Sunday, February 6, 2011

Future projects

Hello everyone!
This winter I have been planning
some painting projects
for when the weather warms up.
Even though I live in a mild climate
inside the home can be a little chilly.
Our old home does not have the best heating.
For the winter we have closed off the one area of
the home which includes the dining room.
Sometimes I think it is warmer outside than in here!
But when it does warm up
these are my plans...
A couple of pieces in the dining room
I am going to paint...

The first piece i want to change is this

china cabinet. I am trying to decide whether to

go Swedish grey or french blue...

This is my dresser that could not
fit up the old staircase
it is now a

The other piece is my island.
This used to be in our kitchen at
our last home.
The mirror above goes to
the dresser.
I have a thing for
re purposing furniture.

The island right now is pine

and I am leaning towards

a white colour...

Any other creative thoughts out there?
I am always open
to new
Hopefully spring is around the corner
and i can start painting!
Thanks for visiting!
Pamela xo


  1. Hi Pamela,

    I can't wait to see what you do with the china cabinet. I love the style and I bet either color will be gorgeous.

    I too love to repurpose furniture and have had the same problem in another house where I couldn't fit something up the stairs because of the way it turned. It looks gorgeous as a credenza!


  2. I love that you can do that with furniture Pamela, I don't think I've ever tried that, and a few pieces I have could probably use it! I really love those windows in your dining room too! Have a great night!

  3. You have such great taste I think anything you do to those pieces would be just lovely....I can't wait to see what you decided and I'm with ya.....Come on Spring!!!!

  4. I love the idea of both colors but I am partial to gray...either one will be perfect. I am loving how nice the mirror looks over the island!


  5. Beautiful furniture and I would go French seems everyone stays with "safe" colors and it would really make the piece POP in that blue.
    Cannot wait to see what you end up doing...
    Happy Painting, Amy (Mom to the Four Sisters)

  6. Hi Pamela! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love love love your style beautiful. And the photos you take are gorgeous as well....looking forward to seeing more. :-)

  7. Gracious you have some lovely pieces to play with - I think the island will look wonderful white and I am leaning toward the French blue - can't wait to see what you do!

  8. I love how you move your furniture and re-purpose it from room to room. I do the same. But I'm not so brave to paint mine. I've tried a couple of pieces and it flopped so now I'm scared. I like the idea of gray myself. It's the new neutral. But in my opinion, you can never go wrong with blue. It's timeless. You have impeccable taste so it'll look great no matter.

  9. I'm not usually brave enough to paint things, but I do love everything bright and cheery! You have a beautiful home! ♥

  10. What a beautiful dining room. It's a shame you can't use it due to the cold. I love that your repurposed your dresser and kitchen island. I hope you can find a good reason to have a cup of hot chocolate :-) Pamela

  11. Those are some beautiful pieces with great lines. Love your ideas for painting them!
    ~ Jo :)

  12. Hi Pamela, You won't be sorry if you paint those pieces. You have a great eye for beautiful things...I'm sure whatever you decide will be lovely. Have a great week! Love, Penny

  13. I think anything you do will be beautiful... I have a lot of things I want to do to my house this year too. I'm on a white kick, I want everything to be white!!! Pamela I have something for you on my blog, would love for you to pick it up when you get a chance!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  14. I can't wait to see what you do. You have such good taste that no matter what you decide to do it will be perfect. And I, too, have repurposed furniture all over my house. Love it! Hugs- Diana

  15. I am betting whatever you do, it will be fabulous!!~ Can't wait to see it. Thanks Pamela for your sweet comment..I have to go add you blog on my side bar...XO

  16. Pamela, what great pieces. I love the style of the china cabinet. It would look great in either color. I want to repaint the hutch that I painted red in more of a gray beige worn color. I like painting now before it gets warmer. Then I am going to be wanting to work in the yard and get out more. I am sure you will come up with great colors for each piece.

  17. I really like that china cabinet. I think either color would look great. It's always so hard for me to choose a color. I sort of forget that I can always paint it another color if I don't like the first color.

  18. Lovely photos and lots of great projects! I especially can't wait to see what you do with the china cabinet! Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog today!

  19. Thank you for visiting me...I do love your are so creative...have fun my friend. xoxo

  20. I'd say you have it all under control. These pieces are going to look lovely. It's fun to move things and repurpose them as needed. ~ Sarah

  21. You have so many beautiful pieces. I love french gray.It looks like your going to be as busy as I am.

  22. Hi Pam...I saw your comment on Roses, Rhubarb and Pearls about the IKEA slipcover sofa. Wondering if you have ever sat on it? Your blog is quite lovely and I'm a follower of your's now. Let me know about the sofa if you have time. Thanks!

  23. You are going to have fun - I love the island!

  24. For a long I've thought that a coat of fresh white paint will breath new life into the most tired furniture, but lately am loving everything blue. I can't wait to see what you decide; I'm sure it will be lovely.

  25. I'm pretty much ready to ditch my digs and move with you. Gorgeous photographs.

  26. With your amazing taste, anything you do will be perfect!! Your home is gorgeous!!!

  27. Interesting blog. I like the clean and neat layout...Start following you. Please check out my travel blog and do follow me back and leave a comment. Thanks,have a nice day. :)

  28. Every now and then I stumble across a blog that I feel a real connection with and yours is one of those. I am adding you to my blog list and have joined as a follower. I am so looking forward to reading your posts in future. You have lovely style!
    x Sharon @ Roses and Rust (South Africa)

  29. You are going to be busy in the Spring Pamela! The pictures are very inspiring and exquisite in taste. You have that talent to pull it all together! Susan :)

  30. Hey girl, looks like a lot of painting in the works soon! You won't be sorry though as it gives new life to pieces that become boring because we've looked at them for so long! Then, after the hard work, the fun starts with the accessorizing with one's lovely collected treasures etc.

    How about blue-grey - my favorite in the dining room. It looks French or Swedish so gives one more options. My Welsh dresser is a bit more blue than grey, and then clear waxed, and heavily distressed. My sideboard is a very pale shade of grey with a matte finish - I painted the top in dark charcoal grey and crackled it to look like slate. I love the different textures you can give painted finishes. I have a pine armoire in the living room and am thinking Swedish grey for that..........if I can just get going on that huge piece!

    Whatever you do will look fabulous in your beautiful home Pamela.

  31. You have some wonderful pieces to work with Pamela and I look forward to seeing the changes you make. I too like to repurpose furniture. When I decided not to have a tv in my living room, I hated the thought of getting rid of the pine armoire. Just at the last minute when they were getting ready to haul it out the door I yelled stop! I told them to put it in the mudroom which is just off the kitchen and now I used it house items I use for cooking as well as some of my cookbook. That was a close call - it really freed up much needed cabinet space in my minuscule kitchen!

    Your china cabinet would look great in either color. I lean more toward the french blue though. I agree the island would look great white. Have you thought about leaving the top as it is and painting the rest of it white?

    ~ Tracy


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo