Thursday, December 8, 2011

Good bye dear pet...

I have been away from my blog for so long now and I was hoping to do
a post on my new home. Busy working lots of hours, moving and fighting
a cold put things on hold.
Last Friday our beloved cat Acoya became sick. We think he had a stroke.
Having just moved into the new place Acoya seemed to have happily settled in.
Going outside and exploring the new yard he was right at home.

He became ill and went downhill quickly and passed on Tuesday night.
Acoya was 16 years old and i was sure he would make it to 25 but sadly i was wrong.
To say i am devastated is an understatment. He was the last of my three cats.

Acoya (as my cousin lovingly put it) was an extrodinary cat full of character.
Extremely intelligent, funny as hell and at times very grumpy.
I have so many stories about this cat they could very easily be in a book.

I rescued him at four weeks of age along with his two sisters. He was nasty as
can be and his sisters were the sweetest. I found homes for them and kept him
knowing no one would want this hissing, spitting kitten. When i brought him
home he immediately bonded with the dog and hated people.

What kepted him from being kicked out of our family was his crazy, funny
antics. He always had us in stitches...even the neighbours loved him.

Acoya was also very beautiful. A huge cat with a big plume tail that was always
proudly up. He had the biggest green eyes.
He knew his name and always came when called. He also knew what commands
like "are you hungry?" or "do you want outside ?" meant. Acoya was unbelievable.

Acoya got along with every cat he met. It was not unusual to see him on our porch
with a stray. I used to think he told them that "his mom would feed them"
He also got along with other dogs in the neighbourhood.

As you can see from this photo he loved our old dog Jack. He thought of Jack
as his mother. When Jack passed away Acoya went into mourning. He would
walk through the house howling. It was quite horrible. That is when he finally
allowed me to hold him. Ten years it took before he actually let me hold him
and he would purr!

When we got our new dog Pilot he hated her. As you can see from this photo

he was not impressed with this puppy.

So for three years it was a hate relationship for Acoya....
And then we moved across Canada and something changed...

An extrodinary cat that has broken my heart. He will be so missed by us here.

I will miss his daily howls and talking. He was a real talker. I will miss him driving

my husband crazy on purpose. I will miss his galloping through the door...

I will miss the mornings when he turns us all upside down like a tornado with

his crazy antics and getting Pilot all worked up only to quickly disappear to

go back to bed.

Thank you Acoya for 16 memorable years... we will miss you!

Pamela xo

Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello Everyone!
My Romantic barn sale was a pretty good success. But mostly it was alot of fun.
Everyone who came loved the barn and the decorating. One woman though
was disappointed thinking it was a 'garage sale!" Sorry it was to fancy for
her ...I laughed over that one!
I am now up to my eyeballs in bubble wrap and boxes as we pack up our
I am feeling like a gypsy with all this moving in the last two years!

After an extremely stressful day of work thanks in part to a nasty customer
consumed with throwing hate my way over nothing... I need to share
some beauty... because obviously this woman has none of it...

I am sorry i don't know the source of these lovely don't yell
at me if they are yours!

Don't you just love a touch of pink in a grey room?

Yes these balloons make me want to sail away tonight... or cast off

the negative energy I was given...

But this photo best describes what I always want most

after a stressful day...

Hope to visit all of you soon.... but first I must get my house in order

give my son some extra hugs and take Pilot girl for her hike!

Until next time be nice to your's not her fault things aren't going

right for you!

Pamela xo

Friday, November 4, 2011

Romantic barn sale tomorrow!

Hello everyone!
I have been gone forever it seems from the blogging world. So much
has been happening here at the home of French Buttons...

Working and getting ready for my barn sale has been alot of work.
Another big change is we are moving.
So between purging for the sale and packing in between shifts at
work you can say it's been a little stressful around here!

I do hope everything flies out the door tomorrow because I don't want
to have to pack it all up!

This little barn is adorable too! Wish you all could attend my sale!

Even to just visit with me..

We are moving December 1st...yes the busiest time of the year!

Moving to another quaint little place in the next town "Cobble Hill"

isn't that the prettiest name??

Our time here at this old home has come to a close and I am ready to move

on....(it will be nice to live in a place with central heat again too!!)

Hopefully my blog will still be of interest to all of you even though there

will be no more photos of claw foot tubs or sleeping porches...

The Carriage house will be given my special touch to look enchanting

for the temporary time we shall be there. We are coming to a cross roads

in our lives here.... deciding whether to stay on the Island or move back

to my beloved Ontario.

"You can take the girl out of Ontario but you can never take Ontario out

of the girl!"

Wish me luck tomorrow.... I am so nervous!

Pamela xo

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shopping fun!

Have i mentioned how much i enjoy shopping for clothes???
Yes oh yes i love to go shopping for clothes and shoes!! My favourite
stores are boutiques...i am not the mall type at all. Everything is always
same as the next store. I love the uniqueness and quality you can find
in those little boutique stores downtown. That's what i love about where
i live! Pretty stores with so many fab finds...

I also am loving this newest addiction...
Here's what i am sharing and hoping to find..

Love this sweater and the colour of it!

Aren't these the funkiest shoes ever???

Oh those shoes!!!

Nothing like a new outfit to get you out of a rut!!

Pamela xo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Romantic Barn Sale!

If you live on Vancouver Island within distance to the Cowichan Valley
i hope you will attend my Romantic Barn Sale on November 5th at 9am!

If you are interested please leave a comment and i will email you my address.
For security reasons i do not want to post where i live.

Many treasures will be for sale at very reasonable prices...

Lovely china..

Beautiful pieces of furniture like my French Style kitchen island...

Dining chairs, kitchen table and red toile club chairs...

There will also be gorgeous cement pots...very heavy pieces at a steal of a

price... Lots of treasures to discover!

I hope to see you all !!

Pamela xo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dream home and dream interiors

One of my favourite things to do besides visit blogs is check out MLS listings
and see what homes are being built. Our last home was built by
Mountain View Homes in the Niagara Region and it was lovely. They are
a fantastic home builder that has been around the area for many years.
They are building gorgeous homes in Niagara and this one in particular
caught my eye!

OH it is on my list of wishes!! The interior i wasn't able to post so
i put my own take of what some of the rooms would look like...

Here is how i envision the foyer (photo courtesy of the great blog Greige
located on my blogroll)

Gorgeous living area with oh swoon grey velvet couches! (photo Greige)
And lastly the kitchen (Country Living)

Hmm... i might have to consider moving back home if i want a house

like this!!

Pamela xo

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crown Point Cabinetry

Hello Everyone!!

Here i am rushing around like a mad woman as i just got called in early to
work. I planned on doing so much this morning at home but things will have
to wait.
I quickly want to share these gorgeous photos with you of Crown Point Cabinetry!
My link button is not working as nothing now on my blog is working so i have
no link for you to access but you can google them. An amazing company that
does incredible kitchens!!


Looking forward to Friday...a day to myself!!

Pamela xo

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Botanical Beach Port Renfrew BC

There is nothing like getting in the car and driving down the
coast.... drive and drive to take your troubles away...if only temporary...

Something must be said about the calming, healing effects of watching the
ocean.... strong , beautiful and at times frightening... like life

The mountains too are spectacular... rugged and wild..

beckoning you to them...

The still waters of a creek... making you linger in quiet meditation

to ponder your life and where you are going. To stop looking back

over your shoulder at what could have been. Finally realising the power

in your now...

The waves crashing on the rocks as an example you can weather

this storm if you have faith ...

For me being at the ocean is the time to imagine the impossible

to break free of all my limitations. To regain my hope and know that

everything will be okay...

The road before us is not already written out. It is for us to decide.

I like knowing i have a strong guide who is with me all the way...even

if i sometimes have fear...

The enchanting path through the rain forest take me back to being a child

again ...when things were so simple and my father's love was always waiting..

Even our pets fall captive to the ocean...

their excitement overflows...

What child doesn't love to be in nature..

I love sharing this magical place with mine...

The tide comes in and like life itself you must always be aware

or it will sweep you away...

At one with peace if only for a day with myself...

May your journey in this life be filled with happieness and endless joy...

Pamela xo