Thursday, April 28, 2011

What are your ideas??

Calling all you fab DIYer's out there! Help!
Here's my problem... I have this antique brass and teak coffee table.
I really like the style of this table and it is also indestructible.
The problem is i am not a huge fan of the brass.

I love those old black tole painted tray tables and i was thinking
of somehow doing that. I just can't decide what to do here.

That's where you all come in!
Please send me some ideas!!

In case you are wondering what that pink thingy is...well that's a puppy Kong. Pilot's puppy
toy which is too small for her but she LOVES it and we call it her BABY. She likes to drive
us nuts with it...she gets pushy with her toys. So if you come over don't say the word BABY
because the next thing you know it is in her mouth and she will be pushing you with it.
Okay back to
the brass table....

Here's a close up of the brass. See the green patina on the edges ? I love this and wish
the whole thing would go like this. Anyone know how to do this???

Or do you all hate it like my boys do? My son calls it the big cookie sheet!

But i love it because they can spill stuff , drop stuff, or anything and it will not hurt it!

My ideas are spray it black , make it more patina looking or rubbed bronze look?

I appreciate your thoughts on this!

Pamela xo


  1. Pamela, I Love Oil Rubbed Bronze (spray paint) you can do the whole table legs too... it looks great with white... I have even done all my brass door handles can't wait to see what you do with it. have a good weekend.


  2. That table is like ones I had growing up overseas in Pakistan and Thailand. I would love to see what you end up doing with it. I just think it is special and different than everyone else has....a black finish might look cool...but maybe brass will be the next cool thing in the Pottery Barn catalogue and you will be glad you waited.

  3. I think it is beautiful! What do boys know? My first thought was black. But I admit I'm not good with paint project things!

  4. Black would probably look good even though gold tones are coming back.

  5. Pamela I LOVE IT and wouldn't paint it but I would love to see more of the green patina on it and I know they sell things to get that effect. Can't wait to see what you decide! Martina

  6. Fun! I grew up with a table like that too, we got it in Tawaian. I love the look of the patina and how it brings out the beautiful raised pattern. I would do the base in white or cream high gloss lacquer, put a white wash on the brass (water based latex can be taken off later if you change your mind) and then a second wash of pale aqua to mimic the patina, on the raised pattern...

  7. I have to be honest, I love the top as is and would leave it, and perhaps just paint the legs. It's agreat looking table. If you do paint it, black would be a good choice.

  8. I heard that an addition of cat litter (the non clumping one) and vinegar (just enough to wet the litter) will turn into a beautiful blueish green... Which is what you want to go for, I cant imagine such a beauty painted! :) If you want a brownish patine, ammonia fumes work well, if you find a closed box or something and plop it into some ammonia (not touching) and spray the top with water and close the box, the fumes will turn the table a golden brownish colour.

    Good luck!


  9. Hi Pamela...I love that table. I had a much smaller one that finally fell apart with age. I think any of your suggestions sound great. I know you will do something wonderful with it. Show us when you finish, please.



  10. I love the look of the table...painted, the texture will come out. I love everything white, that's just me. Maybe keep your eyes open as to how the trends are changing, or...just go with your heart!


  11. I like it! Even if it does look a little bit like a big serving tray ~ haha! Maybe it's the color. Hmmm.... I am thinking there should be some kind of patina paint that you can get to refinish it. I'm wondering if you could then get a big round piece of glass to sit on the inside to protect the paint.

    I look forward to what you do with it!!!
    xo Catherine

  12. Awesome table. I am a huge fan of black spray paint and have successfully painted several brass things black. (I am not a fan of brass either.) You won't have the patina but it will definitely be a focal point in your room.

  13. ooooohhh...My girlfriend had a table like this one..well..not identical and I think her base was a bit chunkier. Brass comes and goes out of fashion, doesn't it? I don't know if I would have the courage to paint it black. I have read that sulphuric acid will turn brass green patina-but it must be solid brass (not brass coated) and it must have any "finish" such as a protectant coat that may have been factory applied removed first. I think it would be gorgeous with the patina on it..and black would be a good choice...but so would white!

    If you paint it and hate it you can always strip it later. Good luck~ xxoo diana

  14. Hi Pam need to do what you want....BUT if you change the finish you diminish the long as you know you will like what you do it!
    Now for how I feel..hahah..I LOVE THE TABLE!..don't touch it!
    But if you love the tole look buy a big round tray (at superstore home sense ikea...wherever) and spray that black and do the tole thing on that! You are amazing with paint you can totally do it!...or make a round tray the size of the brass with plywood or MDF(?) do a papiermache (spelling?) finish on top for texture, sand it and then do the tole & paint.
    I really think the table is stunning! You could sell it and buy what you want...but don't sell yourself short if you go to sell me if you want some leads. Let us know what you are going to do!

  15. I have no clue.
    I wish it would go green...cannot you not just leave it outside in the damp for a while...and see what it does? Is that a dumb idea?

  16. Oh Pamela! I love it! I wouldn't change a thing! I love the green patina and it sort of reminds me of something you would see at a "hooka lounge." We have those here in Vegas. I've only been once, but I love the music, and the lighted hookas with the flavored tabacco...hee hee my crazy side I guess. I vote to keep it just like it is.

  17. Hi Pamela, I love the style of your table, but am also not a fan of brass. The blue/green tinge that you see on the edges is called "verdigris" and if you google "verdigris paint effect" there is quite a lot of info that comes up. Your one reader that suggested leaving it outside is quite right, as exposure to the elements will cause this effect, but if you are anything like me, patience might not be one of your virtues. I would give the verdigris a try and if it looks horrible, you could always just spray it black! Have a lovely weekend x Sharon

  18. Ok! Pamela!!
    I am more and more convinced that we are twins seperated at birth LOL!! we think so much alike, and listen to the same music...I listened to the Moody Blues, Van Morrison, until I made everyone sick of it. At the same time their was Janis, who inspired the guitar lessons :)

    You really make me Laugh-Out-Loud when you visit, I am also inspired by things of the past as well as featured pieces like your coffee table, I had a girl friend who's parents had the exact same one! We loved it, and we thought it was cool!
    You can spray it with a good metal paint, and any nicks in the finish will add charm :)
    You can't go wrong with shabby! adding just the right amount of euro chic-ness!!

    See you soon, visit often!
    your twin sister seperated at birth :)

  19. O Pamela,
    About the verde patina, you can get a great patina to it by going to a craft store and getting this solution that will add the patina color you want to it just like the old weather vanes...You can take it out to your garden beds where the ground is moistened with water, lay it out in the garden and cover it with plastic setting rocks around the edges of the covering...keeping the ground moist it will start to take on the patina of the green with in a shrot time.

    The easy way is to check with the hardware stores for the mixture taht you can age the piece for that perfcet fast DYI fix. You can also spray the whole thing legs and all the black as you mentioned, I really think two didderent looks but both amazing out come to the tray!


  20. The last process I commented on takes a bit longer, yet you can do this one, I do this treament and others to get things I paint and then I chip them up and age them so they look antique in 2 to 3 dayS follow this reciepe for a green finish!!! I hope this was helpful!!

    2 parts white vinegar
    1 1/2 parts non-detergent ammonia
    1/2 part non-iodized salt
    - Clean fixture with soft cloth Windex-type cleaner. This is to remove oil and dirt.
    - Premix patina solution in Windex-type spray bottle
    - Spray Windex cleaner on fixture to break surface tension, leaving it on when you apply patina solution.
    - Apply patina solution by spraying onto fixture, preferably in the early evening on a high humidity night.
    - Allow to set for 1 hour, then reapply solution observing where you missed applying on the first coat. If there seems to be oil that is
    repelling the patina solution, clean it off with the Windex cleaner.
    - Allow to sit overnight. In low humidity desert areas, use a plastic bag to create a tent over fixture (without making contact with it)
    to help keep the humidity high during curing. If there is low moisture in the air, the solution will dry out without creating the patina effect.
    - The result will be a bright green powdery patina. Do not rub off. In time (and re-applications) this finish will become permanent.
    The brightness will fade with time. To reduce green, cut back on the salt content. Color and effect is greatly affected by application ambient
    temperature and humidity.

    **** don't worry to much on the humidty, I have made my own just by keeping the ground wet in a shaded area with some sun, I cover the piece after I pour some vinegar on the piece and cover it with plastic, placeing rocks to hold the plastic down snug around the piece and that formula works great! the one I listed will spead it up, give them a try the Patina will give it a seaside cottage look to it, or a piece from the south of France!


  21. Hi Pamela, That is a beautiful table with it's aged patina and I think you should keep it as it is. Brass will come back in style, just wait and see. :-) Well, that's my 5 cents worth. I'm watching the Royal wedding. Ta ta.

  22. I can't help you with the painting thing b/c you know I'm not a big painter. I love it like it is. Love the details on top and to me, there's just something about antiques left in their original state. Kind of tells a story.

  23. Hi Pamela! That is an awesome table! I must be honest, in the past I would have painted it. Almost everything I have brought into our house has been painted (usually white). There are some pieces I regret painting now. Not my old dark brown pine furniture, but some of my small brass figurines or vases, etc. How about if you found a large round white/cream lace or crocheted doily that would fill up almost the entire tray section? I've come across everything from teeny weeny to very large doilies while out thrifting. You could probably find exactly the size you needed on-line by doing a google shopping search! That way, you'd still have the patina on the rim that you like, but the brass center would be covered. And most doilies go right into the washer and dryer, so it's easy breezy if things do spill. That's just a thought, and I'm sure whatever you do will look fanstastic!... Donna

  24. You need an antiquing liquid containing tourmaline to age brass. Here's a link for a UK version, I would think it's available in the US too?

  25. Sorry Pam, I hate brass, and run away whenever I've been offered anything made with it. I used to have to clean the brass bar rail at the Firemen's club as a kid, and it looks great when it's polished, but soon turns yucky. I would be interested to see what you do based on what other people suggest. THat being said, it looks okay as is I think, but then, what do I know???

  26. Hi Pamela,
    I'm not sure you want to leave it as it is! But, if you want to change it, you could decoupage it with music sheet paper! (It would take forever, but it could look gorgeous that way too.)

    Your tag took so long that I was worried it would never get there--I'm so happy it did!!!

    Sending (((hugs))) your way,

  27. Pamela, I love it Gold and Brass are coming back. I have a friend who is building the most magnificent Morrocan style home and they have just paid a fortune for tables like yours. Mimi xx

  28. Pamela that is a gorgeous table, I stink at giving decorating advice so I'm not even going to go there. I'm sure you'll make the right choice for you.

  29. Brass is Back. You could clean it with Bar Keepers friend. It is pretty, I think.

  30. Wow, what a gorgeous table - love the shape and the textures - Like the Oil Rubbed bronze idea -- love the patina idea - perhaps if you used the Oil Rubbed bronze on the legs and gave it a greenish patina - coppery on the top - the good thing is if you ever want to go back to bronze - there's a spray paint for that!

  31. Hi Pamela,
    I love the idea of spray painting your tray table1 Black would be great, but my personal favorite is Heirloom White! You could even distress it a bit to highlight all of the wonderful details. I also really love Cindy's idea of decoupaging sheet music, that would look awesome!!

  32. A lot of info. here from gals who seem well versed in paint techniques!! You know me, usually painting something or other, however I think it's perfectly gorgeous just the way it is and wouldn't dare use paint or anything to change the look. Even the base is lovely with the brass feet. You have a beautiful piece there, so classic it will always be stylish and increase in value I'm sure.

    Use the top to display beautiful things Pamela. You could even set another round tray on top in black or creamy white to get a different effect while awaiting brass to return (and it won't be long!) as a 'new look'. Then your table will shine and we'll all be out hunting for one just like it for our own living room, lol!

    Hugs - Mary

  33. I like your brass table but I'm not sure what to tell you to do with it. It might look nice painted? But I have to comment about your "Pilot Girl" - she's a German Shepherd and beautiful. We had a German Shepherd many years ago, Dusty, and we called HIM..."Baby" because he didn't know that he was a huge 125 pound dog. We loved him so much and had to put him down at only 7 years of age due to bone cancer...that broke our hearts.

  34. I like the look of the patina and how it brings out the beautiful raised pattern. It is little bit style of zig zag background. It is really exquisite.
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I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo