Monday, September 27, 2010

Saying good-bye

Saying good-bye to a pet


the hardest




Our darling KACHINA




the night...

To say I am heartbroken is an understatement....

I'm crushed and in great mourning over this sweet cat...


was a purebreed


doll face


No she did not come from some high class expensive breeder...

She was just a Humane Society drop off...

No one wanted her anymore...she was tiny , scared and covered in fleas

when i got her...

Out of all our pets she has been the easiest and sweetest...

She had the cry like a baby...and she was a real flirt

She loved pillows she found a great spot when we were packing the house.

But most




my son....

We stayed for a couple of weeks with family

before we moved out WEST

she loved

her temporary home


she loved cousin Justin



all she

ever wanted...

Every day after school


would be

waiting for her Sam...

She loved

to listen


him play the piano...

Here she is showing


how much


loves him...

and he loved her too...

Good bye my sweet love muffin KACHINA....

I miss you so much...
October 30, 1995 - September 27, 2010

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fresh blue toile

My very lovely friend Robin surprised me with this gift of pretty blue toile material.
It's so fresh and charming i just had to post about it!
I'm trying it out in different parts of the home but right now i am liking it in the
guest bath....

Having never been a blue and white person i am starting to really love it!
Must have something to do with living so close to the ocean....

I had to photograph my bath bubble bottle! I love the etching on the bottle.

Thank you again Robin....and i hope to be photographing her gorgeous home
and oh to die for white kitchen!!!!
Until then thanks for visiting
Pamela xo

Monday, September 13, 2010

Giving into Fall

Looking out my kitchen window this morning it certainly looked very fallish...
This is a very old Arbutus tree that is native to Vancouver Island. It is strong , sturdy
and loves to shed its leaves all summer. I haven't decided if i love it or hate it
on my property. It makes a great place to hang a tire swing though. i have a great view of it while I'm cooking in the kitchen. After looking out at
this tree and then looking at the all white kitchen i decided to add some fall feel.
But not to the kitchen. Remember my orange dining room (that i did not paint!) well
it seemed the perfect place to put my only fall arrangement.
Due to moving across Canada i had to give up alot of things. Crafts and stuff
was on the list. This arrangement survived the giveaway pile.

My black dishes are perfect for fall. I love these dishes. They are made in Germany
and have a lovely milk glass feel. Never seen anything like them.

My pewter comes out this time of year. It says fall to me ...definitely not summer!

Here's another close up of my lovely black dishes...

My table arrangement to welcome in Fall...

Here's hoping for an Indian Summer!
I'm still not ready to let go of summer...
Pamela xo

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cowichan Valley

This is the
Cowichan Valley
where i live...every morning this is
my scenery as
take my son
school...not only is the ocean close by
as i always post
the valley is rich
with vineyards
horse and cattle farms

This handsome fellow
was believe it or not
posing for
my camera...
he came right

My favourite part

of the drive?
This enchanting
that i would love
see inside!

The Cowichan Valley...Majestic and beautiful!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Qualicum Beach

The perfect way to end the summer at Qualicum Beach. It was a little chilly for a swim
so we had a family picnic instead. Who doesn't like to sit and watch the waves crash in? My first summer here on Vancouver Island and it was beautiful . I am already anticipating
next summer's journey!

It is not unusual to see drift wood along the beach. Nature's own decor.

The waves were exceptionally big today. Sam's last chance to enjoy them
He happily managed to get completely soaked.

Qualicum Beach I will see you next summer!
Pamela xo

Monday, September 6, 2010

Nancy Ann Story Book Dolls

Hello Everyone!
I wanted
to share
with all
my collection
Nancy Ann
Story book dolls!I have had these dolls since i was a very young girl.
As you can see i took very good care of them.
Their hair is made from mohair.
These dolls were a gift to me from a friend of the family.
A very close friend of my families had an adult daughter who
was married with no children of her own. The daughter's mom
was well aware of my love for dolls and also knew
that i took very good care of my things.
With this in mind the woman's daughter happily
passed them on to me.
Many years later i still have them
and they are in perfect condition.

This one has always been my favourite.
She reminds me of Scarlet from Gone with the Wind
one of my favourite movies.

Unfortunately i have to put the girls away...
my son
has this
fear of dolls!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Good bye Summer !

It was a wonderful warm summer here on Vancouver Island.
I wanted to say good-bye to summer with an old photo of my darling boy when
he was only 5yrs old! Here is my sweet pea on the steps of our lovely old home.

Wishing all of you a happy and safe Labour Day Weekend!

Pamela xo

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Portuguese China on Irish linens

I wanted to share with you all my beautiful everyday china.
These dishes are made in Portugal. If you have never touched or experienced Portuguese
China I beg you to give it a try!! If anyone from Portugal or any Portuguese person for that
matter is reading my blog I want to say to you "I love your china!" Seriously the
Portuguese make fantastic , beautiful pottery. They make lovely all white china plates
as well. I have alot of casserole dishes , platters and bowls as well. This china has a lovely green edging and pretty swirls with leaves and olives.

My tablecloth and place mats are made of Irish linen. The Irish make beautiful linens
next to their gorgeous wool sweaters.
France and England get a lot of glory for their china and linens rightly so....but
let us also recognize the amazing artisans in Portugal and Ireland!

My salad even looks better in this Portuguese bowl!

Thanks for letting me share my love for Portuguese china and Irish Linens!
Pamela x