Sunday, January 22, 2012

Janaki Larsen Ceramics

Hello Everyone!
As most of you know a couple weeks before Christmas our beloved cat passed away.
Slowly we have been able to remember Acoya with fondness instead of sadness.
But the other day my husband brought something to my attention.
He has always been the one to change the pets water bowl throughout the day
(yes he can be OCD when it comes to things around the home) so i never noticed any of this.
But i did notice Pilot's incessant need  wanting to go outside. When we do let her out she
drinks continuously from her outdoor water pail.
Okay so where am i going with this story?
My husband  can tell that Pilot has not been drinking the water in this bowl. The water level
stays the same.  He even watches her as she eats and sure enough she does not 
drink from it.
Because  this is the water bowl that she shared with Acoya.

I contacted Pilot's trainer and told her this story.
Was it just another one of her quirks? 
No she said Pilot is grieving and waiting for Acoya to come
back and she will probably never drink from this bowl again.

So i replaced the bowl with a temporary glass bowl.
Sure enough after watching her eat her dinner she sniffed the bowl and walked 
She stills goes in Sam's room and looks under his bed and in his closet for the cat.
She even went into our room looking under the clothes wagging her tail in the closet.
It's been the saddest thing.
I'm thinking maybe a beautiful ceramic bowl might do the trick.
Have any of you heard of Janaki Larsen Ceramics?
I found her on Pinterest. She is from Vancouver, BC

Her work is spectacular and i love love her bowls!
I can just feel them in my hands.
The colour tones are gorgeous and soothing... to look at !

Maybe now that i am living here in BC i might come across some of her 
beautiful pieces...

Might be a little too nice for a water bowl...
On second thought ...way too nice for a water bowl..
kind of insulting for Janaki to have this on the
hmm...would be much better on my harvest
In the meantime i am hoping to find a solution to Pilot's not drinking from the water bowl!

Thanks for visiting!
Pamela xo


  1. That breaks my heart that your dog is greiving. Maybe you should get a new kitty. Pets are so human, aren't they.

  2. awww...that is close they must have been and felt connected. I like what Debby suggested, perhaps a new little kitten to love and take care of.

  3. Sweet Pilot. I was raised with German Shepherds. They are protective, gentle and loving. Ours slept with our kitties and our pet rabbit. I send everyone hugs!

  4. I think we sometimes forget how "human" animals actually are! Love the bowls. They have such a beautiful organic feel to them. x Sharon

  5. Wow, I never would have thought of that. So sad, loss of a friend, your Pilot is going through grief, just like we all do~

  6. You should look around at all the small artisan galleries....I bet Salt Spring might have something of hers........or maybe she just has her own gallery...they are very beautiful.

  7. Aw Pam, what a sad story about your doggie. That was really touching though.

    In other news, those were some of the best ceramics I've seen!

  8. Hi, my name is Heather! Please email me when you can, I have a question about your blog!


  9. Poor pup! I'm always amazed when people think animals don't have feelings or don't understand what is going on. I sure hope you find just the right bowl to do the trick to get Pilot drinking inside the house again. While all those bowls are pretty, perhaps one of those fancy pet fountains would do the trick? Haha!
    xo Catherine

  10. That is so sad that he's still looking for her. Poor baby. Those bowls are very very pretty. I like the texture on that last one. Maybe one for Pilot and one for you.

  11. I'm a rather new "cat lady", so I"m learning how quirky they can be. I hope you find a solution and I'm in the meantime loving these gorgeous bowls!!

  12. Aw, sweet Pilot...I hope you find a solution soon! Lovely pottery, I've not heard of her. I just started pintrest

  13. Oh, that's really sweet of Pilot to miss Acoya. Those bowls are beautiful & I agree - too nice to leave on the floor!

  14. That's "happy-sad", as Gracie says I still find myself "seeing" Shenanigan and Frannie from time to time.
    Last year I bought Versace candy dishes to use as bowls for the angels. There are eight bowls. I think they deserve crystal! They also eat out of silver dishes. Nothing is too good for them! I promised each of them, when I found them as strays, that they would never suffer agian, that they would eat from crystal and silver and they would sleep on beds of silk, velvet and feathers.
    The benefits of feeding them in silver is that silver has antibeacterial properties. Hence, the reason people use colloidal silver!
    Give Pilot a "snuzzle" from us!


  15. Ah, Pam. We don't realize how close our pets get to one another and it must be very lonely for Pilot Girl right now. Maybe if you move her eating spot she will drink from her new bowl. Hope you have a great day my friend. With love, K.

  16. Ah, that is so sweet, animals are such feeling characters, that's why they can show so much love to their humans.
    I haven't heard of Janaki Larsen Ceramics, but her bowls are beautiful.
    Hugs, Cindy

  17. Omg, that is the most touching story, it makes me have a lump in my throat... awwwwwwwwwwww.... someone suggested moving the bowl, i think changing the bowl, and moving it might be a good thing to try. These sweet animals have spirits too, and it is beautiful to hear about your doggie's big heart.
    And... Janaki's ceramics are so organic and beautiful, no wonder you are attracted to them... wow
    i loved reading Andie's post about letting her precious rescued pets, have crystal and silver bowls, and sleep on feathers, and never have to suffer again... that was awesome!
    i love animal people...


  18. Mon amie, you are the winner of the Annie Poon Café Nemours print! Stop by my Paris blog or drop me an email with your mailing address. I hope le petit cadeau will brighten your spirits after the lose of your sweet baby.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo