Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Cottage...

The Cottage...
I really think our cottage should have a name.
Right now I've been referring to it as my
" Story Book Cottage"

Maybe this is due to all the books
everywhere inside. We are avid readers ...our son included.

From the outside the cottage is very tiny...
But the minute you walk in you are pleasantly surprised!
I love the look on every one's faces when they enter..
The attic was taken out which enabled the ceiling to go right up...

I have been putting little touches everywhere...
like my ironstone jug on my Florentine tables

I 'm still fussing with my vignettes and finding the perfect spot for this and that.
I know all of you can relate. I feel like a kid playing house in this enchanting little abode.

But until next time...
Thanks for stopping by!

Pamela xo


  1. Oh my gosh! There you are! I was actually thinking about you the other day... so glad to see you back on your blog, and the house looks so charming from the pics... i want to see more!


  2. Pamela your home sounds like an enchanted cottage and from what I see it's beautiful. Have fun and congrats on your new home.

  3. I love the wallpaper! I'm so jealous that you are getting to play around with decorating. have fun!

  4. What a pleasant surprise to see all the room inside that door, Pamela. I LOVE it-it does look like a story book cottage. Beautiful! xo Diana


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo