Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lilacs and a confession !

My lilacs are in full bloom and they smell heavenly!
I love them in my old ironstone jug !

They look so pretty in my sleeping porch.

You are probably wondering what i meant by a confession. Well i have to share a secret

here with everyone. I started blogging the exact same week as another blogger. Her blog

took off like gun fire i think she is the most popular blog out there. But what took me

for a huge surprise was when she set her farm table with those...gasp...mason jar glasses!!!!

I could not believe how everyone went nuts over them!!!

Why was i shocked? Well you know how all women hate the LAZY BOY CHAIR? It is a huge

bone of contention for most right? My husband thank goodness is not one of the lovers of

those hateful chairs but there are some things he will never tire of!

About 15 years ago we went on a little vacation to Northern Ontario...what is known as Cottage


We stopped at the local hardware store and bought four of those "too die for" mason jar

glasses. Yes at first i thought they were great!!! I have to say i was the first one of anyone

i knew to have them.

Unfortunately when my husband likes something he sticks with it forever..(well that's good for

me) he LOVES these glasses and they are the only ones he uses!!

It drives me nuts because to me they were bought for a summer time glass not all year so


I am down to two and just before i started blogging i kept thinking when the heck are these

last two going to break??? I have alot of beautiful glasses that don't get used.

So i started blogging and all of you have embraced them like they are the holy grail

so i guess i will make peace with them ( i haven't told my husband how popular they are

because he will never let me live it down!)

I just find it so humorous that something that i have hated

you all love !

I guess I will live with them a bit longer and they do go nicely

with my homemade toffee cookies!

Thanks for visiting !

Pamela xo


  1. That is so funny, Pamela! Well, I guess you could "accidentally" break them, or drop them off at the Goodwill! But then, I bet your hubby would find some more just like them! Your photos are amazing, by the way! I love lilacs, too, and we have two smallish trees here. They smell heavenly!!

  2. Oh that's funny! It is interesting to see what trends capture everyone and how it sometimes surprises us. :)

  3. All things come full circle in life is my philosophy, even decor. You were setting a trend and didn't know it! lol

  4. Hi Pamela, I just love your lilacs thier absolutely beaufiful, and those cookies look yummy.... Love the mason jars too!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  5. Your lilacs are beautiful, Pamela, and I love how they scent the whole house! I wish they grew all summer long!

    We had a set of clear mason jars and I used to get them wet and put them in the freezer so they would frost up. Nothing like a cold drink in one of them!! I wish I could find them in blue...they are so cute!


  6. Your Flowers are really pretty & you know I always love how you make everything look so elegant. Your confession was hilarious. You are a cool gal Pam ;-)

  7. Oh you are a hoot! I love your lilacs. Wish I had some...as for your mason jar glasses who knew they would be such a hit! So who is this other blogger? Now I'm dying to know. Hope your week is off to a great start. Happy Tuesday...~Ann

  8. Thats funny, I used to have some of those glasses many years ago probably when you got yours. They are practical but not pretty. I guess some people missed out on them the first time around!! I did manage to get my hubby to move his lazyboy into his study and I replaced it with a leather recliner. A little better and a compromise. Janet Blondell!!!

  9. Im one of those lovers of Aqua ball jars and a lovely, dear friend sent me some on my birthday!
    They look nice in drinking glasses too!
    Cookies look good too! :)

    Deborah xoxo

  10. Yes, I know the blogger you speak of and her blog did take off because several big bloggers introduced her blog and it took off. How about the recipe for those cookies. I love toffee.

  11. That's hilarious! Personally, I don't like drinking out of them because the lip is bumpy. I'm a little bit weird about my glassware.

  12. Love your lilacs....beautiful photos.

    Glad I found another Canadian Blogger.....I'm all the way from Toronto. :-)

    ........thanks for sharing.

  13. Sometimes it is so hard to let go of our little prejudices. I have such a hard time trying to look at some of the new fashions and styles without seeing them as I would have done in earlier time. Some of the things that are popular today were either tacky, considered ugly, or or just plain "taboo". Naturally I feel like an old fogy, but I'm trying...

  14. I love mason jar glasses! I have them too and use them mostly in the summer for iced tea. It's funny how a trend will start in one area of the country and finally pick up in another. I just think they're fun and casual and perfect for the deck or the table! Your lilacs and the white pitcher are beautiful! Have a great week. Pamela

  15. So funny, Pamela! I'll bet we all have things we hate that are popular with others!

  16. You just never know what people like Pamela. They are pretty neat, but two is good enough LOL! I would fill them with flowers, candy, and have them different all the time.

  17. Your to funny Pamela! The mason jars look great filled with lemonade and your cookies look so yummy!! Martina

  18. You are so lucky to have those lilacs, they are so beautiful, and I only know their scent from a candle. Love how you have them styled in your home. I have to say, I do love the mason jar glass...they look pretty in your photo.

  19. Pamela! You always make me smile! Isn't it funny how everything old is new again? Oh, how I love lilacs...and how I love them even more in ironstone on your sleep porch!

  20. What a great story. It really made me smile. I have to say that there are some things around in blogland which everyone seems to be mad about which I really don't get at all! Maybe one day I'll be brave and do a post about it. x Sharon

  21. Haha ~ Pamela ~ you are too cute! My hubby had a humongous beer stein glass when we first got married. It wouldn't fit in the dishwasher and he used it constantly. It irritated me. One day, it just accidentally broke. I don't even know how it happened.... !?!!? ;)

    Isn't it amazing what will all of a sudden catch on and spread across the Universe like crazy.


    If only I had invented the pet rock...

    I would be a rich woman today..... LOL!

    Happy Week Pamela! And please send me some of your cookies!! But you can keep your mason jar glasses. ;)

    xo Catherine

  22. beautiful flowers, Pam. Those cookies looked fabulous too.

  23. maybe if i had some we would still have them...we break glasses like crazy...sorry i am typing with my left hand and aidedf mggggb morphine...read my blog

  24. Honey, ever sipped a Long Island Tea from a Mason jar? Whoo eee! Pass me a cookie while you're up.

  25. You've got to love what you have - regardless of what everyone else thinks.

    This week is my second blog-aversary and I'm hosting a "Where do you keep it all?" party on Sunday. I'd love to have you join me.

    - The Tablescaper

  26. ROFLOL You are too, too cute!!! *giggles* This is a funny post! The Mason jar: the Holy Grail of Blogland.....but what I want to know is....Does Pilot hate them, too???????

  27. Lovely lilacs! The blue jars are fun, but maybe we should move on! It's funny that your hubby loves them too!

  28. Oh Pamela what a pretty set of photo's! I think you have summed summer up in a nutshell, I can just hear the blackbirds singing now! Hugs from England - Glenda xxx

  29. Catching up now I'm back again! So much to share from the beautiful English countryside and seashore.

    Love your new look, and must say lilacs and pretty cool looking glassware is the way to go during these hot days!

    Hugs - Mary

  30. Love this post, Pamela! Don't know who the other blogger is, but I personally am not impressed with mason jar glasses -- i mean c'mon, they use them all the time at those faux New Orleans style restaurants, don't they? But you never know what the public will go for... just take a look at the bestseller lists! Just keep being you, I for one love your style.

  31. Hi Pamela ...
    Love your lilac, they are very pretty and I am sure they smelled heavenly too... And with extreme hot weather here they look like a heavenly cool breeze to me... rest your story is very interesting I enjoyed... these little confession are so good... isn't?

    Hope you would like to visit me





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