Thursday, October 28, 2010

Feminine , pink and proudly girly!

Yesterday I spent the day antiquing with my friend Melissa from Cranberry Cottage. While we

poked around these stores we discussed how so many furniture stores carry boring

furniture and accessories.

Everything today is brown, grey, black or taupe. Boxy styles , sleek

nothing frilly or curvy. No sex appeal. It is like they have all gone anti-feminine. I went

to a new furniture recently and after 5minutes walked out. NO soft colours of white, pink

or velvet scrumptious textures either.

Melissa has just done two posts on this very

subject and I urge you to check it out!

So go here Cranberry Cottage it is an interesting


Melissa and I both love Pink, white and all things feminine. One of

the main reasons we hit it off. Like her I used to be ashamed of loving all things

Pink and being very girly. But now at 44 who cares! I am not afraid to celebrate

and show off my feminine side.

In my home which I share with my husband and eleven year old son you will find

all things girly!

You will find touches of pink everywhere. My husband is really okay with it! Really... he

even bought me pink lingerie for Christmas last year. He knows his girl!

I love hearts too! Hearts and paper roses I made this heart arrangement when

I could not find what I was looking for.

Who doesn't love old oil paintings of roses.

And I am all for one to celebrate my romantic side and express it here on

my sleeping porch.

All the women I have met on these beautiful blogs also express a love for

antique linens and all things romantic. So as Melissa and I were saying why

do all the furniture and home stores carry such masculine pieces?

One of the best things for me about being a girl is all the make-up!! I love

displaying my brushes too.

The boutique stores seem to be the only places left that understand our desires

to have our home lovely, romantic and pretty.

But just because I proudly claim to be a girly girl with a love for pink does

not make me weak. After all I would never have the stamina to hike a mountain

everyday with my Pilot girl if that was the case!

Celebrate who you are and don't let anyone deter you from expressing your

tastes. Mr. Brick, Lazyboy , Leons etc. do you get the picture?!!!

Thanks for visiting me!!

And remember life is a journey make it beautiful!

Pamela xo

Sunday, October 24, 2010

When it rains

It's a stormy day here on the island. This type of weather makes me go to into
rearrange mode! Today I thought I'd rearrange my corner cabinet.
This is how I had it. A close up look at all the stuff!
It used to have just a few
pieces in it
when I first painted it.

My limoges china was in the
dining room cabinet.
I hardly ever
get to see it
in there.

I thought I would switch things
up and bring
it all into

Maybe by
having it
in the
I will
compelled to use all of it...
then when
my hubby complains
about all my china
can point out
to him
that YES
do use it!
Think that will work?

actually that has had the
reverse effect...
now sees it all the time
it seldom gets

I'll put
back into
the dining room

Thanks for stopping by and I always love all your wonderful comments!!
Pamela xo

Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Wishing all of you
a wonderful
with the
love !!
Pamela xo

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A beautiful gift from Patina Moon

Today i received the most beautiful gift
my friend Becca at
I had just taken my male cat to the Vets for his annual checkup.
I have still been feeling sad over the passing of my other cat
On the way home from the Vets i stopped off at the
post office for my mail.
There was a package waiting for me.
I went home and opened it immediately...
opening it
burst into
and this is why...Becca had made this beautiful pillow with Kachina's
photo on it just for me!
I don't even know how she was able to get her
photo from my blog onto this pillow.
Becca is an artist and her blog is full of gorgeous photos
her amazing art
wonderful music to listen to as you visit her.
Not only is Becca's outer appearance
so is
I love the vintage fabric she used.
So much detail went into this pillow.
Even the tiny crochet piece holding the
button in the corner.

This is a piece I will treasure forever.
I went all over the house trying to decide where to
display it.
I have settled on the living room. It looks
wonderful hanging from my antique mirror.

I cannot wait to show it off to everyone who visits.
This piece has really touched my heart.

It never ceases to amaze me how God sends
comfort to you through others. I have yet to meet Becca
(I hope to in the near future though) but I feel as if
we are kindred souls...

Thank you again Becca from the bottom of my heart
Pamela xo

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No more pink for my boy!

Awhile back i did a post on Sam's pink bedroom! Poor Sam had to endure a pink bedroom
for the summer My friend Robin came over and painted the whole room herself!
Is that not the nicest thing ever? My cat Kachina had passed away the night before
so i was needless to say pretty distraught but Robin called and insisted that she paint
Sam's room. She did a wonderful job and she is a professional by the way!

In the beginning i was going to paint his room in a blue colour. We decided on a fresh
white since purchasing him this beautiful red and blue comforter.
I took Sam to the paint store and had him chose his colour.
He chose Cotton Fluff by Behr paints. Great choice.

The vintage toile curtains really add punch to this room. I just love these
curtains. I purchased them back home before i moved. In time i knew i would find
the perfect room for them.

Sam loves maps so i hung my very old world map over his bed. Every morning
i catch him reading it. It fascinates him.

And of course we can't leave out monkey! He loves his monkey that Nana made him
when he was a baby. Monkey fits right into the colour scheme.

Even though it is just his temporary bedroom he loves it. I love it too!
Thanks Robin you did a fantastic job!!
Until next time....
Pamela xo

Monday, October 4, 2010

What was I thinking?!!

Hello everyone! Do you ever look back at photos of rooms you had decorated
and thought what the hell was i thinking?! Well I do that when i go through photos
of the homes i lived in.
My friend Grace at Sense and Simplicity did a recent post on
the colour Orange! This was a great post and i commented to let her know that i used
to have an Orange kitchen!! Grace couldn't believe it. She took me for the pink and red
girl. And i am totally.

The winters in Southern Ontario are very long....and come
February there is not alot of sun. When we renovated our kitchen i thought it
would be fun to paint the kitchen soft pumpkin....well i got pumpkin alright but not SOFT!
When my husband completed the paint job the first thing he said was...."Well Pam we are
now ready for Halloween!" He hated it.

But in all honesty i thought i was getting a very soft pumpkin. Does this ever
happen to you? Do you know how many times this kitchen was painted? We
moved shortly after. I think the colour sold the house!! (Probably the first the
new owners did was paint the kitchen!!
Don't tell anyone about my Orange okay?
Until next time I'm sticking to a white kitchen!!
Pamela xo

I also want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the words of comfort
over my Kachina's passing...thank you ....a difficult time was eased with all of your love.