Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pet Party!

Acoya !!


as we call him...

Mister grumpy...

He will be 16 years old this year!

He's never been a people person type cat...nope

he only ever liked other animals...

It took over ten years before

i could cuddle him and he would purr...

That's because when the dog died

he went into extreme mourning.

He begged to be held

and he would howl all day throughout the house

looking for our dog...

It was very sad..

He howled so much he lost his voice for a long time.

We had two other cats as well that he got on

just fine with...

Acoya is the funniest cat ever...

his antics are hilarious

they should be in a children's book

yes ..he is that funny!

It makes up for his nasty mood swings..

Then Pilot girl came along...

He hated her...

It was a fight everyday with those two..

We moved when Pilot was three years old.

This move entailed us having to stay in

hotel rooms every night of the six day journey.

Imagine a dog with two cats that

hate her...

I was dreading the journey.

But something happened after being

on the road

for six long days...

The second night of living in our

new home I heard this LOUD thumping

noise at 3am!

I asked my husband what the heck is that


...He replied it' Pilot thumping her

tail because Acoya is nuzzling her head!

I couldn't believe it!

So this is where you will find




Acoya you never cease to amaze me!

Debbie at Debbiedoos Blogging and Blabbing is having a fun Pet Party!

Come on over for the fun!

Pamela xo


  1. What a wonderful story Pamela! I really enjoyed reading it, had no clue where it was going, but it all came together in the end..well told! What cutie glad it all worked out. Thanks for sharing with Lucy and the rest of the gang. Have fun!

  2. Oh I love that story...aren't our pets hilarious, touching and so important!

  3. Oh Pamela,
    That is so sweet!!I miss having pets around the house, they really become a huge part of the family!
    Have a beautiful day.

  4. Aww Pamela (sniff sniff) That is a sweet story. Acoya and Pilot are beautiful fur babies. I hope they like meeting Bijoux and Paris.

  5. Pamela what a great story! That last picture is precious!! Martina

  6. Awwww...what a sweet story. Poor baby missing the dog. I'm glad him and Pilot are friends now :)

  7. What a great hearing your pet's story!!! Have a beautiful day!!!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had to drop by yours. What a great story. I love the last picture. I am your latest follower. Hope you will stop back and follow me as well so that we can keep up with each other's blogs. Thanks.

  9. Aren't pets the absolute BEST!!!!



  10. Oh Pamela...such a sweet post! The photo of Acoya and Pilot is so cute!

  11. This is the sweetest story! *and you know I love PIlot* :D

  12. I loved your story. Pilot and Acoya are very beautiful. What an amazing picture.


  13. Pamela,
    What a sweet story! They can be moody, hard to get along with and standoffish, but we love them all the same! Your 1st pic reminded me of our other cat, Jinx, she's also black and likes to sleep under my son's bed on top of a black suitcase and when you look under there, all you can see are her eyes. Funny but a little spooky!
    Thanks for visiting me!

  14. This was so moving! Loved it and I loved how you told it!
    Sweet pictures and captivating post Pamela!!

    Deborah xo

  15. What a sweet story. Maybe you should become a children's writer. Poor Acoya going into mourning like that. Animals are strange and interesting creatures aren't they?

  16. Pamela, such a sweet story. Aren't they cute together.

  17. THAT is hysterical!!! We once had a cat that hated everyone including himself! xxoo Diana

  18. So sweet and touching story !

  19. I love that you did a post about your kitty. Pets are such a part of my family. We actually have a dog named Lucy that's a German Shepherd. I noticed your dog and just thought I'd let you know. They are so sweet aren't they? Love your blog. I'll be back to visit.

  20. What a sweet story! In the end love conquers all! Have a happy day. x Sharon

  21. See? Theres never something bad that wont turn out good! You have wonderful animals, endearing story! :)


  22. Such a sweet post Pamela! Isn't it wonderful when our furry friends enjoy each other's company!!
    xo Catherine

  23. What a cute story. Animals definately have their own personalities.

  24. Such a sweet story, Pamela. Many years ago, we adopted an adult male Golden Retriever that was mourning the loss of his back yard buddie. Bringing him to a home with a 5 & 6 year old snapped him right out of it! :) Have a good day today!

  25. So sweet! I love the picture of Acoya in the box...all you see is his eyes! Awesome pet story. :-)

  26. and THIS is why I love animals often more than humans.... great story!!

  27. so sweet! We will be staying in our RV for 3 wks with our cat, dog and 2 guinea pigs...should be interesting! Luckily they all love eachother!

  28. What a story, so sweet! PETS...they are so complex, simple and perplexing all at the same time! LOVE them so much and yours are adorable!

  29. that was a really cute story Pam. So funny that your kitty loves pets best, and how sad that Acoya howled when the dog died. The poor cat!

  30. Thanks for dropping by!...Anglea from LALA land says she had a turquoise swag lamp! fun!

  31. Awwww! That is so sweet! I am amazed that they finally not only got along, but are best buddies, too! And isn't that amazing/sad about Acoya in mourning? I am not at all surprised. To think that some (dumb) people think that animals don't have feelings:)!

  32. Your Acoya sounds like a very interesting cat to know. I love cats, I am more of a cat person than a dog person. I love her black coat, she is very beautiful.
    Hugs, Cindy

  33. My dogs and one of my cats have a very close relationship. I worry about what the cat will do when her dogs are gone-she's very dependent on them. Adorable story.


  34. What a sweet story. I'm glad Pilot and Acoya are lovey-dovey now. I would say my cat and dog are indifferent, at best, to each other. At least they don't fight.

  35. Oh your kitty looks like my Meeps. All black with a tuft of white on her chest. Adorable!

  36. That is so amazing! Animals never cease to amaze me with their personalities and temperaments! Our 2 little shihzus are exact opposites of each other...and they are so funny. The picture of your dog and cat together is so sweet! Angie xo


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