Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What I love about my House

Grace at Sense and Simplicity asked me to join her in "What I love about my House" . Grace has become a good friend to me. She was my very first follower that was not a friend or relative when i started my blog. She is also from my home province of Ontario...and that makes me like her all the more! But seriously she is always there to help me with all my blogging problems.

There are so many things that i love about this house. Having moved over 3,000 miles away from friends or family you can get kinda homesick every now and then. If homes have a soul then this one does. When i met the neighbour she said to me "There's alot of love in that house!" and i tell you i do feel it. I feel comfort too living here.

Just to let you know it has been really cool here so i have yet to get plants and flowers for the front porch and all my urns. Today was the first warm day so i am going this week to the garden center!

The house sits on over 2 acres. Most of the yard is gardens and mature trees. It is a real haven for many types of birds, rabbits and deer. Sitting in the yard you feel like your in a aviary!
The lawns are so green from all the rain and the lawn is mixed with alot of moss. It is so nice underfoot when walking on it.

This is a very old house. There is so much charm and character. This what i really love about it.

All the old french doors and windows are something you don't see much of today. This home is very rare here. It is a hidden gem.

Front porches are such classics. My husband and l like to have our coffee on the porch. It's very peaceful. You don't even know there's neighbours.

I love the grand stairs to the porch. Yes i know i must get flowers for the white urn!

When all the flowers are in place i will post photos of them.... i promise!

The windows here are lead. Aren't they charming?

Inside the home are so many places to display books, collectables, and photos.

It really is a fun place to decorate and constantly rearrange.

AHHH...and then there is my love of claw foot tubs! This home has not one but two claw

foot tubs!

I really love my guest bathroom. It's a very calming space.

And yes i do use it!

My kitchen is bright and cheery. The big picture window looks out into the forest. All day long i watch herds of deer go by. I do not need window treatments as this is a very private spot. The tree that you see through the window is an Arbutus tree which is native to Vancouver Island. A very hardy tree.

My french doors as you enter the dining room are a favourite. They look like something you would see in France.

Built in china cabinet in the kitchen is a real show piece. My china looks so beautiful here.

If i had to pick one thing that i love the most about my house it would be this...

the view that i wake up to every morning. Nothing is nicer than starting off the day by feeling like your right in the trees and hearing all the song birds.

Stop on over to Grace's at http://http//gracie-senseandsimplicity.blogspot.com/ to see more of What I love about my house!

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Pamela xo


  1. You really deserve to be proud of your home, Pamela. It's just great!! I can see you look at your new house and have a big smile on your face.... xoxo

  2. I love your house too! I think all the details are my favorite and there are so many. I am excited to see what you bring home from the garden store. Today I have to find a spot for the flat of morning glories my husband brought home for me yesterday. Someone at his work knows I love to garden and gave them to us, how nice. Have a great day.

  3. I love, love, love your house. Honestly it would be my dream to live in a house like that one day. I'm going to have a hard time picking just one photo to include in my blog post. Thanks so much for the tour - great new photos.

  4. Your house is gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And you are filling it with more gorgeousness and love.

    Thank you for the award you gave me. I haven't posted about it yet. Things are a little crazy right now but I'll get to it this week, I hope.

    Enjoy the "sort-of" summer weather we're having.

  5. You house is AMAZING, Pamela! So charming, relaxing and cozy. And I love your garden!!!!


  6. Can I come live there? I'm already in love with its location, and the way it is removed from the other houses. I live one block away from a busy street, and I hear traffic no matter what I do outside. I think you have a beautiful place there!

  7. What a lovely home, thank for taking us on a tour!!! It's very inviting.... Blessings~~~Daphne

  8. Thanks so much for sharing your home with us. I just love older homes. They have charm that new ones just don't have. I am jealous of the claw foot tubs. I just love them and want one.

  9. What a beautiful, warm home. Love the clawfoots, the colors, the cabinetry...the front door!...

  10. What a gem you have!! I love the covered front porch. I love the charm and charecter of old homes. It really is beautiful. Thanks for sending th post to Sense and Simplicity.

  11. I think I'm in love. With your front porch! Well, your whole house is just great but the porch is a dream. I love the floor and the wide front steps. And the lush surroundings. Thanks for sharing!

  12. those leaded windows are one of my faves....

  13. Pamela, your home is stunning and there is soooo much to love about it:) Your front porch is one of my faves and your bathrooms.....*sigh*. Hope you are having a lovely week ~ Tina xx

  14. Pamela, your home is just beautiful! I love seeing the outside. That porch is awesome! i love the upstairs deck too. Oh the green lawn and trees, I'm so envious! You really have a lovely lawn and garden. So much charm to your house. Love this post!

  15. What I love about your home is... everything! This house would be my dream come true. You are one lucky girl to be the keeper of this wondrous place. Thanks so much for taking us on a tour. I had not realized how private your home is, and that is perhaps the best feature of all.

  16. Wow, I really love it too. It has so many wonderful architectural details. Lucky you! Thanks for sharing these great photos.

    Warmly, Michelle

  17. Love the whole feel of your house! From the porch to the beautiful yard! Loved it all!

  18. Your house is beautiful, Pamela! So glad I found you - and we're practically neighbours!

  19. Oozing with charm inside and out!

  20. All the characteristics of my dream home,,,,all wrapped up in yours!! Lovely property and you have a great house!!! Enjoy

  21. Hello dear Pamela,
    Your house is really beautiful! I love it, I have never seen this post, it was before I "met"you. I love everything about it, it's hard to believe that it's a rental.
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. It's a gorgeous home and you have it decorated beatifully!


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo