Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Portuguese China on Irish linens

I wanted to share with you all my beautiful everyday china.
These dishes are made in Portugal. If you have never touched or experienced Portuguese
China I beg you to give it a try!! If anyone from Portugal or any Portuguese person for that
matter is reading my blog I want to say to you "I love your china!" Seriously the
Portuguese make fantastic , beautiful pottery. They make lovely all white china plates
as well. I have alot of casserole dishes , platters and bowls as well. This china has a lovely green edging and pretty swirls with leaves and olives.

My tablecloth and place mats are made of Irish linen. The Irish make beautiful linens
next to their gorgeous wool sweaters.
France and England get a lot of glory for their china and linens rightly so....but
let us also recognize the amazing artisans in Portugal and Ireland!

My salad even looks better in this Portuguese bowl!

Thanks for letting me share my love for Portuguese china and Irish Linens!
Pamela x


  1. Hi Pamela.....what a pretty table you have set for us today. I'll be right over!! (O:(O:(O:



  2. I'm glad you shared some more photos of your gorgeous Portuguese china - I love it. I'm still waiting for some close-ups of your Paris china ;)

  3. Very pretty china and those linens are beautiful. What a wonderful table setting to sit down to for dinner. My table does not get that set up unless we are having guests, although I am known to let the kids have pizza by candlelight.

  4. Hey Pamela! Your table setting is beautiful. I love your dishes and the green that rims them. And you can't beat Irish linen, can you? It is beautiful!

    I have a ceramic coated open casserole that belonged to my husband's grandmother and when the family was going through her things no one wanted the piece because it was not a popular color. I got it and it is the best dish I ever owned...made in Portugal. My kids have dibs on it for "someday"....which I hope is a long time away!>) Diana

  5. I love your Portugese china! I love the flatware set too. Irish linens are the very best!! You are so talented at giving us beautiful images Pamela!! Angie xo

  6. Pamela, your dinnerware is beautiful. I am always drawn to green and white. You have some beautiful lines and dishes.

  7. Pamela dearest,

    Thank you for coming by to visit with me! AND....I won something from JO? I must dash on over there now to see, I haven't heard anything! AND....I love your china on linen. I have just fallen in love with linen again thanks to a GIVEAWAY that I WON!!!!! HEEEEE, this has been my year of wins! So, I see that you adore white as well; I am a white/aqua/turquoise lover and my whole house is going through a change. It is so fun.

    Do come again, your world is lovely. Anita

  8. ...Oh your table looks delightful!...

  9. Your table setting is lovely and that salad looks super yummy!!

    Lots of love,
    Susan and Bentley

  10. Boy do you appreciate China, friend! I think you are passionate!
    Your table looks lovely and your green trim goes great with the Irish linen...since you know they like green.

    Very nice indeed.

  11. Linen is great and as wel the china, the colour and design on plates is very simple yet elegant... and your tablescape . hmmmm I love it like your Pizza:)... And yes love your wedding picture very much, you are a beauty Pamela...
    I am now your newest follower..

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  13. Hello Pamela,

    I love Irish linens. Your Portuguese china is very lovely! I also love the flatware set!

    ~ Tracy

  14. I didn't realize how unique Portuguese furniture is.

    -Zane of ontario honey


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo