Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Welcome to our home!

All the boxes are unpacked and everything is neatly put away. I thought I would invite you all in! We have only been here less than a week so there is still lots to play with and rearrange. I didn't want to keep everyone waiting any longer. I am showing just a few rooms today but you can all come back tomorrow. Acoya is going in now it's probably time for his 16hour nap. Wait till you see the spot he's picked out for himself. We still don't know how he gets up in it.

This is the front hall closet doors. The doors look like they came out of an old french home. I hung french lace curtain panels behind them. These curtains are right from France, a gift from my mom.

Now this home has alot of colour going on. The original owner was an artist and she was not afraid of colour! Notice the attention to detail throughout this home. She had these custom made iron curtain rods made. I still can't figure out how to hang curtains from them. This rod is in the main bathroom. This is the only shot I have of this bathroom. The walls are screaming red with white thrown in. I have to change this.

This is in the kitchen eating area. I hung my red toile sheers around the rod. The rod does not come open so I can only wrap material around them.

This room is the library / passage way room as we are calling it. It also has the iron curtain rod. I just wrapped some toile material I had around the rod.

This photo is from the foyer looking into the kitchen eating area. All the walls are heavy plaster with alot of glaze going on so if the walls look dirty in the photos trust me they are not it's just the colour.

From the eating area looking into the dining room. The dining room walls are glazed in a heavy orange colour. Did I hear orange is in this year? I will have to ask Colour me Happy! More photos on the dining room at another date.

The kitchen cupboards are red. I really love white cupboards they are my all time favourite but I do like the red and my dishes look wonderful against them.

I love this old built in china cupboard. My pink vista china just stands right out. It is so amazing how all my things have fit right in with this home.

This room I really like it is so neat. It is a library and also where the staircase is to go upstairs. Behind the one cupboard is an ironing board. A great place to iron!

Now look at the very top of the cupboard! This is Acoya's new sleeping quarters! Goodness knows how he manages to get up here.

There are three bathrooms in this home and two of them have cast iron claw foot tubs!

I am so thrilled about this. I love taking baths and before moving here it has been ages since I have had the luxury of taking a bath. So not only do I have on tub but two to choose from!

All the bathrooms have wide beadboard.

The vanity is all carved with roses in pinks and greens! My two favourite colours!

Now the last room to see today is our bedroom. This is a close-up photo of the wallpaper on the bottom half of the wall. The top part is done in a glaze.

This door leads to the sleeping porch. I cannot wait for summer to decorate this room!

It has been such a busy hectic completely tiring week ...but so worth it. Thank you for visiting my new home and I hope you come back to see more. I 'm off to rest now it's well needed!

Pamela xo


  1. I think the same about you, Blossom, Berries and Dawn, I wish we all lived closer. Ah but there is time, when the kids are older for travel. Happy Birthday to your husband.

    Now on to the house. I LOVE it. Oh my gosh, there is so much to work with, you are going to have an awsome time putting your touch on it. I can not wait to see more of you in it. Have a great week playing in your new house.

  2. You really are living in my dream home - older with loads of character. I don't even know what I love the most - the red kitchen cabinets that look amazing with your dishes, the built-in dish cabinet that also looks amazing with your dishes, the beautiful front hall closet doors with your lace curtains, or all the beadboard. That is just too funny that your cat likes to sleep there - at least she won't get stepped on. I'm glad to see you are all moved in.

  3. oh my you have worked your hinney off girl. the rooms are amazing . i especially like the wall paper in the bedroom...it is the perfect house for you.

  4. can you hear the seals at night.

  5. What a gorgeous house - and you have worked wonders in the short time you've been there. It's so full of character and charm.

  6. Wow Pamela! I'm so excited for you!! So nice to see the house progress. I like the red kitchen, but red walls are indeed a bit overwhelming.... I'm sure there are a lot of transformations going on...And you have taste, this house will be splendid!! Hugs, xxx


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo