Sunday, October 16, 2011

Shopping fun!

Have i mentioned how much i enjoy shopping for clothes???
Yes oh yes i love to go shopping for clothes and shoes!! My favourite
stores are boutiques...i am not the mall type at all. Everything is always
same as the next store. I love the uniqueness and quality you can find
in those little boutique stores downtown. That's what i love about where
i live! Pretty stores with so many fab finds...

I also am loving this newest addiction...
Here's what i am sharing and hoping to find..

Love this sweater and the colour of it!

Aren't these the funkiest shoes ever???

Oh those shoes!!!

Nothing like a new outfit to get you out of a rut!!

Pamela xo

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Romantic Barn Sale!

If you live on Vancouver Island within distance to the Cowichan Valley
i hope you will attend my Romantic Barn Sale on November 5th at 9am!

If you are interested please leave a comment and i will email you my address.
For security reasons i do not want to post where i live.

Many treasures will be for sale at very reasonable prices...

Lovely china..

Beautiful pieces of furniture like my French Style kitchen island...

Dining chairs, kitchen table and red toile club chairs...

There will also be gorgeous cement pots...very heavy pieces at a steal of a

price... Lots of treasures to discover!

I hope to see you all !!

Pamela xo

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dream home and dream interiors

One of my favourite things to do besides visit blogs is check out MLS listings
and see what homes are being built. Our last home was built by
Mountain View Homes in the Niagara Region and it was lovely. They are
a fantastic home builder that has been around the area for many years.
They are building gorgeous homes in Niagara and this one in particular
caught my eye!

OH it is on my list of wishes!! The interior i wasn't able to post so
i put my own take of what some of the rooms would look like...

Here is how i envision the foyer (photo courtesy of the great blog Greige
located on my blogroll)

Gorgeous living area with oh swoon grey velvet couches! (photo Greige)
And lastly the kitchen (Country Living)

Hmm... i might have to consider moving back home if i want a house

like this!!

Pamela xo

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crown Point Cabinetry

Hello Everyone!!

Here i am rushing around like a mad woman as i just got called in early to
work. I planned on doing so much this morning at home but things will have
to wait.
I quickly want to share these gorgeous photos with you of Crown Point Cabinetry!
My link button is not working as nothing now on my blog is working so i have
no link for you to access but you can google them. An amazing company that
does incredible kitchens!!


Looking forward to Friday...a day to myself!!

Pamela xo