Monday, November 14, 2011

Hello Everyone!
My Romantic barn sale was a pretty good success. But mostly it was alot of fun.
Everyone who came loved the barn and the decorating. One woman though
was disappointed thinking it was a 'garage sale!" Sorry it was to fancy for
her ...I laughed over that one!
I am now up to my eyeballs in bubble wrap and boxes as we pack up our
I am feeling like a gypsy with all this moving in the last two years!

After an extremely stressful day of work thanks in part to a nasty customer
consumed with throwing hate my way over nothing... I need to share
some beauty... because obviously this woman has none of it...

I am sorry i don't know the source of these lovely don't yell
at me if they are yours!

Don't you just love a touch of pink in a grey room?

Yes these balloons make me want to sail away tonight... or cast off

the negative energy I was given...

But this photo best describes what I always want most

after a stressful day...

Hope to visit all of you soon.... but first I must get my house in order

give my son some extra hugs and take Pilot girl for her hike!

Until next time be nice to your's not her fault things aren't going

right for you!

Pamela xo


  1. I'm glad you are able to throw off those negative comments. Maybe she was having a bad day, too. But that's still no excuse for being cross with you. I hope tomorrow is better.

  2. Dear Pamela,
    With your tea and socks...
    Bubble Bath! You need a pink bubble bath!
    I also squeeze Lavender...I keep a sachet at my desk!
    Don't let the Goonies get you down!

  3. I'm glad your sale went well. These pictures are so pretty - just looking at them can gift one's day a lift. I hope your day improved after Mrs Grumpy! Good luck with all your packing. x Sharon

  4. Hi Pamela, so glad you had a good sale. Love your beautiful pictures, and so sorry you had to put up with a nasty customer today.... hopefully things will go better tomorrow!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  5. Aw, don't let that person get to you Pamela - think happy thoughts (and how you're going to decorate your new home!)

  6. I'm glad everything went well with your sale Pamela ant that you had a lot of fun. Good for you!
    xo Catherine

  7. Sending positive energy your way Pamela! Don't let all the Grumpys get you down they are all just very unhappy people:( Love these images! Martina

  8. Too bad that she thought it was a garage sale. You are busy busy. Have fun packing.

  9. There always seems to be one unhappy customer. But overall, it sounds like you had a wonderful day! Good luck packing up!

  10. I'm glad your barn sale went well. Did you tell the woman it wasn't a GARAGE sale because it was held in a BARN? lol

    I'm sorry that you had such a crummy day at work. I hate it when people are rude to people that are trying to help them as best they can. Just rememeber it was not YOU it was HER!

    Blessings to you and I hope your move is smooth and as stress free as possible. xo Diana

  11. I am so sorry about the nasty customer. I hope that you have a peaceful move, and I hope Pilot adjusts well, too :D

    I really love this post. I just brought out my favorite smart wool socks for the winter. I love them!

    Have a blessed day, my dear.

    Ricki Jill

  12. Oh dear one, I hope you did get that nice tea anc warm socks. Bless you as you pack to move. I did it in the spring and it's hard isn't it!

  13. Good luck with your move. Remember to take a few minutes to relax between boxes! :-)


  14. Happy for your successful barn sale! and thank you for the lovely images, esp those ethereal balloons.. and hope you've shaken that customer's negative energy off... I used to work retail and could never keep myself from being sarcastic if someone was rude to me which drove my manager nuts!

  15. Hello dear Pamela,
    I'm so sorry you met up with one of those impossible people to please. Sometimes life just isn't fair, I know.
    I am so happy to her that your "fancy" Barn Sale went well. Is it something that you will be doing again?
    Have a lovely day, dear friend, and don't let the negatives destroy your positives.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  16. Other than the woman looking for a GARAGE...I hope you sale went well. Some people!! And I'm sorry you had such a bad did the right thing, relaxed and put up some mentally relaxing images for us all to enjoy!!

    Good luck with your packing...I hope everything goes smoothly!


  17. Sorry you had a butt head for a customer. Hopefully she went home and realized what an idiot she was and felt bad for it. At one barn sale that I went to last year there was a lady there who was upset that they weren't selling the barn. I guess she missed that the signs didn't say barn FOR sale.

  18. I'm mad someone was nasty to you! But i'm glad you're aware of how energy affects you, and you are doing your best to shift away from that! Sounds like alot going on with your move... I'll send you some positive energy right now!


  19. I'm sorry you had a bad day with an uptight customer spoiling it for you. But, I'm glad your barn sale was a success! Wishing you better days and customers in this busy rushed holiday season. And, happy packing! Hugs, Pamela

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  21. I don't understand why people have to be like that Pamela, it's doesn't do any good for anyone! I'm glad you were able to just do this lovely post and forget about someone like that! On top of it all, I know packing is stressful, so have so tea in your warm socks! :-)

  22. Hi Pamela (Twin)
    I am stopping by wishing you well, glad to hear all in all the sale went well, so wish I could have been there being one of your good customers :)

    So miss your beauty over at my place, I think of you when I here our favorite singers!

    Merry Christmas to you dear one.

  23. Sometimes we go out there in the world and we don't know what to expect, do we? A special little boy told me once that when someone is rude or mean to us, that maybe they are having a bad day too or maybe something awful is happening in their life. I always remember that when I am encountered with a negative person. I wish you many special moments this holiday season.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo