Monday, October 4, 2010

What was I thinking?!!

Hello everyone! Do you ever look back at photos of rooms you had decorated
and thought what the hell was i thinking?! Well I do that when i go through photos
of the homes i lived in.
My friend Grace at Sense and Simplicity did a recent post on
the colour Orange! This was a great post and i commented to let her know that i used
to have an Orange kitchen!! Grace couldn't believe it. She took me for the pink and red
girl. And i am totally.

The winters in Southern Ontario are very long....and come
February there is not alot of sun. When we renovated our kitchen i thought it
would be fun to paint the kitchen soft pumpkin....well i got pumpkin alright but not SOFT!
When my husband completed the paint job the first thing he said was...."Well Pam we are
now ready for Halloween!" He hated it.

But in all honesty i thought i was getting a very soft pumpkin. Does this ever
happen to you? Do you know how many times this kitchen was painted? We
moved shortly after. I think the colour sold the house!! (Probably the first the
new owners did was paint the kitchen!!
Don't tell anyone about my Orange okay?
Until next time I'm sticking to a white kitchen!!
Pamela xo

I also want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the words of comfort
over my Kachina's passing...thank you ....a difficult time was eased with all of your love.


  1. I am not fond of orange, but what is that a texture on your wall?

    I always change my mind.

  2. Orange wouldn't be my choice either, but experimenting a way of learning what you like and don't like. At least you had the fortitude to do something other than beige!

  3. I am dropping my head with shame. I had an orange kitchen many years ago..I think that was at the time I had a Coppertone refrigerator...anyone remember those? Anyone?
    Orange has come back to haunt me in the form of a motor home...but we aren't gonna talk about that here! lol Hugs- Diana

  4. hmmmmm. Remember the mustard yellow phase? I have to admit to that one.

  5. Pam, that is too funny. My first kitchen had orange counter tops and orange in the vinyl floor. That was the in color in 1975.

  6. Yep I now believe you, that you had an orange kitchen - the photos don't lie. It is pretty intense (although probably a good dose of colour in the winter). I still think you are more of a red/pink girl than orange. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I like orange, but in small doses. Not sure I could have a room or even just an accent wall painted orange.

  8. I was in that kitchen and it was great - I loved how warm and welcoming it was- Sante Fe meets French country ( a look you can pull together and make it work girl!)

  9. My kitchen in suburban hell was an orangey yellow and I never got sick of it. It was so cozy and inviting somehow. The rest of the downstairs was white, so I like the cozy contrast. Ah, I'm sure that colour's gone by now though...snifff..

  10. Haha! Very funny post! My whole first house was a "What was I thinking?" experiment. It was 1994 and country decorating and tole painting were BIG....need I say more? I want to wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your husband's family!! Wished we lived closer...we could have had a pie-making & cake-making day together!! Tomorrow I am making the 2 layer spice cake...we are having a special dinner on parents are arriving for a 10 day visit! Angie xo


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo