Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blogger still will not let me comment...please post if you are having problems!

Yes i am still having problems leaving comments on every one's blog!
If you are also experiencing this frustrating problem please post so we all can know
who is and who isn't !
I went to Blogger help center and they are aware of the problem. Let's hope they are working on it! This is stressing me out !!

In the meantime i thought i would leave you with this photo of my beautiful old Chinese
tea pot and bowl. I have no information on it. The marking is just a little orange line.
If anyone has information on this let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!

Even though i cannot comment on your blogs please know i am

Pamela xo


  1. Dear Pamela,
    a royal elegance !!!
    So finely and to break easily - like a soul.

  2. What gorgeous pieces, Pamela! Love all of the vibrant colors. Hope Blogger gets things straightened around soon!!!

  3. The pieces are beautiful, Pamela! I have no idea what they are though. I can post a comment on some blogs and not on others. I'm not sure what the "factor" is that enables this to happen. Weird, at best. Hugs- Diana

  4. Yesterday I found that when I was commenting it was listing my comment as "anonymous". I would choose Google in the profile box below and I was logged into my blog account, but everytime I tried to comment it said I was anonymous. Nothing helped except when I:
    -shut down my computer
    -logged into my blog account by physically adding my email address and password into googleblogspot.com
    If I used a "quick" link or my "saved" information to log on...it still listed me as anonomous. When I shut everything down and did the above, it worked. That's all the help I can offer Sweetie...maybe, just maybe it will help you. :)

    (I just had to do the same thing again. Twice I have tried to comment but it was listing me as anonymous. When I shut everything down and manually typed in my signin name & passowrd...it signed me in as me! CRAZY!!!!)

  5. Very pretty teapot! Becca @ Becca's Garden is having the same problem. Blogger has not given me back my button that was removed from my blog two weeks ago.... Meh!!!

  6. Hi Pamela,
    I think your teapot may be Japanese. It looks like a lamp I once had (an antique) and the style is called Satsuma. So check that out! Hope blogger resolves...try that tip from Cindy!

  7. I had problems last week, but today seems to be fine. I hope it gets resolved soon - it's so frustrating, isn't it?

    Your teapot is lovely.

  8. Pamela ~ just finished having problems ~ I took out the check mark in the box (stay signed in) and it worked! ;-)

  9. Sorry you are having troubles. I had the same issue as Cindy and resolved it in the same way. Hope you figure yours out!

  10. I'm not having any problems commenting {fingers crossed.... knock on wood...}. Mr. Blogger seems to be giving us stress lately isn't he.

    I like your pretty tea pot Pamela!

    Good luck with blogger getting fixed my friend!
    xo Catherine

  11. I had one problem this morning and I resolved it by posting under my http. Good luck. I love both of the pieces...just gorgeous!


  12. Glad your comments are posting now.I have noticed from time to time there are glitches. Certainly can be annoying! Your teapot is beautiful. Thanks for visiting today. Janet

  13. love the teapot and plate. Love it. Super love it. How frustrating--I would be losing it if I were you, because I need my blog world fix and I don't want anything or anyone messing with it! Hope it gets resolved soon.

  14. Beautiful teapot and bowl Pamela. I hope your blogger issues get solved. That is a royal pain!

  15. Gorgeous photo and I got your nice comment today! Merci,V

  16. Hello dear Pamela,
    I had problems all morning and this afternoon every thing was fine.
    Thanks for visiting at least!
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. I had problems yesterday making comments but all is good today. Pamela those pieces are beautiful! Martina

  18. I got your comment this morning so I hope things are resolved. I also had a problem yesterday. I think blogger is having some sort of mid life crises! Your teapot and plate are beautiful. I would guess Japanese but am no expert on these things. Have a lovely day x Sharon

  19. Dear Cindy,
    I hope this gets resolved soon! I can (obviously) comment! LOL But Im sure they will fix you up in no time ;) Lovely set, I adore the colours!


  20. I'm going to try this again today :-) I was having problems as well on some posts, not all. Your dishes are very beautiful. My mother would have loved them. ;-) Have a great day! Pamela

  21. I absolutely love viewing the photo's on your blog. The Tea set is so cute. I really hope Blogger get it together. I can comment on others blogs, but I cannot log out of Blogger at all. They need to fix these problems.

  22. beautiful plate! i'm not having any problems posting comments, i'm sure you must be very frustrated with that, blogger is so quirky sometimes!


  23. Hi Pamela, I've been having problems to.... and have been about to scream, it's driving me nuts. My husband came home earlier just to see if he could get it fixed, because I haven't been able to post anything in days, he did get it to working for now anyway!!! Hope you get your's up soon!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  24. Pamela,
    Try this and see if it works!!
    When you go to make a comment and it asks you to choose from "profile" choose your google account and it will bring you to Blogger sign in...unclick the box marked with a check mark in it and then try...IT WORKS FOR ME!!!!
    Thank you to Susan who shared this from another blog!!

    Deborah xo

  25. I'm not having problems commenting on any blogs. The problems I get are spacing and with my photos not going on. I get the Server Not Found much of the time.

  26. It's been so frustrating - sometimes I can comment and sometimes I can't - but I never know until after I've written something and then press 'post'.
    Sorry, but I can't help you with that pretty set.

  27. This is so annoying!...sorry you are having trouble....I had a problem a while ago...I got hacked...email & blog...they started advertising on my blog and blocked me and blocked my gmail too. Luckily I have a niece & nephew who got me out of trouble..It was very scary!

  28. whew....got to comment finally!

  29. HI Pam...Thanks for dropping by!....Wish you and Melissa could come over ...what a hoot.I will be in Victoria in July but that is not close to you two!

  30. Hi Pamela,
    How are you? Good, I hope! and I hope blogger will be working soon...lots of people are having trouble with it...so, it may be fixed in a few days. I wanted to wish you a Happy Weekend, my friend!!

  31. It is quite lovely!
    I hope your blogger problems are resolved soon..

  32. Beautiful tea set....no problem commenting here.

    stay calm....(O:(O:


  33. I lost my followers but they are back today. Wish they would figure this out.

  34. Hi Pamela...I am going to try and comment...one of the bloggers that i follow found a path around the blogger comment dilemma. If you "uncheck" the "stay sign in box"...the comment should work. So here goes...
    [w / l]

  35. It worked!
    I'm back!
    Take care and have a nice weekend on that beautiful island you live on!

  36. I have had the same comment problem, just tried 'unchecking' the stay signed in box and it worked this time!

  37. Hey Pam it's Liam! I have created my own blog..... it's called the life of Liam. Tell sam that I would love to hang out with him this weeked!!!

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I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo