Monday, August 27, 2012

Family home...

I am back from Niagara Falls, Ontario.
It was a wonderful visit but way too short.
So many people to see in such a short time.
I planned on taking lots of photos but time
just got away from me  and 
i still had not photographed all the things i planned on.

Here i will share some photos of my childhood home
that my mom still lives in. 
This home my parents built 46 years ago..
(there now you know how old i am)
My Italian grandfather and uncle did all the brick
work. My dad also helped with the construction.
My mom was pregnant with me when they moved in.
This is the only home i have ever known.
That sounds strange and feels even stranger.

It is a double edge sword really.  I mean i am so attached to this home
it is part of entire life 
 When the dreaded day comes to say good bye 
to it i will never ever be able to drive by it or
 even look at it without feeling incredibly sick.
Weird because it is just a house.

But it is a house filled with so many memories.
Memories of me growing up with my big brother.
Pool parties all summer long. The entire
neighbourhood always at my house.
On and on the memories come forth...

The screen door here is an antique elevator door.
My mother does have an incredible eye for design but 
i won't tell her that...she already knows.
She found that antique stain glass from an old house years ago
and had it installed when i was a kid. This was before
people thought of this type of design.  
Yes , she has always been ahead of everyone.

Everywhere you look she puts detail everywhere...
I got over stimulated on my first day home
so much to see...

The clay ornaments here are new too.
Who would think to line them up like this?
Only my mother...

I freaked when i say this cement heart! I love hearts. It must be from
a grave or something. She snagged it a garage sale for heaven's sake!
Can I have it??

This is the side entrance to the house and back yard.
A few years after the house was built she made 
her dad build her this brick wall with the iron gate.
No one did this back in the 70's. Our house
always stood out in the neighbourhood
and still does to this day!
My childhood home... beautiful as ever
and always ready to welcome me home...

Thanks for visiting
Pamela xo