Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boys don't like Pink!

There are a number of rooms in this home that i would love to paint. I am really biting the bit to paint the peach in the living room. I even started painting a little corner part in the room! The problem is my son Sam has a pink room. He doesn't like pink for his room. Can't blame him...and gasp what if a friend comes over and sees it !! He'll never it live down. Poor Sam will be known at school as the boy with the PINK room! Kachina likes the pink though...we have to break it to her... the pink is going.

Sam has decided that he wants his room blue. Blue is's a boy colour. He wants a nautical look to his room. I think living by the ocean has brought this on. Sam informed me that he wants no wishy washy whitey blue? No light barely there colour. The boy wants BLUE!

His dresser and night stand are solid maple wood. Susan at ash tree cottage gave me the fabulous idea a couple of posts ago to paint these dressers either blue or red. What a great idea...thanks Susan! Sam is all for this idea and so is my husband. After she told me this i noticed his chair is red so i'm thinking of going with the red.

The dresser and nightstand will surely look better painted either red or blue.

I love the carpet in Sam's room. It's wall to wall sisel. The pattern is lovely. This carpet is also o the stairs as a runner. This has got to be the most durable stain resistant carpet i have seen.

Did i tell you Sam is crazy for planes, jets and helicopters? Yep since he was 2 years old he has proudly told everyone that he will be a pilot one day. The main reason we named our dog Pilot!

Hopefully all his collection of planes will fit right in with the nautical stuff!

Here are some photos (i am sorry i don't know the source of these photos) i found that have given me and Sam inspiration for his room.

This last picture i really like. I like the dark blue on the furniture and the lighter blue on the walls. I'm getting alittle confused as what to go with.

Which one is your favourite? Any thoughts on what colour you would choose for his dressers?

Thanks for stopping by... i'm always happy to have you here!

Pamela xo


  1. Pamela, how much fun to be decorating your son's room! I love both of the last two inspiration pics, they are fabulous! I can't wait to see what you come up with as I know it will be gorgeous! Have fun decorating:) ~ Tina xx

  2. What a fun thing to plan. I like the dark blue dresser and lighter blue walls. Those nautical pennants look like fun, too.

  3. I have to agree with Sam, dark blue, it is what I have in my boys room and to be honest I will not have to change the color of that room till they leave for college. The lighter blue seems more of for a younger child. Love the red accents, I also used that and black. Have fun working on your son's room.

  4. I love your home! OK, I'm a new follower. What's your story? How did you end up in Vancouver Island from S. Ontario? What an adventure! Marcia

  5. You have to do just like the last picture it looks great, very boyish. Do it!!!! If you come in the store we might have some mistints...I think they have them...2 gallons for 5 bucks...I can't guarantee what colour is there but have a look. I will show my daughter the post and see if she sees anything along those lines!

  6. I like the last seems to have just enough blue for Sam. So if he likes nautical and the ocean, maybe you can find some seaplane models!


  7. Hi Pamela! I a glad that Sam likes the idea of the red. I have looked at the photos you have chose and I have a few thoughts. While I am drawn to the idea of white walls with blue and red accents, Sam wants a blue room, so that is what he must have. Therefore, the last photo is the one I like best for Sam. One of the things I like is the molding on the wall that gives it texture instead of being a flat blue. To recreate what is in the photo might be fairly pricey. Here's my suggestion, try flat narrow strips of wood placed vertically from the baseboard up to the ceiling. If you don't have crown molding, add some. In that case, the vertical strips will go up to the crown. Your husband is handy and can do this himself. Sam can help too and make it a guy DIY. I think you can easily incorporate both the sea and airplane theme. I think this should be a fun project for all of you to create a boyish theme for your darling Sam.

    Susan and Bentley

  8. Have fun re-doing sweet Sam's room!
    And show us pics, of course!

    Have a wonderful Saturday!

  9. I like the first and the last photos. I would go with a nice medium blue - not too light or it will look too young for Sam. Is the bed staying wood coloured. I love the furniture red, but I could see somem red and some darker blue. Or what about red furniture and navy and white striped curtains. I love the carpet - perfect with the colours you are planning. Have you thought about hanging some of the planes from the ceiling with fishing line.

  10. Hi Pamela, thank you for visiting. Just wanted to let you know that a lady in Brisbane, Australia makes the dolls and sells through here -

    The ones I've got I purchased the material from ebay and my mother made them up. They are super cute.

    Love the inspiration photos you have and can't wait to see the "after" photos.

    Take care, Danielle x

  11. Hello My Friend, great Blog- Love the name, love your photos, and love the same things- decorating-vintage-old-and my husband-3 kiddies.
    I too, love that fairytale- dream room with animal rug..
    Just became a follower- cant wait to come back for more-
    Those boy room pics look similar to pottery barn pics..

  12. The number one fear for a young boy is having his friends find out he has a pink room.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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