Tuesday, April 24, 2012


My girlfriend emailed me
a post from Cote De Texas...

I just had to share this inspiring living room.
What got me right away 
were the curtains!
I have similar ones...

This is going into my inspiration
folder for when we buy a home...

What do you think?
Love the hit of colour!!

Here is a glimpse of mine... 
I just need to do that puffy thing 
at the top!

This is a very old photo from
our home in Niagara Falls...
I even have the same table as in the above photo.
Funny how a room you have decorated
is similar to another one years later.

It's raining here today in the Pacific Northwest but I am not complaining since
they got hit with snow back home!!

Thanks for visiting
Pamela xo


  1. That first picture is just gorgeous. I love it..and those pillows are so pretty.

    Hope your week is a good one- Love to you- Diana

  2. Your own curtains are just lovely. I would have thought this such a unique look. It must have taken you by surprise to see something similar. Kinda validating. I just caught up to a couple of your recent posts. Gorgeous rooms! Oh I hope you get some cheery weather soon!

  3. Your chair is also very similar. So you have the curtains, the chair and the table - you could easily recreate that gorgeous room. Now you just need the house :) x Sharon

  4. I think yours are lovely! :) Though I see what you mean about them puff... they look great! :)


  5. Pamela!
    Let's sit right down in this perfect sunny place and share a pot of tea! I'll bring the shortbread!

  6. I love your curtains, so fresh and crisp. The "puffy thing" is a great topper as well.
    Stay dry!

  7. I even like your more muted colors better - with the puffy top instead of the pelmet board, you could get this updated look perfectly Pamela!

    I would love to see that NH home!!!!

    Mary X

  8. LOVE the striped curtains. Your room in Niagra Falls was so pretty, too. LOVE this post!

  9. I never would have thought stripes would look good in that room...but they MAKE the room! Beautiful! I love yours, too, they are not as bright and I like softer colors myself.

    I hope you get some sunshine soon!! :)


  10. Oh my gosh....those chairs are swoon worthy, Pamela! That room is just beautiful in it's simplicity - drapes and all! :)

    xoxo laurie

  11. Yes it did snow, but we were not hit as bad as they said it would. Love the colors in the curtains.

  12. I love the fabric (silk?) and think that the poufs would be fresh... I have some very long lengths of silk (a color between dark coral and pink) with small embroidered contrasting color (green) dots and have used it in at least three different ways. It is not hemmed and I made poufs without any sewing... very versatile investment.


  13. No snow or rain here in beautiful, sunny Winnipeg! =)
    Those are gorgeous draperies! I love the room that you showed, it's gorgeous and colorful, but tastefully done.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you soon.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. We are going between rain and snow here in Saskatchewan this weekend. I am thinking the colors in your curtains would make for a sunny day!!

    Wishing you a beautiful day dear Pamela!
    xo Catherine

  15. That photo definitely needs to go in the file!!!!
    Love the curtains... and that CLOCK!
    Bonne Weekend
    Parisienne Farmgirl

  16. Was I the one who sent you that link? I got it from Cheryl. I totally thought of you when I first saw it and couldn't pass up showing you. I wish you were closer. I needed a "Pam" fix the other day. In fact, it was because I was telling a friend about you and how much I enjoy your company. You are the my perfect "want to be just like her" friend. Love you, Bella.

  17. Actually, i like the soft colors in your curtains better, but they sure would be cute with the little poofy top!


  18. Actually, i like the soft colors in your curtains better, but they sure would be cute with the little poofy top!


  19. I must say those curtains are so vivid! I like the soft colors in your curtains..

    - Mehul
    Marble mantel


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo