Saturday, September 17, 2011

Walking the Seawalk

For the last couple of weeks Pilot and i have not been hiking up the mountain. There have
been numerous cougar sightings in my town. Unfortunately a toddler was attacked (luckily
he is okay) by a cougar as his family were leaving the beach. At least two cougars have been
spotted in the town i live in. One happened to be in my sister-in-laws neighbourhood. Granted
she lives in a very rural area. Yesterday a man was on a local trail in the city when one walked
by him . At first he thought it was a large dog then realised it was a cougar. He immediately contacted the conservation officer. I am so terrified of running into one. Especially since i have a dog with me.

The sightings have been in the local paper warning people and also give advice on what to do if
confronted by one. We have so many deer now in our neighbourhoods. The herds of deer
are just unbelievable here. It is so common to be driving down the road and see them all over
peoples lawns and sidewalks. They are heavily protected here. The bad side to so many deer
as one biologist who was interviewed said... They are bringing the cougars into the community because this is what they hunt. Did you know if my dog is caught chasing a deer
in my neighbourhood i am liable for over a $320 fine?? Crazy .

We are now taking our walks through our seaside village. I wanted to share with you
the new seawalk the town has built. This is the first phase and phase two will take it to the
beach. A wonderful walk with beautiful views of Salt Spring Island.

Pilot and Shep are enjoying the views...

In the distance the large boat is the BC Ferry which will take you to Salt Spring Island...

Until winter sets in and the cougars and bears hibernate this is where you will find


Pamela xo


  1. Pamela, you live in such a beautiful place. I would love to walk with you there. Thanks for sharing this scenery.

  2. The cougars always scared me in Port. They often would come right into our yard. We only saw tracks, though. I've heard some horror stories about cougars, and treated a few dogs at the clinic after attacked by cougars. Both made it, but their wounds were horrific. I miss seeing the ocean! While we still are happy with our choice to move, I'm definately home sick for the beautiful island. Have you been to Salt Spring? If not, I would absolutely recommend it. They have a wonderful artisan tour, and their weekend market is amazing.

  3. What gorgeous photos. This looks like a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. How scary about the cougars. I would stay far away from the mountains, too...I don't blame you! Y'all stay safe! :D

    Ricki Jill

  4. Great photos Pamela! As we speak my son is outside playing in the backyard - with my Hubby very close to him as there have been cougar sightings out here on the Peninsula lately! Until they catch him/her we are keeping our son close! It's so scary!!! Take care and keep your family safe.

  5. Glad you've decided to stay back :)
    Your dogs are so sweet (I love german shepherds!)
    Love your photos Pamela..its so beautiful where you live xo

    Deborah xoxo

  6. Pamela these pictures are absolutely stunning!! You have to worry about cougars the way we worry about the coyotes. It's scary because they usually go after little children and small animals.

  7. It is so beautiful where you live. Love the water. We have so many deer here - in Ohio - and they aren't protected. There is a deer hunting season, gun and bow. Mostly they are killed on the road. My husband hit one a few months ago. They walk down the sidewalk and eat my flowers. I can't believe that they are so protected that your dogs get fined. They walk up and peek in our windows. Stay away from the cougars and bears, very scary.

  8. Pammie- I love it! It is just gorgeous there....but also scary with the cougars out and about! We have a lot of deer here too but they are controlled by allowing 3 doe days in the Fall and then buck season for 2 weeks. That keeps them at a managable level. I hate to see them shot because they are such gentle, beautiful animals but I also know they can ruin crops and gardens.

    They have to be killed for the meat here (not for sport) and those that don't eat venison give it to the local food pantry where it is butchered and doled out to those in need. A good solution all the way around.

    Your dog(s) are gorgeous! xo Diana

  9. Oh my such a beautiful place Pamela. I can't imagine what it must be like having to be wary of cougars....and seeing so many deer is a little odd (a bit like having lots of kangaroos roaming around in Australia). I love your gorgeous dogs..I use to own a German Shepherd a long time ago..they are magical animals. Take care !

  10. Oh Pamela! You live in such a beautiful place! It is so, so gorgeous! I saw on the news about the poor little toddler being attacked...he is so lucky to not have been killed! His poor parents! Stay safe! Have a wonderful week! Angie xo

  11. Believe it or not, suburban so cal. still has cougars...but thankfully the bears are about 70 miles north...phew! ;}

    m ^..^

  12. Holy cougars! I love your blog font!!!!

    m ^..^

  13. Oh that is so scary Pamela to think of those cougars. What a gorgeous area you live in, gorgeous shots too.

  14. oh dear ..well glad you have option....beautiful dogs beautifu scenery!

  15. Such a beautiful place! You are so lucky to live there. :-)
    Be safe my friend.

  16. oh my gosh! I haven't heard anything about this, how scary! I am horrified of cougars, but I guess that what we live with around here.
    hope the rest of your weekend is good
    hugs tereza

  17. Oh my goodness! I would be scared to death at just the thought of cougars, too! Your new walk is just beautiful, and sounds much safer, too. We visited both San Juan Island, and Orcas Island in the past few weeks, and they reminded us of the beautiful islands up your way. Have you been to the San Juans? They are just stunning!

  18. Pamela,
    We have had problems with cougars and bear in the foothills of the Cascades. You are so wise to walk with dear Pilot on the beach!

    We used to take our boat to Sydney and Salt Spring Island. The photographs beautiful.
    Keep safe!

  19. You really live in a beautiful area, Pamela. One day I'm going to come and visit! Although I'm a bit nervous with all this talk of bears and cougars! Maybe you should rather come and visit me - we just have squirrels! :) x Sharon

  20. It's a crying shame when governments attempt to intervene with the comings and goings of nature. Sigh. They never make things better. Ever. Be safe.
    What a blessing to live near the water...and to be able to visit with your best canine friend!


  21. Oh the deer here in Alabama are bold and hungry, eating shrubs to the ground. We do have deer hunting season but it has done little good!

    Your h ome is such a beautiful and serene place. Thank you for sharing the lovely photographs.
    Bon dimanche!

  22. that's interesting about the cougars, Pam. What tips do they offer if you encounter one???

  23. It is terrifying to think about an encounter with a cougar with or without your dogs. I will have to say that you have found a beautiful second choice for walking... just lovely. In seeing a photo of Acoya, I do hope that he is a mostly indoor kitty as he could probably start some trouble - hah!

    Be safe...

  24. Wow, I would be afraid too. I have seen a coyote in my backyard once having my morning coffee and I was so glad I did not have my small dog outside, or even my big dog. YOur walking route is lovely, but I am sure you wish you could have the old one back.

  25. Why why why am I living in Swift Current Saskatchewan!!! I need to move to your beautiful little peace of heaven Pamela. Oh so pretty. I'm glad you are keeping it safe and walking closer to home!!

    Have a happy week friend!
    xo Catherine

  26. What a beautiful town you live in. Your shots of the beach are wonderful. Just like a picture postcard!

  27. Cougars!!! Whoa... i wouldn't want to tangle with a small angry cat, much less a cougar!
    What a totally beautiful place you live... and a wonderful alternative for your walk... wow...


  28. Hi Pamela, Cougars oh my! with the dogs I am sure they scare them off if they were to come close to your home!

    You have such a view of beauty to look at, its to bad you have to be so worried about what may me sneaking up on you! Be safe and home animal game control get this under control for you guys before anyone gets hurt!

    When I was reading this and moving along I read something that I had to read twice for a minute I thought you said your sister-in-law was a cougar in her neighborhood LOL!!! Oooop's my bad there was a cougar in her neighborhood! :)

    Be safe and I am sure your sister-in-law is being very careful as well.

    Thank you for your beautiful commnet and your visits always make me smile!
    Better news on my next visit for you (Hopeful)

    You twin seperated at birth!

    OH!!! I almost forgot...Paint girl paint your heart out and sand all the mistakes, then wash an aged old tone of putty over the piece with a damp rag filled with the color of paint, some of the best mistakes are our best works of art! As I always tell ones who think that they cannot paint, there are no mistakes in shabby euro chic flea market style painting.


  29. Oh dear Pamela......each time I stop here it brings back such memories.

    You truly do live in paradise.



  30. Hi Pamela,
    I wrote out a long comment here on this post to you while I was away and Blogger would not let me post it, I was SO mad.
    Anyways, I am scared to death of wild animals, I don't blame you for staying out of the wooded areas, I would too. Your alternative walk is certainly gorgeous!
    Hugs, Cindy

  31. You have such a pretty area to walk in. It just looks so peaceful and serene!

  32. Looks like a beautiful (and smart) place to walk, Pamela. Hope those cougars stay far away!
    Thanks for your kind note on my Etsy store. :)
    - Susan


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo