Monday, November 15, 2010

Hi Everyone!
It is hard to believe but yes in no time at all Christmas will be upon us! My local jazz station
on the telly has already switched to Jazz Christmas music and it is still
November! Well I'm enjoying the carols and it has me
thinking about what type of tree to put up this year.
In our last home in Ontario we had two trees. Yes that's right two trees!
My husband calls me the Christmas lady. I love Christmas and I put up the
trees December 1st.
I had two trees because I had two themes going on.
Having a child changes alot of things. That includes the decorations and lights
on the trees. I like either all white lights or just red. My son hates white
lights and wants all coloured. The coloured lights really don't go with my
Victorian style tree. So that is how we ended up doing two trees.
Here is my formal tree with white lights....
Unfortunately these photos were taken before I became
a blogger so no close ups of my beautiful

The tree in the back is our folk art tree with
multi-coloured lights that make Sam very
happy. No close-ups either sadly.

This year is going to be a tough decision of which ornaments to use.
Will it be old fashioned Victorian tree or folk art multi coloured tree?
Sam said just this past weekend..."Mom don't go putting those
ugly white lights on the tree this year...I hate them!"

Okay Sam...sigh...but I think I just might compromise here
multi-coloured lights (shudder) on my pretty Victorian tree.

Until then I will ponder which ornaments to use and sit back
listening to the Christmas Carols!
Pamela xo


  1. I love where you had your beautiful tree last year-so pretty!
    Funny,we used to have two trees too for the same reason our kids liked the colored lights too but I liked white.
    Fun to plan though isn't it!


  2. Pretty trees and you are in a bit of a pickle aren't you? I prefer white lights, too. I may do two this year since the grands are coming, but may not.

  3. Tough decisions. You could do the top half of the tree in white lights and the bottom in coloured (just kidding). I say go with the kid. I'm at the stage where the kids are almost all gone and it is kind of sad to just have them pop back in time for the holidays but miss all the hustle and bustle of getting ready.

  4. I forgot to say I think your Victorian tree was gorgeous and I'm looking forward to having a closer look at some of the ornaments.

  5. I say do both trees again, I like the colored lights for the kids and white for us. I like doing multiple trees too. I am getting so excited to see everyone's decorations and snow.

  6. Your trees were beautiful! I'd say do them again this way and everyone will be happy. I bought a little feather tree that I am excited to do in white lights and mini ornaments. It would be our 2nd tree. I thought it might be fun in the kitchen. Now I need to find or make some tiny ornaments!

    BTW...I could listen to Christmas Carols year round! ;-D


  7. On my son's tree in his room I do the bigger colored lights. The huge ones from the 50's before they made the lights everyone uses today. It is very, very festive, but I don't think I could take it on a bigger tree. My problem is that his room is in the front of the house and is the tree you see when you drive past the house. So I have all these pretty white lights outside and this glowing multi-colored thing beaming from his room!

  8. I would say do two trees. Get a mini fake tree at the 2nd hand store for you. Do up the other for Sam. Your ornaments are beautiful, I have seen them...Having your tree in your entry way was stunning.

  9. Pamela- Your tree is lovely - was lovely?>) It is hard, isn't it, to please a child with white lights? That's all our kids grew up with and now they use colored lights in their own homes. Funny...I grew up with colored lights...chose all white for myself...and now the kids are back to the colored lights. Is it like twins and skips a generation do you suppose? Hugs- Diana

  10. How pretty and what a great time you must have putting everything up! I love Christmas too but this year i am wondering how I am going to keep my little cat from climbing the Christmas tree!! Maybe he'll understand the command "no" by then!
    Enjoy your music and Christmas thoughts!
    PS How's your lovely pilot girl doing?

  11. Hello Pamela,

    Do you have room on your sleeping porch? Maybe you could set up your Victorian tree there? I am like you, I prefer white lights but the kids liked the colored lights and, a few times (horror upon horror) they wanted tinsel on the tree. When we lived in our old home, I was able to have two trees and satisfy us all but I downsized and now live in a little house that barely has room for one tree! I am not ready for the Christmas music yet - I like to wait until after Thanksgiving.

    Hope you are having a fabulous week!

    ~ Tracy

  12. hm...I'm always torn between white and coloured lights. White lights make for a more "magical" looking tree, but coloured lights are cozier. Decisions, decisions.

  13. Dear Pamela, I've been a white lights only decorator for years. I don't know when I started, but now it's tradition, like the angel we top the tree with. In Chicago, Michigan Ave. is covered in thousands of white lights and looks magical. Even Christmas in the city can be beautiful! It's never too early for Christmas music in my house, helps get you into the spirit! Love your decorating. Love, Penny

  14. Good morning Pamela....Your trees are beautiful......You know I used to do an all white light tree for years..and then something happened....and my spirit was moved to use colored lights....I think any tree is beautiful as long as it is lovingly assembled and enjoyed!! I'm sure your's will be.



  15. What beautiful trees Pamela! Do you think this year you could be eclectic and combine Victorian with your Folk ornaments? Nova Scotian's combine the two periods as they go hand in hand. I do like the white lights though. One year we had the same discussion on the lights. I ended up putting up the white lights and doing one row of small twinkle colour lights on the bottom of the tree. It looked quite lovely. Can't wait to see your Christmas tree!! xo

  16. My kids beg for colored lights too. But the main tree never gets them and never will because I LOVE white lights and because I am a Shiny Brite junkie and the tree would look positively insane with all that color.
    So, I have another tree in the next room that gets colored lights and holds most of the primary colored ornaments from mine and my husbands childhoods. This kids love that.
    Thanks for your Di comment!

  17. oh Pamela, having your shirt unbuttoned is 10x worse, unless the underwear was dirty....oh my.

  18. I have mixed white with colored to show the ornaments more. I like the colored too.We mostly use white now.
    Really like colored lights on my bushes outside, when it snows on them , it looks like cotton candy.
    Your tree is so pretty.

  19. Your Victorian tree is gorgeous! This year I am doing the opposite to you... for the first time ever,we are having 2 trees. Our usual blue, white & silver tree in the living room, and the red, white & candy colours tree in the family room for the kids. I bought all the decorations for half price after Christmas last year in anticipation of a bright tree in the family room.
    I can't wait to see your tree this year! Angie xo


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo