Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty pieces...

Pretty pieces for everyone to enjoy... Chunks of Polish amber and multi-coloured fresh water pearls... I feel summer coming... Romantic grey freshwater pearls... I am in love with grey right now and i love my grey pearls...

Wishing for summer... so i can wear my favourite..." Turquoise "with a hint of

red coral...

What pretty pieces are you waiting to wear?

I'm linking up to Blue Creek Home for Treasure Hunt Thursday so come on over!!

Pamela xo


  1. I love your gray pearls...I wear a lot of black and gray. And for the summer, I love playful pieces with some color. Now I want to go shopping!!


  2. Hi Pamela,
    Oh, I love all this and I was just thinking this morning that I need to find some of my bright pieces to wear as it has warmed up here.

    I love your pictures--they're gorgeous!!

  3. Gorgeous pieces...I love to wear necklaces every day!

  4. You have some very pretty pieces Pamela. I just started wearing the turquoise glass and silver jewellry that my sweet hubby gave me last year for my 60th. I didn't wear the bracelet all winter for fear of losing it so that has come out. I love turquoise and sea glass colours with silver. Now for some new and fresh summer tops to go with them ;-) Enjoy! Pamela

  5. These are all just beautiful pieces, Pamela! Wonderful colors for the warmer weather!

  6. I am wearing turquoise today! It makes me feel happy any time of the year! ♥

  7. Hi Pamela:
    Loving your Turquoise! I am going to a wedding this weekend and I am heading out tomorrow to find me some big ole chunky necklace to go with my basic black dress!!!


  8. Pammie Baby!! Surely you are tired of those ugly old grey pearls by now!?!?! Shall I send you my address so that you can ship them off to me? I promise you will never have to look at them again!!!

    Seriously- GORGEOUS!!! Love the amber and turquoise but those pearls...OH MY!!!! LOVE them! xxoo Diana

  9. Love these ~ I have one special piece that I made myself that I love to wear ~ a chain with a vintage skeleton key and a lovely dangly charm ;-)

  10. Pamela, those are beautiful. Everything is stunning! I just complimented my daughter when she went off to work this morning wearing a turquoise necklace. Love yours with the coral!

    Thanks for the kind words on our crazy Baby! And yes, welcome to spring!!!


  11. Hi Pamela, Love the grey pearls and the turquoise necklace! I also just pulled out some summer jewelry to start wearing. I seem to wear silver more in the summer.

  12. Pamela, I love the gray pearls. I really think I would wear them every day they are so gorgeous - and they would match everything.

  13. Such gorgeous jewelry, and of course you know I'm in love with the grey pearls. Must say though, the turquoise and coral are definitely stunning - Pamela, l know you must look adorable in all these beautiful beaded pieces!

  14. I am obviously not a jewellery person, and did not even know there were grey have enlightened me!

  15. These are so beautiful! I dont think I could wait until summer hits! I'd wear them all year round! Thanks for sharing this here!


  16. I love gray too! Your gray pearls are so beautiful!!!

  17. So many pretty pieces Pamela! I wear the same earrings and rings winter spring summer and fall. But I have many watches and bracelets that I change daily!

    Pretty post!
    xo Catherine

  18. Girl, you've got some gorgeous pieces of jewelry there. I love love love turquoise and coral!!!
    I am happy you shared them at Treasure Hunt Thursday.

  19. All beautiful pieces! I love those pearls, they look almost lavender. I love jewelry but when I work I don't get to wear any! So, on weekends and vacation I bring out my turquoise, chunky silver rings, & bracelets. Wishing blue skies for you soon my friend!

  20. damn...I don't think I have anything nearly as fun!

  21. Bijoux jolie Pamela!
    I love silver with semi-precious as well...
    Your pearls are exquisite!

  22. What lovely pieces, and beautifully photographed. I am sending our summer weather your way! Have a lovely weekend. x Sharon

  23. Oh I have gray coin pearls that I love aussi! We have similar tastes. :)

  24. Your pearls are gorgeous, Pamela!

    My most favorite pieces of jewelry belonged to my sister, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Some are quite stunning, but I wear them with everything. Blue jeans and diamonds - why not!?! :)

    Happy weekend to you & yours,


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo