Friday, February 12, 2010

Our Beautiful Pets!

Our family consists of our son Samuel and our three pets. We have two cats and one very hyper but lovable german shepherd. I have been an animal lover all my life. I was brought up with all kinds of dogs and when I left home my first pet was a cat. I just love cats. They're comforting, loyal and have unique personalities. We had three cats when my husband and I were first married. My beautiful Cree lived to be 15yrs of age. Another thing I like about cats is they seem to live alot longer than dogs.
Our two cats now are Kachina who is a Himalayan tortie point doll face she was a rescue that I got when I worked at an animal hospital. Our other cat Acoya is a black long haired male domestic that was also another one of my rescues! He's the character of the home. I have always said that one day I will write a book about him and all his antics!
Our beloved dog is a female pure breed german shepherd. Quite an amazing dog. Extremely intelligent and lovable. She is the official dog greeter at our local dog park. Her name is Pilot. I named her that because our son has had a love for aviation since he was a toddler. It only seemed appropiate.


  1. Have to admit Kachina ia my favourite! I can't believe she allowed you to out a pink ribbon around her neck....she is so cute!


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