Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good bye dear pet...

I have been away from my blog for so long now and I was hoping to do
a post on my new home. Busy working lots of hours, moving and fighting
a cold put things on hold.
Last Friday our beloved cat Acoya became sick. We think he had a stroke.
Having just moved into the new place Acoya seemed to have happily settled in.
Going outside and exploring the new yard he was right at home.

He became ill and went downhill quickly and passed on Tuesday night.
Acoya was 16 years old and i was sure he would make it to 25 but sadly i was wrong.
To say i am devastated is an understatment. He was the last of my three cats.

Acoya (as my cousin lovingly put it) was an extrodinary cat full of character.
Extremely intelligent, funny as hell and at times very grumpy.
I have so many stories about this cat they could very easily be in a book.

I rescued him at four weeks of age along with his two sisters. He was nasty as
can be and his sisters were the sweetest. I found homes for them and kept him
knowing no one would want this hissing, spitting kitten. When i brought him
home he immediately bonded with the dog and hated people.

What kepted him from being kicked out of our family was his crazy, funny
antics. He always had us in stitches...even the neighbours loved him.

Acoya was also very beautiful. A huge cat with a big plume tail that was always
proudly up. He had the biggest green eyes.
He knew his name and always came when called. He also knew what commands
like "are you hungry?" or "do you want outside ?" meant. Acoya was unbelievable.

Acoya got along with every cat he met. It was not unusual to see him on our porch
with a stray. I used to think he told them that "his mom would feed them"
He also got along with other dogs in the neighbourhood.

As you can see from this photo he loved our old dog Jack. He thought of Jack
as his mother. When Jack passed away Acoya went into mourning. He would
walk through the house howling. It was quite horrible. That is when he finally
allowed me to hold him. Ten years it took before he actually let me hold him
and he would purr!

When we got our new dog Pilot he hated her. As you can see from this photo

he was not impressed with this puppy.

So for three years it was a hate relationship for Acoya....
And then we moved across Canada and something changed...

An extrodinary cat that has broken my heart. He will be so missed by us here.

I will miss his daily howls and talking. He was a real talker. I will miss him driving

my husband crazy on purpose. I will miss his galloping through the door...

I will miss the mornings when he turns us all upside down like a tornado with

his crazy antics and getting Pilot all worked up only to quickly disappear to

go back to bed.

Thank you Acoya for 16 memorable years... we will miss you!

Pamela xo