Thursday, April 28, 2011

What are your ideas??

Calling all you fab DIYer's out there! Help!
Here's my problem... I have this antique brass and teak coffee table.
I really like the style of this table and it is also indestructible.
The problem is i am not a huge fan of the brass.

I love those old black tole painted tray tables and i was thinking
of somehow doing that. I just can't decide what to do here.

That's where you all come in!
Please send me some ideas!!

In case you are wondering what that pink thingy is...well that's a puppy Kong. Pilot's puppy
toy which is too small for her but she LOVES it and we call it her BABY. She likes to drive
us nuts with it...she gets pushy with her toys. So if you come over don't say the word BABY
because the next thing you know it is in her mouth and she will be pushing you with it.
Okay back to
the brass table....

Here's a close up of the brass. See the green patina on the edges ? I love this and wish
the whole thing would go like this. Anyone know how to do this???

Or do you all hate it like my boys do? My son calls it the big cookie sheet!

But i love it because they can spill stuff , drop stuff, or anything and it will not hurt it!

My ideas are spray it black , make it more patina looking or rubbed bronze look?

I appreciate your thoughts on this!

Pamela xo

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New shelf in bedroom

My roses having died away but still looking pretty gave me an idea
for my bedroom... The space above the bed was crying out for something. I had a mustard coloured shelf
so i painted it white... and decided to hang it over our

My pretty bird sign that was my first and only giveaway i have won from
Anne of Bird/Like... (thanks again Anne!)

My only piece of chintz ware that i own... i love this pretty cup and saucer!

I know my cousin Karen of Ow, my angst will appreciate this leather bound book of Jane Eyre..Karen this book is lovely but i need a translator with the old English grammar!! I will stick to the movie!

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Pamela xo

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tea Cups on Chandelier

Hanging from my candle chandelier are my Limoges tea and coffee cups...

They never get used and are much too pretty to be hidden away.
I decided to hang them in my sleeping porch...
Last summer they hung from the chandelier in my guest room.

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Pamela xo

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pink Roses for me...

Yesterday i just could not pass up these beautiful pink roses any longer! They've been calling out to me every time i enter this store and quickly walk by them... I can hear them every time calling out to me...Pamela...Pam...Pammie...we know you want us! Don't you deserve to treat yourself to something special for once?? Okay I'm crazy... but i just wish these photos were scratch and sniff so you could smell their heavenly perfume! I couldn't decide where to put them i played with them all day... I really liked them on my dresser. They immediately perfumed my room!

They added a touch of romance to my sleeping porch too! I bet you are all tired of seeing my sleeping porch?

You know what's really funny but i should not be surprised...

my husband has yet to notice them!! I bet he thinks they are fake!!

That's okay i like keeping it that way!!

Pamela xo

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Enjoy your weekend!

Sharing some photos of Sam and Pilot... Where did my little boy go? Seems like yesterday he was just a little toddler... I keep telling him everyday to stop growing ...stay as you are ...but he won't listen to his mama!! Whether you are with friends or family i hope your weekend is a happy one! I'm enjoying mine with my boy and of course our( meat head as my hubby affectionately calls her ) Pilot girl ! Pamela xo

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty pieces...

Pretty pieces for everyone to enjoy... Chunks of Polish amber and multi-coloured fresh water pearls... I feel summer coming... Romantic grey freshwater pearls... I am in love with grey right now and i love my grey pearls...

Wishing for summer... so i can wear my favourite..." Turquoise "with a hint of

red coral...

What pretty pieces are you waiting to wear?

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Pamela xo

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My treasured quilts

Hello everyone! Today i wanted to share with you my collection of treasured quilts that are in my cedar chest. Most of these quilts have huge sentimental value to me. They are all handmade with lots of love. Here are four of the quilts that i own... This first quilt is very old. It comes from an antique store. This quilt is queen size and very light weight. It is the perfect cover for hot summer nights. I love the colours and pattern.

The middle quilt pictured here was made for me by a dear friend of mine. For ten years

we lived beside an elderly widow who made beautiful quilts. She and i became very close..

my son came to think of her as another Grandma. This was a gift for my husband and i for

always helping her out being that she was alone. The quilt is on our bed throughout the winter

months. It takes the chill off on those damp nights.

This quilt is a crib quilt. She made this for my son. Don't you love the kitties and the colour pink? You are probably wondering why in the world she made my son a pink girlie quilt!

When i went for my last ultrasound when i was pregnant they told me i was having a girl!

So my neighbour the whole time i was expecting worked on this pretty piece. After i had my "boy" she brought the quilt over with a matching pillow and said "You told me you were going to be having a girl!"

Well i had a few girl things with me at the hospital waiting for baby... and one of the things were these adorable baby shoes..

I have kept the shoes because Sam loves to hear the story about how he was supposed

to be a girl. His favourite part of the story is when he was delivered and the doctor announced it's a boy! After that the nurse said to me "Pamela i wish you could have seen your husband's face when the doctor said "it's a boy!" His jaw just hit the ground!

So these shoes hold fun memories for Sam to pass onto his kids...

This last quilt my neighbour made for Sam. It's a lap quilt...perfect for when he watches television. These quilts all hold wonderful memories for me.

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Pamela xo

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An old trunk with vintage linens

Today i wanted to share with you my very old vintage trunk filled with old linens. I love the old photo of the Victorian girl and her parasol... I have one just like it ...shown here...

As i have mentioned in previous posts all my linens and old bedspreads are

from my Italian grandmother...

Today i had to drop off some donations to the local thrift store. While i was there

i thought i would have a look around. I came upon these beautiful old spools of thread.

I love the colours...

Now i will have to go back next week to see what treasures are lurking!

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cherry Blossoms in the Guest Bath...

Looks like my Cherry Blossoms in my antique galvanized jug won hands down! Everyone seems to love the rustic look with pretty flowers...( i know I've been feeling pretty rustic these days...but that's another story!) This is my guest bathroom which I've posted about before. It seemed like the perfect place to display my blossoms... This room gets the most sun in the entire house! That's a pity...too! It's on the far end of the home...we shut this area off during the winter months. Now that spring has finally arrived it is time to open the shades and let the sun in!

I wonder who my next guest will be this summer? The bath is all pretty and ready!

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Pamela xo

Happy Sunday!

My cherry blossom tree is in full bloom! I am having so much fun with them today... i just haven't decided which vase suits them best. More photos tomorrow... Now back to some restful time with my boys! Pamela xo