Thursday, November 4, 2010

Where the pumpkins go!

Hello everyone! I want to thank all of you for all your get well comments and even from some

offers of homemade chicken soup! Thank you! I am still not 100% but hopefully will be

much better come the weekend.

Do you ever wonder where all the pumpkins go after Halloween? Well Ican tell

you where they go in this town. This is our first Halloween living in this little seaside

village. A village that apparently takes Halloween very seriously!! Wish I wasn't sick

so I could have strolled the neighbourhoods Halloween night!

The Monday after Halloween as I was driving my son to school we first saw this

carved pumpkin on the side of the road....

AS we kept driving more carved pumpkins where appearing at the side of the road....

They were lined up on the wall on both sides of the two way road!!

It is a busy road but very rural with lots of hills and on all of them more pumpkins

could be found!

Sam and I had the biggest laugh on the way to his school! I guess this is an annual

tradition in this town! All the pumpkins had the kids names on them too.

Isn't this adorable?I think the entire village had there pumpkins displayed here.

This is one of the mountain walking trails we pass everyday. People come here

with their dogs and horses to go hiking up Maple Mountain. So the pumpkins

where even lined up at the entrance.

This little seaside village has a real sense of community. I can't wait to see what

they do for Christmas!!

Hope you all enjoyed seeing where the pumpkins go!

Pamela xo


  1. Oh my Gosh! I used to put our pumpkins there!!!!!!!!!! (screaming with delight here!)

    You have just brought back a fabulous memory....Have you driven by at night when some are still lit?

  2. This is a fabulous tradition...I so enjoyed all of your pictures! You must live in a lovely village!


  3. That is the coolest thing! Even more neat about it is your reader, Pink Satin Sashes that has fond memories of the same thing! Fun post! :-)

  4. funny!...what an enchanting Pilot Girl is beautiful!...hope your 100% soon!

  5. Pamela this is such a wonderful tradition. It would just make me laugh each time I drove by to see more and more pumpkins lined up. I would love to know the story behind the tradition.

  6. What a wonderful idea......can't help but make one chuckle! I think Christmas in your town is going to be a fabulous time too.

    Sorry you've been under the weather dear, do be well again very soon so you can get out and enjoy the Autumn days.

    You are always so very kind to say such nice things about my home Pamela. It's such a tiny place but I try to make it lovely with things that make me smile. When I walk in the door I love the feeling of "I'm truly home in a place I love to be". Nothing fancy smancy, just relaxing colors, small items I've brought back from European markets and American antiques malls etc. I do loved to travel but am happiest when at home!

    Wishing you well for the weekend, enjoy each day.................and the guest room is ready whenever you want to visit here in the south!
    Hugs - Mary

  7. Pam
    When we lived there 10 years ago, I added my pumpkins to the 3-4 sitting there...and to think it is still going on strong. Yay for little towns.

  8. How adorable! I love the charm of small towns and really miss living in one.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo