Monday, February 22, 2010

An Enchanting Cottage

My husband and I were out for a Sunday drive when we came across this enchanting cottage in Osborne Bay. We just had to stop and take a look around this amazing property so hidden from the world. I always have my camera on me when we go for drives because I am always coming across so many beautiful things to photograph. The home is on at least three acres most of which is gardens and a lovely pond. The property takes you straight to the ocean. Whoever owns this little jewel is very fortunate. How I would love to own a home and property like this. The house exterior is wood clapboard painted a very nice green. It really blends in with the landscape.

Look at this front porch! Isn't it beautiful? Up above is a balcony coming from the bedroom. A summer sleeping porch!

Perfect hardwood floors on the porch.

The driveway and patio is all brick with moss growing in all the cracks. I could visualize myself sitting here in the summer with a glass of wine. Just a beautiful spot for urns overflowing with herbs and flowers.

A tree fort! Who says a tree fort is only for children? Your never to old to enjoy the solitude of nature. I think this is the perfect just climb up ...leave your worries behind with a good book!

There is a pond at the back with this romantic statue in the middle.

The picket fence really adds to the quaintness of the property. Like something out of the cotswolds in England. Wouldn't it be beautiful to plant masses of hydrangeas all across the fence line?

This tiny cottage at the front of the drive would be such a wonderful place to sell antiques. Or you could turn it into a guest cottage. Hopefully when the time comes when we are looking for a home something like this will be available. Until then I will just dream and visualize myself in my own enchanting cottage!


  1. what a beautiful country setting to live in. enjoying your posts! (this world of decorating blogs is so inspiring!)
    thanks Pam

  2. Pamela's Cottage!!!! Were the owners out at the time? Quite a bit of up close and personal. Love it. Kathy

  3. Yeah, that was a bit nosy of you wasn't it,ha,ha,ha. The cottage is absolutely beautiful. When I move out there, that will be my home,not yours, mine,ha,ha,ha. I can see you living in a place just like that!

  4. I know this house the gal that used to be the owner owns Embellish. She used to have a business called Whimsy in the shop in the driveway....(refurbished antiques) we used to live nearby and I used to drool at it as I walked by....I'm still drooling.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo