Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green Barn Antiques

It's still winter here in Southern Ontario.
Cold, snowy but thankfully very sunny.
We are having quite a winter.  So much snow we are running out
of places to put it!  
I'm not complaining since I have to admit I am enjoying
this winter. I haven't been around snow for the last 3 1/2 years
so I really missed it. I think this was my home coming
blizzard after blizzard!!

I am looking forward to spring though. 
All my favorite shops will start opening.
The garden centers and my lovely friend Eleanor's
beautiful Green Barn Antiques shop.
I cannot wait for her to open!

Eleanor's home is also very beautiful.
I told her i must get inside photos to post
for all of you to see...

Her home sits on beautiful property...

Her barn is right here...

Treasure after treasure
waiting to be discovered!
Come inside and have a peek...

Every week there is always something new 
to find...

She has exquisite taste ...
we like the same things
so it is never hard for me to find
something i love!

My cousin (sigh) bought this beautiful
canister set...

So even though I'm enjoying this winter i kinda want it to hurry up and
go so Eleanor can throw open those big green doors!!

Until next time stay warm and safe!

Pamela xo