Thursday, January 19, 2012

The outfit

Hello Everyone!
I have switched to google chrome and my problems have gone away.
The only thing now is i have to get learn this new post system.  So my photos
are not in order as to how i upload them!

As much as i love home decor i love love fashion!
I wanted to share some new pieces of mine.

We have beautiful shops here in Duncan...

Fabrications sells gorgeous clothing from Europe...
This top is from there...made in Italy. A gift from my husband for Christmas.
The shoes are from Cardino's an exquisite shoe store in town.  Shoes are
made in Spain...nothing from China in this store!
Oh we finally got some snow here in the Valley!
I had to share this photo but was hoping to put it in the end of the blog...
Isn't the view beautiful from our carriage house?? 
This photo reminds me of home..."Ontario" i love the snow and really
miss it!
And lastly my new funky boots from Wall Street in Duncan!
Aren't they fun?!

Thanks for visiting me!
I am off to play in the snow with Pilot!!

Pamela xo


  1. Oh-What a fun post. Looks like the hubby has pretty good taste, if you ask me. LOVE your top and those shoes! Have fun playing in the snow with Pilot. xo Diana

  2. OH! Hello darling Pamela!
    How chic you are in your new home! What fabulous fashions!
    I need to do a bit of research to find Duncan. I have missed you!

  3. GASP! Oh my gosh! The color and the fabric are Heavenly... and i LOVE the shoes with the ribbons, and the handbag, is awesome. I love handbags that are long and shallow like that, so you can easily reach in and get to things and see them! Plus, see how you can just sit it down and it stays upright... that's perfect... And those funky boots, with some cute socks... i'm just sayin!


  4. Oh my! I'm envying that purse! Beautiful. And the shoes are so cute!
    Guess I need to switch to Chrome but hate change.

  5. wow Pam, great fashion! Love the blouse and those shoes...well you do like a good pump with a bow don't you!...WE have crazy snow here but can't wear funky boots like that right now..too much ice! Love the colour of your new Bag!
    I am so blogger crazy right now...may have to switch too!

  6. Pamela, love all the great outfits I'm loving the shoes... Hope your doing well have a great weekend.


  7. Hi Pamela, I love it all.... it's gorgeous! I've missed visiting with you. I just don't seem to hardly ever have any extra time anymore, plus been having computer problems to, but have that fixed finally. Hope your having a great week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  8. It sounds like you like living in Duncan, I'm glad, I have visited that little town several times. They do have some lovely shops, don't they. I adore grey and pink or even rose together. And those ruffles are tdf! Your shoes are adorable! I enjoy fashion, too. I recently purchased a steel grey skirt with light pink pin-stripes. I love it.
    hugs, Cindy

  9. Pam, I actually found Google chrome was MORE likely to put my photos where I wanted them to go!

    Anyhoo, fun clothes. I don't think we have ANY fun shops like that in town.

  10. Pamela, I absolutely adore that ruffled gray blouse, the ribboned shoes, and your boots! I just got a pair of gray boots kind of like that and hate to take them off! Glad to hear you're really enjoying your new town. Good luck with the photo uploads, i find it more difficult too. They all load in front of the text. I end up copying and pasting them where i want and then deleting the original...

  11. Gosh - if I knew snow was going to make you happy, I totally could have sent you some of mine. :). Hope you are enjoying your play time in it. Glad you got your blogger problems fixed!
    xo Catherine

  12. Pamela! I had no idea those shoes you were wearing were boots! You should have lifted up your pant leg. They are so cool! The top is awesome!

  13. Glad to hear from you. Yes, I had to switch to google chrome. I hope all is well in your new home. I love the look of that darling purse and those ruffles, I just love shirts/dresses with ruffles.

  14. I want those boots so badly it hurts.

  15. FUNNY JUST SAW YOUR NAME OVER @ EVELYN & ROSE...THOUGHT I WOULD JUST POP BY TO SAY HI!...woops didn't realize I was in caps!

  16. Very unique pieces of clothing you have. I loved the snow picture. Whenever I see pictures of the snow it makes my heart sing, as we don't see much snow here in sunny Southern California. What a beautiful sight this picture was.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  17. Hi there, I was so happy to stumble upon your blog. Most of the blogs I visit are from places far away, and so to explore a site from my Vancouver Island paradise is a pleasure. Love your photos. Hope you fared well with the recent strong winds. The Comox valley was hit hard but Campbell River even more so. glad that spring is around the corner. I'll look forward to reading other posts. Thanks for sharing your Island life!


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo