Monday, June 28, 2010

My Favourite Designer

My favourite all time designer is Kimberley Seldon from Toronto, Ontario Canada.
I have always loved her true take on timeless design. Kimberley can bend in any direction with decorating. She doesn't stick to one style. I am a big lover of Country French design and to me no one does it better than Kimberley. She is also contributing decorating editor to Style at Home magazine in Canada. Kimberley makes regular appearances on Toronto's City Line decorating show.
But don't take my word for it on how talented she is just view these gorgeous photos instead...

I had the privilege a few years back to attend one of her fantastic design seminars. She was wonderful , informative and very very funny.
Actually my friend and i were late getting into her seminar. As we entered the room Kimberley had already begun her introductions...well right there she stopped everything and had alot of fun singling us out!

You would also think that Kimberley being a top notch Toronto designer and celebrity would be on the snobby side. She was warm, gracious, funny and a very down to earth girl. She is also quite sexy in person!
Thanks Kimberley for letting me have my photo taken with you!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Good-bye Peach...Hello Gorgeous!!

When we moved into our home the living room was Peach. I hate peach. It has to be the worst
colour on the colour wheel. I really don't know anyone who likes this colour. No offense to the previous owner but gee whiz it is a really bad colour. After almost 2 months of enduring this colour i had enough. Yesterday i broke down and went to the paint store and purchased a better colour. This colour even looks worse in the photos.

I spent all day yesterday painting it out!
Look at the results...

Don't you feel calm just looking at the room? I wish you all could see it in person.
It is gorgeous!!! My husband and son agree.

All the moldings and the beautiful ceiling now stands out.

I've posted lots of photos for all of you because i am just so excited by this!!

All my collectables look so much nicer.

It was alot of fun rearranging everything. Tomorrow i will probably do something

Let me know what you think of my paint colour. I can't wait to hear all your
Pamela xo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I love about my House

Grace at Sense and Simplicity asked me to join her in "What I love about my House" . Grace has become a good friend to me. She was my very first follower that was not a friend or relative when i started my blog. She is also from my home province of Ontario...and that makes me like her all the more! But seriously she is always there to help me with all my blogging problems.

There are so many things that i love about this house. Having moved over 3,000 miles away from friends or family you can get kinda homesick every now and then. If homes have a soul then this one does. When i met the neighbour she said to me "There's alot of love in that house!" and i tell you i do feel it. I feel comfort too living here.

Just to let you know it has been really cool here so i have yet to get plants and flowers for the front porch and all my urns. Today was the first warm day so i am going this week to the garden center!

The house sits on over 2 acres. Most of the yard is gardens and mature trees. It is a real haven for many types of birds, rabbits and deer. Sitting in the yard you feel like your in a aviary!
The lawns are so green from all the rain and the lawn is mixed with alot of moss. It is so nice underfoot when walking on it.

This is a very old house. There is so much charm and character. This what i really love about it.

All the old french doors and windows are something you don't see much of today. This home is very rare here. It is a hidden gem.

Front porches are such classics. My husband and l like to have our coffee on the porch. It's very peaceful. You don't even know there's neighbours.

I love the grand stairs to the porch. Yes i know i must get flowers for the white urn!

When all the flowers are in place i will post photos of them.... i promise!

The windows here are lead. Aren't they charming?

Inside the home are so many places to display books, collectables, and photos.

It really is a fun place to decorate and constantly rearrange.

AHHH...and then there is my love of claw foot tubs! This home has not one but two claw

foot tubs!

I really love my guest bathroom. It's a very calming space.

And yes i do use it!

My kitchen is bright and cheery. The big picture window looks out into the forest. All day long i watch herds of deer go by. I do not need window treatments as this is a very private spot. The tree that you see through the window is an Arbutus tree which is native to Vancouver Island. A very hardy tree.

My french doors as you enter the dining room are a favourite. They look like something you would see in France.

Built in china cabinet in the kitchen is a real show piece. My china looks so beautiful here.

If i had to pick one thing that i love the most about my house it would be this...

the view that i wake up to every morning. Nothing is nicer than starting off the day by feeling like your right in the trees and hearing all the song birds.

Stop on over to Grace's at http://http// to see more of What I love about my house!

Thanks for visiting me..

Pamela xo

Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Bathroom

Having recovered from yesterday's disaster's i have
taken advice from my friend Becca over at Patina Moon
and that is to have a nice relaxing bath in one of my claw foot
That sounds good to me...
I think i will chose my own bathroom this time for my bath.
I love the vanity in this room. The colours are my favourite combination
Pink and Green

And here is my fabulous claw foot tub just waiting for
me to pour in some soothing lavender oil...
Hope to see you all tomorrow...
I'm sure things will be better then!
Pamela xo

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Lucky Day....

I can't tell you how shocked i was first thing this morning when i checked out my blog.

Not only had i received one award but two!!

What a wonderful surprise. My little blog receiving two more awards.

My first award came from the beautiful Li at creamy white.

Li hails from Alberta a fellow Canadian like myself. Her blog is lovely and a joy to read.

You get a sense of her wonderful kind spirit when you read her blog. I am honoured Li that you

chose me...really it means alot.

My next award came from Melissa at red cranberry cottage

Melissa is also Canadian and lives right by me on Vancouver Island. She's also become

a wonderful friend to me. Having just moved here and no friends or family of

my own she has really helped me out alot.

Her blog is lovely but oh so funny. It is a riot. She is quite the story teller.

Now i am supposed to list seven things about myself...hmm ...well here goes 7

things you don't know about me.

1. I am a compulsive re arranger of furniture since i was a little girl. I drove my parents nuts rearranging my room and now i drive my husband nuts rearranging the entire house!

2. I love animals...period. Whenever someone dies or there is a divorce the first question i always ask is "How are the pets?"

3. I hate working. I cringe every time someone asks when i am getting a "job". I love being a homemaker...which is ironic having been raised by a very strong independent successful business mother. My husband is okay with it so that's all that matters.

4. I love to cook! You will never leave my home hungry... i feed everyone. It's the Italian in me.

I love to cook and entertain.

5. I have a very strong faith. I give God the first part of everyday and lastly before bed.

6. I have a huge fear of snakes. Hate them . When i see one i want to vomit and then i can't even eat. My friend Grace at -sense and simplicity did a "wonderful" post on snakes in Winnipeg and i nearly had heart failure and had to close my eyes as i scrolled down to leave her a comment! Man that was traumatising...but it's okay I've forgiven her!

7. I talk to myself! Yep all the time. It drove my mother crazy and now my husband. But the funny thing is son does it!! I catch him all the time talking to himself!

Like mother like son ...gotta love it!!

Now i am supposed to pass on this award...

My cousin Karen at karen something or other or known as Ow, my anst. My cousin

is funny, witty with a dry sense of humour on the musings of life. She should really

be a writer. Check her out!

My friend Susan at ash tree cottage who is an interior decorator and always gives me

great design advice. Her blog is lovely and sweet . It will take you back in time. Visiting Susan's blog is like visiting an old friend. And you must meet her adorable dog Bentley.

My new friend Becca at Patina Moon. Becca is an artist living in the desert where it's always hot and sunny. Her work is beautiful!! I love visiting Becca especially for her great taste in music. That alone is worth the visit. Plus she's a cat person!! She has two beautiful orange cats.

My fellow Vancouver Island friend Lorrie at fabric paper thread . Lorrie's blog is full of beautiful photos of the island and crafts she's done and wonderful stories i love to read. I find Lorrie's blog interesting and has alot of variety.

Thanks again to my friends Melissa and Li... it meant alot to me!!


Monday, June 14, 2010


we travel the world
To find the beautiful,
we must carry
it with us, or we find it not.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here's to finding beauty in the everyday...
Pamela xo

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boys don't like Pink!

There are a number of rooms in this home that i would love to paint. I am really biting the bit to paint the peach in the living room. I even started painting a little corner part in the room! The problem is my son Sam has a pink room. He doesn't like pink for his room. Can't blame him...and gasp what if a friend comes over and sees it !! He'll never it live down. Poor Sam will be known at school as the boy with the PINK room! Kachina likes the pink though...we have to break it to her... the pink is going.

Sam has decided that he wants his room blue. Blue is's a boy colour. He wants a nautical look to his room. I think living by the ocean has brought this on. Sam informed me that he wants no wishy washy whitey blue? No light barely there colour. The boy wants BLUE!

His dresser and night stand are solid maple wood. Susan at ash tree cottage gave me the fabulous idea a couple of posts ago to paint these dressers either blue or red. What a great idea...thanks Susan! Sam is all for this idea and so is my husband. After she told me this i noticed his chair is red so i'm thinking of going with the red.

The dresser and nightstand will surely look better painted either red or blue.

I love the carpet in Sam's room. It's wall to wall sisel. The pattern is lovely. This carpet is also o the stairs as a runner. This has got to be the most durable stain resistant carpet i have seen.

Did i tell you Sam is crazy for planes, jets and helicopters? Yep since he was 2 years old he has proudly told everyone that he will be a pilot one day. The main reason we named our dog Pilot!

Hopefully all his collection of planes will fit right in with the nautical stuff!

Here are some photos (i am sorry i don't know the source of these photos) i found that have given me and Sam inspiration for his room.

This last picture i really like. I like the dark blue on the furniture and the lighter blue on the walls. I'm getting alittle confused as what to go with.

Which one is your favourite? Any thoughts on what colour you would choose for his dressers?

Thanks for stopping by... i'm always happy to have you here!

Pamela xo