Sunday, November 7, 2010

New table cloth for the fall

Now that fall is here it is a perfect time to put out my new french country tablecloth!

I love the warm yellow colour perfect for the darker days ahead.

There are also blues and touches of red in the cloth.

PLEASE ignore the horrid wall colour in the dining room that I did NOT PAINT.
The previous owner was mad about colour. There is sooo much vibrant colour in this
home . My husband calls it noise pollution. It is very stressful to have so much vibrant
colour in a home. I have not painted this room as it will take GALLONS to cover the orange
and it is a HUGE room!

Thanks for visiting !
Pamela xo


  1. Pamela...Lovely tablecloth. I grew up in a home with a mother that liked color. I have much quieter tastes. If you do decide to paint the room you can use either Binz or Kilz on the walls with just a thin coat of either of these primers. They cost the same as a gallon of paint. Anyway, once you have painted with that it will seal that color in (and it will look all horrid and awful and you will think ohmygodwhatdidIjustdo) then you can paint with any good paint and it should cover in one coat.

    Maybe you can just look at the lovely tablecloth and ignore the wall;>D Hugs- Diana

  2. Is that an April Cornell table cloth? It looks lovely.

  3. What a pretty tablecloth! Yellow is onr of my favorite colors. I'd take Diane's advice. One coat of Kilz and then you can pick your own color.

  4. I love the colors of the tablecloth and didn't notice the wall color.

  5. The table and table cloth help the room's color to tone down. Love your taste in furnishings.

  6. Love your new tablecloth....very pretty!

  7. That's a beautiful table cloth, it reminds me of one I've seen at William-Sonoma.

  8. The cloth takes me immediately back to Summer in Provence - everywhere we go there these beautiful prints in bright colors are hanging on racks for sale - hard to resist buying a load, throwing out the clothes and filling suitcases with south of France sunshine fabric!!!

    Room looks really warm and lovely Pamela. If you are considering painting, there are several paint companies now making paint with the primer already built-in. Consumer Reports named BEHR Premium Plus Ultra (Home Depot, $31-33 per gal. depending on finish) the best - so the painting is much easier and quicker without having to prime with Kilz etc. first.

    Have a happy week dear.
    Hugs - Mary

  9. Hi Pamela, love the table cloth it's so pretty... such beautiful colors!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  10. Very French Pamela! Its just lovely and will be a perfect back drop for your winter meals. You won't need gallons of paint. Just use a good primer sealer and a Benjamin Moore one coat paint. I didn't notice the paint colour either, just the beautiful tablecloth. :)

  11. Gee I wonder where you can get Benjamin Moore paint? AHHAHAHAAAA

  12. Oh! That tablecloth is positively lovely! I have been coveting a tablecloth like that for years, but have never made the plunge to buy one! A tablecloth at our house would have spaghetti and jam all over it in 2 seconds! lol! Benjamin Moore's new aura paint is terrific at covering up paint in 2 coats...if I lived closer I would gladly come over and help you tackle any painting project your heart desired! Angie xo

  13. So smart choice Pamela. Its very pretty and how much goes with your wall... Fabulous.
    Can you spare a bit of your time for me at



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