving the beach. At least two cougars have been
spotted in the town i live in. One happened to be in my sister-in-laws neighbourhood. Granted
she lives in a very rural area. Yesterday a man was on a local trail in the city when one walked
by him . At first he thought it was a large dog then realised it was a cougar. He immediately contacted the conservation officer. I am so terrified of running into one. Especially since i have a dog with me.

The sightings have been in the local paper warning people and also give advice on what to do if
confronted by one. We have so many deer now in our neighbourhoods. The herds of deer
are just unbelievable here. It is so common to be driving down the road and see them all over
peoples lawns and sidewalks. They are heavily protected here. The bad side to so many deer
as one biologist who was interviewed said... They are bringing the cougars into the community because this is what they hunt. Did you know if my dog is caught chasing a deer
in my neighbourhood i am liable for over a $320 fine?? Crazy .

We are now taking our walks through our seaside village. I wanted to share with you
the new seawalk the town has built. This is the first phase and phase two will take it to the
beach. A wonderful walk with beautiful views of Salt Spring Island.

Pilot and Shep are enjoying the views...

In the distance the large boat is the BC Ferry which will take you to Salt Spring Island...

Until winter sets in and the cougars and bears hibernate this is where you will find


Pamela xo

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall is here today!

Today feels like a fall and overcast. I am not ready for fall considering we had
a very cool summer.

I do like the colours of fall. The natural woods with french toile.
The best part of fall for me is all the apples and fully ripened black berries.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!
Pamela xo
By the way i am having so many blogging problems...I cannot link anymore, spell check,
or preview my posts etc. it is driving me crazy because i will not be able
to join any link parties until it is solved!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We all have mememtos of something special from our lives.
I know i have a few (or maybe more) mememtos that
have special meanings and ties to the past . They all hold something special
whether it be from some great event in our life or it just evokes a wonderful
childhood memory.

This silver Victorian heart was a favour from my wedding. All the ladies who attended
my special day received one. I of course kept a heart and round ball for myself...
Silk flowers from my cousin Karen's (at Ow my Agnst blog) wedding. They were part
of her table centerpiece and i won them that night!

My mother's Roman Missal that she carried down the aisle covered in flowers when

she married my dad...

And lastly when my dad passed away my step-mother asked me what i wanted of my

dad's and i did not even hesitate when i said his old dog book!

I can still picture him reading this beloved book of his when i was a child. He was a huge

dog lover and raised Labrador Retriever's. This dog statue was also his. Everytime i look

at it i am comforted by memories of my wonderful dad...

Do you have any favourite mememtos?

Thanks for visiting!

Pamela xo

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Images to share and the winner!

I am late announcing the winner for my giveaway...sorry. Working and getting Sam
ready for back to school this week has kept me busy!
Before i announce the winner i wanted to share these two beautiful images with
Can you guess the owner of this home?

You would probably think his home would be all black and deathly looking
anyone remember the band "Black Sabbath?" yes i have to admit i listened to his
music growing up...

But his wife has immpeccible taste!

Sharon & Ozzy Osborne!

Now for the winner of my little giveaway!

The winner is ....Becca of Patina Moon!!

Congratulations Becca i hope you enjoy this sweet bracelet!

Thanks to all of you who entered...

Pamela xo