Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Guest Bath

Our home has three bathrooms. Two of the bathrooms have beautiful claw foot tubs. I could not be happier... i love claw foot tubs! Our last house was brand spanking new with an ugly corner tub that builders put in all en suites today. Hated it just hated it. It was ugly and a real b#$%@^ to clean...especially those god awful jets. No one even uses them.

This home has a lovely guest bathroom. My family loves it so much that we fight over using the toilet! It's really funny. It could be that it's the furthest room from the house so privacy is guaranteed. It is very roomy which appeals to my big guy who complains about the other toilets being too closed in. And lastly it's where i put my french milled soaps so when you walk in the smell is divine...that is exactly why our son loves it! Didn't realize i had such picky men!

Everything about this room i love. The old mullion windows that crank out. The gorgerous fir wood floors. And the tub!

These windows really give the room character.

The one wall was empty so i painted my old ironing board and placed it in here
until i find the right glass cabinet. I'm making due again with other furniture that belongs elsewhere.

The walls have beadboard all the way around. I feel so calm when i come into this sunny room.

So far no guests have come ...but that's okay because we really aren't ready to share
this bath yet!!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone
Pamela xo


  1. I love your guest bathroom!!! I've always loved the claw foot tubs, but when we had our home built I decided I wanted the large tub with the jets,just like you where talking about,and I am with you, I hate it, it is very hard to clean the jets, and I had to have black which is also hard to keep clean. I already have plans to have it taken out and replaced with a claw foot tub! I loved all your pictures and your ironing board that you painted looks great in the bathroom. Blessings~~~Daphne

  2. The bathroom is lovely, Pam. This is a crazy question, but where did you find the over-the-tub soap holder? I have a claw foot tub too, and have yet to find anything to hold the soap!
    By the way--paint more things white! I love those before and after photos!

  3. I love the roning board in there!!!!!! And men really do love privacy and they only like to go in one place. Anything out of territory is a no-no...they would rather wait than go somewhere else!!!!

  4. I love it, and a glass pane door to go out. Perfect is the word that describes the bones of your home. You just sound so happy in your new home.

    I have a question, you mentioned french milled soap. Can I ask what kind and where you get it. I am working on getting another shop opened and I would like to carry really good french soap.
    Thanks. Alaina

  5. I love your bathroom!! I would love to have one just like it!! It has so much charm. The claw foot tub,and the beadboard is just out of this world.I love the ironing board in your bathroom.....Kathy

  6. What a gorgeous bathroom. You don't seem to have any drapes or blinds - do you really not have anyone walking by those windows? I think your ironing board looks perfect there. Of course, I'm all over that beadboard - it adds just the right homey touch.

  7. Oh it's dreamy, really love the tub! thanks for stopping by, it's so great to meet you! I'm your newest follower as well!

  8. This bathroom is just dreamy!! I love everything about it. Even the ironing board. Beautiful job, Pamela.

  9. You could not ask for better bathroom. Really, really lovely!!!

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Pamela, your bathroom is dreamy! I love everything, the tub under the window is my favourite!!! It's the perfect guest bathroom ever xoxo

  11. Everything about this room is dreamy. I love the ironing looks perfect in that spot. Those towels are gorgeous too. No wonder your men like this room . Take care Kym X

  12. Simply beautiful,I love it all !

  13. ding ding ding, we have a winner again, can i barf now? LOL

  14. Simply lovely bathroom, dreamy.

  15. You are so lucky to have not one clawfoot tub, but two! You did a great job putting that ironing board there. Looks great whether you find something else or not!

  16. I think I could just live in your bathroom!

  17. Your guest bathroom is gorgeous Pamela! I love your ironing board in there:) Hope you are having a wonderful weekend ~ Tina x

  18. Pamela.......I AM SO LOVIN.....your house. That ironing board idea was so great I can hardly stand it!!!

    When you get done with what you are planning it is going to knock our socks off.


  19. Oh, you have my dream tub in your bathroom. I love your bathroom. The windows the bead board the tub, all of it. So glad I found your blog. I just posted my bathroom too saying how much I long for a claw foot or slipper tub. I hate the crud that gets in the jets, too.

  20. So lovely...can I be your guest?
    Hugs for a great week. xoxo

  21. Hi Pamela!!! You really did amazing transformations in your new home!!! This guest bathroom is just amazing! I remember when you posted the first pictures of your new home, and I was impressed by the bath tub under that gorgeous windows!

    Have a nice day, dear!

  22. Just discovered this post... wow! I love that room! even the ironing board area is so pretty... not what you usually expect...


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo