Sunday, October 24, 2010

When it rains

It's a stormy day here on the island. This type of weather makes me go to into
rearrange mode! Today I thought I'd rearrange my corner cabinet.
This is how I had it. A close up look at all the stuff!
It used to have just a few
pieces in it
when I first painted it.

My limoges china was in the
dining room cabinet.
I hardly ever
get to see it
in there.

I thought I would switch things
up and bring
it all into

Maybe by
having it
in the
I will
compelled to use all of it...
then when
my hubby complains
about all my china
can point out
to him
that YES
do use it!
Think that will work?

actually that has had the
reverse effect...
now sees it all the time
it seldom gets

I'll put
back into
the dining room

Thanks for stopping by and I always love all your wonderful comments!!
Pamela xo


  1. Pamela, I love that corner cabinet and everything you have displayed in it is so pretty. I see you have a chicken casserole dish, too.

  2. Pamela....Yeah...I get that too. MyHero used one of the cups out of my china the other day (the one I don't use, of course) and I had to bite my tounge not to say, "Don't use that"...because if he breaks it, I will never find a replacement...and if I don't let him use it he will say I shouldn't have it. Oh Snap! Diana

  3. That is the perfect cabinet for all that pretty pretty stuff. Leave it. I makes me happy just looking at it, I can only imagine what it does to walk past it all day.

  4. who cares if you seldom use it? It looks fantastic in that cabinet! That cabinet, by the way, still makes me want to paint everything white whenever you post a pic of it.

  5. Your china is so pretty - you should use it - I think things taste better on pretty dishes.

    This rainy weather had me sitting at the computer rearranging my blog!

  6. Oh! Pamela! I love it there! You should really leave it there for awhile so that you can enjoy it!! Husbands, shmusbands! What do they know about dishes?! LOL! My husband gives me a hard time about my dish collection too, but he doesn't seem to have a problem eating off them when I use them! lol! Angie xo

  7. Its hard to win an argument with a man!

  8. Oh that is pretty china, I just love the little roses. I think you should leave it in the kitchen and enjoy the pretty every time you walk by. I never registered for china when I got married because I never wanted the NEW stuff. I am still holding out for a vintage Limoges set that will fit into my home and budget. As for now I will be happy with my plain white ironstone plates, hey my white goes with all occassions.

  9. Your limoges is stunning.....don't ever part with it dear friend.



  10. I love your corner cabinet and you china is just gorgeous... and you should use it! Although I don't use mine very often, only for special occasions because I tend to break dishes pretty often!!! Hope you have a great week. hugs~~ Daphne

  11. Hola Paloma soy una chica rumana que vive en EspaƱa y paseando por los blogues e encontrado tu casa.Puedo desirte que me encanta el calor de ella y por eso iso una parada mas larga para descubrir todo sobre el decoracion.Te deseo un dia feliz!

  12. Had a great day..and when I came home K had her baby doll all swaddled tightly in the middle of her cute.

  13. Such beautiful china!! Who needs to use such a work of art! I mean you can but you don't have to. It's all about the enjoyment of such pieces. Our dear men don't always get that concept - poor dear, they try but it sometimes eludes them! But we love them anyway!!

  14. Pamela, you know I adore and covet that corner cabinet. I love to see rearranging of things. Is this just a woman thing, you think? What better to do on a stormy day? To me it sounds like bliss.

  15. I love your Limoges china Pamela - it's so pretty and I say use it as much as is practical rather than hide it away!

    I just purchased a similar corner cabinet but no upper door just open shelves. Going to have to use it for display at my booth.......until I find a corner in my home!!! I really love it as it looks Swedish (Gustavian period) which of course blends fabulously with French! I'll have to post on it soon.

    Happy weekend - we're off to the coast for fresh air and good seafood!
    Hugs - Mary

  16. Hi Pamela,
    I love your limoge china in that cabinet-it is so pretty.
    Take care,

  17. Beautiful china. I love how you have it displayed. Surprise him some night with a candlelight dinner. ha!


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo