Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gift from Paris through my lens!

In my kitchen i love
to have that Parisienne feel. 
Especially now that i am in a small place.
I like to think of it as a small Paris apartment!
Just like this pretty tin that
holds some of my teas...

One of my favourite blogs is 
Paris through my lens.. .by Virginia.
I love love this blog.
It makes me happy every time i visit.
Virginia is a professional photographer and has spent alot
of time in Paris. I have never been to Paris and hope to visit one day
but until then i live vicariously through Virginia's blog!

She was having a give away of a cool sketch by Paris artist Annie Poon
and i won!!

It is a beautiful sketch and looks wonderful in my kitchen.
The walls in our carriage home are heavily angled so 
i barely have any straight walls to hang things.
The window over the kitchen sink is deep
the perfect place for a vignette.
This is where i have put my Annie Poon sketch!

I love the crispness of the black sketching on white paper...
Even my son absolutely loved it.
So if you have never visited 
you are truly missing out!!

Thank you again Virginia for my beautiful gift!
And thank you
for visiting
Pamela xo

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Continued house tour

Hello everyone!
Here is the final  tour of 
this lovely home. 
I am so glad to hear you all 
have enjoyed it so far.

This is the back of the home which
sits on .50 of an acre.
It also has views of the mountain and
glimpses of the ocean...not bad i would say!

I love this foyer! I love the staircase painted entirely white! 
I love the window beside the front door too.

This is the powder room.
Don't you just love the beadboard?

This is the mud room.
I love that Chinese piece in the centre.
Check out the hooks on the wall...

One of the four bedrooms.
I have to say i am not crazy about the picture
or furniture...too contemporary for me.
Kinda 80's and i hated the 80's...

This is another bedroom and i love
the furniture here.

So do you want to know the asking price of this home?
A mere $599,000!
I just read an article on the most expensive places to live in
Canada and Vancouver Island came up fourth....they said Victoria
which is 30minutes from here.
In reality we are lumped in with them for Real estate prices
since so many people live here and commute to Victoria to work.
So i think this home is going to stay in my dreams!

Thanks for coming over!
Pamela xo

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Beautiful house tour!

Today i wanted to share this gorgeous home
that is for sale here in 
the Cowichan Valley!

It is a brand new heritage style home...

This is the living room off the kitchen and it has a two way
fireplace that goes into the study.

To the left is the study
but check out that gorgeous French bed!

I wish i had a better photo of this bed..
oh my it is 
The French doors take you to the backyard

Look at this beautiful ceiling and the window!

Stunning kitchen with custom cabinets that were made here
on the island.. 
This is my dream!

Gorgeous fir floors too.  

Tomorrow i will share more photos of this amazing home.

I am off to Victoria for a mom/son day ! Sam is finally feeling better and thank goodness he has
two weeks of spring break!
Pamela xo

Monday, March 12, 2012

Around the kitchen

Our temporary abode is quite tiny...
The kitchen is open concept to the dining and living areas.
Today i am sharing the corner of my kitchen!

It's sweet and the layout is actually great for cooking.

Besides using my cake plate for cakes and cookies
i like to use it to display pretty things.
This is a very old cream and sugar bowl.
It was given to my Aunt at her wedding shower.
She never liked it so i some how ended up with it.
I am so glad too because i have always loved it!

The nest is special too.  I brought it along with the Robin's egg
all the way from Ontario when we moved. 

My cooking corner... 
Everything at my finger tips.
Today is the first day of March break for the kids.
Here on the Island the kid's get TWO weeks!!
Sam is sick today so our plans for a mom /son day 
went out the window...
We were going to go to Victoria for the day.
Have lunch at his favourite Vietnamese restaurant as well.
I hate seeing him sick.  It stresses me out..i know 
all you mom's out there can relate.

So as i post these photos i am making homemade chicken soup
my secret ingredient is fresh lemon...
yum! Adds a nice Zing!
Along with the rime of Parmesan cheese.

I have had this burlap container of coffee
for years! My uncle brought it back for me
years ago from Mexico. 
I loved burlap even before the 
craze!  I am always ahead of my time
too bad it has never gotten
me anywhere!

The soup is simmering...

It's raining like mad here and how i wish i was in Florida right now!

Happy Spring break to all of you...hopefully my boy will be right as rain by Friday so
we can have our mom/son day in Victoria!

Thanks for stopping by!
Pamela xo

Friday, March 2, 2012

Another peek into Mia Bella Vintage

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share more lovely photo's
of Mia Bella Vintage Home!

This is the front entrance in Melissa's beautiful home.
I love the colours she chose ...

Check out this pillow... one of her creations!
She sews wonderfully!!

This is part of the master bedroom. Can you catch a glimpse
of her curtains? I love love these curtains that she made.
Actually i wish you could feel them! She made them from
some type of heavy plush towels.  I go crazy over
them every time i visit!

This is the back mudroom area...
She has a vintage navy look going on here. I love it!
Reminds me of my own dad who was in the navy.
This has given me a great idea for my dad's own navy
photos. I wish i had his hat!

Check out the door knob...

and her great kitchen where she built everything herself!!

Love this sink and it is vintage!

Dreamy area of the kitchen...yes she built this 
built-in seats and made all cushions and curtains.
See that red pillow? I want that!

This is a great shot.  Love this lace panel looking onto her 
back porch..

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Thank you again Melissa for letting me share your lovely home!

Pamela xo